House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 719: The task of collecting waste items (2/4)



After the latest episode of the extremely picky broadcast, the box office of “Fugitive” ushered in an explosion. In two days, its daily box office doubled, second only to the big production “Fantasy”, and “Fugitive” “After all, it was released for nearly a month, and the box office potential was exhausted. When the weekend came, “Fugitive” directly overturned “Tian Yuan Qi Yu” and ranked first with a box office of more than 50 million!


This time, it was the first time that the proud filmmakers faced this three-nothing film. The media reported the counterattack of “The Fugitive” one after another. In addition to the good reputation it had accumulated, more people heard about it for the first time. The people of this movie are finally willing to go to the theater to watch it!


Even in the off-season, even on weekdays, “The Fugitive” can maintain a high box office, and still ranks firmly at No. 1!


However, “The Fugitive” quietly became popular, and it also brought the two actors Geng Sha and Guo Ziyi into the vision of many directors. Geng Sha and Yang Yi didn’t know about it. On Guo Ziyi’s side, it is said that Ding Xiang has to help him every day. Handle lots of audition invitations!


Of course, Guo Ziyi is still filming the movie “Fat Man” starring him, and the schedule will not be adjusted for the time being. Ding Xiang and he are both smart people, and they were not stunned by the momentary fire. With an attitude of “never want to be overwhelmed”, they carefully selected the script. The inappropriate ones were basically pushed down. If a good script is suitable, Ding Xiang will help Guo Ziyi to negotiate with the film party. Postpone auditions.


As one of the leading actors, Yang Yi is also favored by many directors, but he has no plans to continue filming, so Mo Xiaojuan is all rejected.


However, compared with Xixi, Yang Yi, Geng Sha, and Guo Ziyi are not popular!


The little girl with long smooth hair, cute and melancholy in the movie has won everyone’s love, no matter whether the audience likes this movie or not, they can’t resist Xixi’s charm!


This can be seen from the signs that more and more fans are calling his father-in-law on Yang Yi’s micro-broadcast. At first, Yang Yi didn’t care, and he was a little puzzled: “If you like a little girl character, you should treat her as his daughter. Or is my sister right? Why are you taking it as your own daughter-in-law?”


To this end, Yang Yi also responded jokingly: “The little **** who call father-in-law, the old man’s pig-killing knife has been sharpened!”


Unexpectedly, more people call father-in-law now!


This hot trend has made him a hot search on Weibo!


Of course, at this time, Yang Yi can’t do anything about these people no matter how much he cares about them. After all, his mouth is on other people’s bodies.


Xixi has also received invitations from many movies, TV series, and even some variety shows, including Murphy’s friend Luo Xin, who jokingly wanted to invite Xixi to appear on the “Zhixin Interview” program.


Naturally, Yang Yi would not agree. He also wanted to keep his daughter away from the turmoil in the entertainment industry for a while, so that Xixi’s popularity in the media would drop. Therefore, all invitations were turned down.



In Xixi’s vision, the little girl doesn’t know that she already has many enthusiastic fans. She is still an ordinary kindergarten student. She happily goes to the kindergarten to play with her friends every day, and then every day Come back happily, play with your parents, and your brother!


Today, it’s another Friday. In the afternoon, Yang Yi picked up Xixi from the kindergarten. The little girl was still holding an envelope from the teacher!


“Mama, this is for you!” Because her father was still busy watering the garden in the yard, Xixi went back to the house by herself and shoved the envelope into her mother’s hand.


“What is this?” Murphy asked curiously.


“This is what the teacher gave to Baba, and Baba said, we can’t read other people’s letters!” Although Xixi said so, she still clawed at the armrest of the sofa, hung half her body on it, naughty Jumping, she stared at the envelope in her mother’s hands with big eyes, obviously she was eager to know the contents.


Murphy thought Xixi was not well behaved in kindergarten, the teacher’s complaint letter, but after taking it apart, Murphy couldn’t help but read it out:


“Dear father and mother, in our daily life, do you also have a lot of waste items that you don’t know how to deal with, such as beautiful packaging boxes, old calendars from last year, and small toys that children are tired of playing with Wait?


In fact, many waste items can be made into beautiful handicrafts with a little treatment. This is not only environmentally friendly and economical, but also allows children to develop the good habit of being diligent and simple, and caring for the environment from an early age!


So please, with your children, collect the waste from your home. Next Monday afternoon, we will hold a parent-child activity with the theme of “turning waste into treasure, low carbon and environmental protection”. Let’s make handicrafts using waste materials as materials! “


That’s it!


Xixi listened to her mother reading, and she understood. The little girl smiled and said, “I know, Mama, Teacher Cai is very good! She drew a very strange painting, It’s not a painting, it’s a shoe, and the shoe is like a human, with eyes and a big mouth…”


Describe a craft painting out of thin air. For Xixi, the vocabulary is a bit lacking, but the little girl is still trying to tell it, dancing and gesturing, very serious.


“Here’s hair, made of shoelaces, and it flew, hee hee!” Although she didn’t know what Xixi was talking about, she seemed so happy when she said it so funny, Murphy There are also some can’t help laughing.


“Mr. Cai said they were shoes that were not worn, and then they were used as waste!” Finally, the little girl echoed the theme and finished. Rarely, she also learned the word waste utilization from her teacher!


“So what kind of handicraft are we going to do? How much scrap do we need? What kind of scrap do we need?” Murphy asked.


At this moment, Xixi has nothing to do. She blinked her eyes innocently and said, “I don’t know either.”


Why ask Xixi? Xixi is a child! If Xixi would complain, she would definitely say so!


“You Baba, he threw away all the waste items in the house, so we don’t know where the waste items are at home.” Murphy said helplessly.

确实有杨轶这个准强迫症患者在,他们家别墅是最干净的! With Yang Yi, a quasi-obsessive-compulsive disorder patient, their villa is the cleanest!


“Then what should I do?” Xixi was propped up on the armrest of the sofa, and she was also with her mother, holding her cheeks, worrying.


But the definition of waste items is very vague.


Yang Yi came back from watering the garden outside. After listening to Murphy about the tasks given by the kindergarten, he smiled and said, “Yes, who said no? Two pairs of shoes can’t be worn, so I didn’t take them. Throw it away, is this a waste item? I received a few couriers today, Sahara Express courier boxes, which are also waste items, as well as a milk powder can, we pour out the milk powder, and this can can also be cleaned out…”


Wow, still Dad is awesome! Xixi looked at her father with admiration, and felt that if there was any problem, her father could solve it, and her father was really omnipotent!


Yang Yi caught a glimpse of her daughter’s big eyes with little stars, and continued to speak proudly: “And Xixi, the yogurt box you finished drinking. Is there tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?”


It’s just junk items. If you really can’t find them, Yang Yi can go to the coffee shop, go to the lazy house of Yang Huan, and find a lot of junk items!


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