House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 715: Dancing with you, so happy (2/4)



“You can play with Xixi, right?” Yang Yi hugged Xiao Jiao and said with a wry smile, “I want to take care of Xiao Jiao.”


He’s not very interested in dancing, and he hasn’t danced in a long time. Wouldn’t it be shameful if he danced badly? How can he affect his image of being omnipotent and splendid in Xixi’s mind?


“It’s fine for him to stay in the crib. Anyway, there’s no one else here, and I can hear clearly what’s going on.” Murphy pulled Yang Yi’s arm with a smile and said, “Let’s play together. Also, I don’t believe you learned so many musical instruments when you were a soldier that you didn’t learn dance.”


“Giggle, Baba, let’s dance together, let’s dance together!” The little girl also ran over to join in the fun, dancing beside her father and shouting with laughter.


It’s not easy to sway the happiness of Murphy and Xixi. Yang Yi carried Xiao Jiao, who was now a little confused by the excitement, into the stroller, stood up, spread his hands, and said helplessly: “Okay. , but I have to tell you that I didn’t learn many dance styles before, mainly ballroom dancing.”


It’s true, learning these things is not for them to pick up girls, but to facilitate their access to some big occasions and hide their identities.


“Jump for us!” Murphy laughed as she took out Yang Yi’s DSLR camera from her bag.


“Why use this?” Yang Yi felt a little uncomfortable.


“Take it! Later, when Koyo grows up, you can tell him that when you were young, your parents went to dance…” Murphy said enthusiastically.


“Forget about filming, I still need a dance partner. Ballroom dancing can’t be performed alone. How weird is that?” Yang Yi said with tears in his eyes.


Murphy had no choice but to put down the DSLR camera, but Xixi was interested. She ran over and picked it up. The little girl looked delicate, but she had a lot of strength, and her heavy DSLR was picked up by her.


“Hehe, Baba, I’ll take a picture, okay!” The little girl had already learned to use this DSLR from her father, but she said sweetly, her head lowered, her eyes looking at the DSLR, and it was a little difficult to operate —— Main Xixi’s hand is too small.


Murphy guessed Yang Yi’s thoughts and joked: “Do you regret teaching Xixi to take pictures?”


Since that’s the case, Yang Yi danced with full energy, and couldn’t let her daughter look down on her.


Although there is no accompaniment, Murphy can whisper “da, da, da, da” in a low voice. Although it is the first time for the two to dance slow three together, they cooperate very well.


I saw Yang Yi advance with his left foot, Murphy also stepped back with his right foot just right, the next Yang Yi stepped in with his right foot, Murphy stepped back with his left foot, and walked straight up like a shadow, the two seemed to be tied by a rope. together!


Actually, Yang Yi and Murphy were a little surprised. Murphy was even worried that Yang Yi couldn’t dance, and wanted to slow down a little bit to cooperate with him, but he didn’t expect that the two fit together so perfectly!


This feeling of being in a good mood is wonderful. Mo Fei raised her head and couldn’t help but look at Yang Yi’s face. Yang Yi also lowered her head and looked at Mo Fei affectionately. At this moment, because of the tacit understanding, the love in the eyes of the two people was completely different. It’s like a fine wine becoming more mellow and full-bodied!


Of course, with a little shoulder and elbow movement, it might be perfect!


Murphy felt that Yang Yi had completed the rapid transition from unfamiliar to skilled, so she stared into Yang Yi’s eyes. The swing of her shoulders increased a little, and her hips also twisted slightly, as if she would The dance spirit of Rumba is integrated into Slow Sanli.


Murphy, who was already in perfect shape, twisted with full rhythm at this moment, which made the surrounding temperature rise a lot!


Yang Yi understood Murphy’s meaning. He gently pulled Murphy’s hand, and the range of his upper body also increased, catering to Murphy’s rhythm, and interpreting elegance to the fullest.


The tacit dance of the two brings out the taste of happiness!


The most interesting thing is the next turn. Yang Yi stepped on a steady pace, tossed the soles of his feet at the same time as Murphy, and turned his hands and body together, and then his head was very tacit, looking at each other. To Xixi, who was holding a SLR camera next to her, watching with relish and forgetting to take pictures.


Although Xixi still doesn’t know how to appreciate dance, her father and mother’s tacit dance still makes her feel very interesting! However, when Mom and Dad finished, they suddenly turned their heads to her, which still surprised the little girl.


Looking at her surprised and confused eyes, Yang Yi and Murphy let go of each other’s hands with a smile, and Yang Yi walked over and took the SLR from her daughter’s hand with a smile.


“Baba, why are you and Mama suddenly looking at me?” The little girl came back to her senses, and only then did she realize that her father and mother were teasing her just now, and screamed reluctantly.


“How can I suddenly look at you, that’s what we did at the end.” Murphy said flickeringly.


“How do you think Dad and Mom dance?” Yang Yi patted the long soft hair on Xixi’s shoulders and asked.


“The dance is super nice! It’s even better than Teacher Shen’s!” Xixi took her father’s hand and said with a smile.


“Do you want to learn?” Yang Yi said with a smile.


Xixi’s eyes lit up, her head lit like a chicken pecking rice.


“Xixi, you also need to drink some water!” Murphy was tired, so she rested for a while and fed the hungry Xiao Jiao by the way. She heard that Xixi was going to learn ballroom dancing with Yang Yi, so she said, “You need to learn how to dance. , Mom will teach you some new dances later, don’t dance the kind of dance that Dad and Mom just now, that kind of dance can be learned when you grow up, if you are interested, but for now, let’s learn some young people’s dances from Mom Let’s go!”


Don’t look at Murphy, who can also dance these traditional dances, but that’s only because Murphy learned from Zhou Mengyu when he was a child, and Murphy himself didn’t like it very much.


Traditional dance is not like popular dance, it is more for formal occasions, and those formal occasions are precisely what Murphy does not like! Murphy loves the personality and energy of pop dance, as well as the endless creativity!


“Mama, what is the dance of young people?” Xixi asked curiously.


“Young people’s dances are hip-hop, jazz, etc…” Murphy said with a smile, “Mama will show it to you later, you will definitely like it!”


Seeing Murphy talking to Xixi, Yang Yi was somewhat unconvinced. How could Xixi feel that the dance her father was dancing was an old dance? Dad can dance really well too!


“Cough, Xixi, in fact, Dad can also dance in the street!” Yang Yi felt that he had to show his hand.


Murphy looked at Yang Yi in She was a little unsure whether this guy Yang Yi was slapped with a swollen face and made a fat man, or if he was really pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger!


Of course, Murphy thinks the latter is more likely, can she still not understand Yang Yi? My favorite thing to do is to pretend to be stupid, as if I can’t do anything, but in fact I can do everything!


“Baba, what is hip-hop?” Xixi, like a little fan girl, giggled, leaned over to her father and asked enthusiastically after dropping the kettle.


“How do you say street dance? It’s just a dance that is casually danced on the street. There are many kinds of it.” Yang Yi didn’t know how to explain it.


If you really want to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger, Murphy also recognizes it. Who let this mysteriously charming man eat her to the death?


I saw that Murphy also looked at Yang Yi expectantly, and said, “You dance for me and Xixi! You didn’t say you can hip-hop just now.”


Yang Yi really doesn’t know how to dance, but he’s seen other people do it! It’s not complicated, and it’s too late to learn now, but Yang Yi thought that because of his physical advantages, there is a kind of hip-hop that is both difficult and simple, and he can dance!


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