House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 714: Xixi and ??Sakura ㄒ?4) in the dance studio



When Feiyi’s Thought Studio was established, Yang Yi gave sufficient funds to allow Mo Xiaojuan to play freely. Therefore, a small four-story building that is not high and small has all the equipment inside. Even this dance studio, if it was designed by Yang Yi, would never have imagined such a thing, but Mo Xiaojuan knew that Murphy likes dancing, so she had prepared it early!


“Clap clap clap!” Turning on the lights inside, and the heating and ventilation equipment, a bright and clean dance studio appeared in front of Yang Yi and the others, and it seemed that people usually came to clean up.


After Xixi came in with her parents, she couldn’t help but ran to the innermost part, and exclaimed excitedly, “What a big mirror!”


Her little black leather boots squeaked as she stepped on the wooden floor, but the little girl could only get close to the mirror, cling to the long railing for her legs, and look at herself in the mirror with joy .


The little girl in there is so pretty!


The braided hair was tied around her head like a bohemian headband, and the rest of the soft, thick long hair fell like a waterfall from her shoulders, touching the lace skirt around her waist.


Beautiful hair, more beautiful people, golden ratio face, small face with a little baby fat, smiling like a petite, pure and jade jasmine flower blooming, and the white, fluffy skirt, let the little girl see It looks more like a little angel without wings.


It’s just that this beauty didn’t last long. The little girl made a grimace at herself in the mirror, and then looked at her father and mother in the mirror and giggled. The silver bell-like laughter was in promise. The big dance studio reverberated.


“Come here, change your shoes, you can’t play in the dance studio with shoes like yours!” Murphy was still very strict, she said reproachfully as she changed her shoes.


Xixi ran over to change her dancing shoes, took off her jacket, and finally dressed up like a little dancer! Murphy dressed Xixi in a full set of dance clothes, a bit like a ballerina, with dark purple velvet rotator sleeves, but when it came to the chest, it suddenly turned lavender, and gradually transitioned to pure white around the waist.


The fluffy skirt is also held up like a ballet skirt, instead of hanging down softly. This is also Xixi’s favorite part. She feels that with these, she feels like she has wings.


Under the skirt, the thin, close-fitting **** is attached to the feet, revealing Xixi’s slender legs that are usually covered by clothes. If the little girl really stood on tiptoe like a ballet dancer, I’m afraid she really wants to perfectly interpret the magical concept of “all legs below the neck”.


Murphy and Xixi are wearing the same dance clothes for their parents and children. Of course, Murphy’s figure is too good. Although she thinks that after giving birth to the second child, her waist is a little thicker, but after all, Murphy is tall and long. Long legs also make people feel no signs of fat.


On the contrary, the bumpy figure was stretched like a devil by this tight dance suit!


Yang Yi watched from the back, and he was a little bit eager to move, but with the two children, big and small, any bold ideas could only be left behind.


After changing his shoes, Yang Yi sat in the back, not intending to end the dance.


He picked up Xiao Jiao in the stroller beside him and pointed at the image in the mirror to play with Xiao Jiao.


The first time the little guy saw himself in the mirror, he was a little confused.


Of course, there is nothing special about that little kid with a round head and round eyes in the mirror, and the little guy probably won’t guess that it is himself or think a lot.


It’s just that when he raised his eyes, he saw that the person in the mirror holding the little brat was exactly the same as holding his father.


Xiaojiao stared blankly at the father in the mirror for a while, then turned his head in confusion, looked at the father beside him, and looked over again, he couldn’t understand, why there are two fathers?


Of course, the little guy’s head won’t think so carefully, and all the confusion is still at the stage of hazy chaos.


“This is a mirror! The mirror will show you!” Yang Yi leaned close to the little guy’s ear and said softly, rubbing his forehead against his head.


Xiaojiao opened his mouth slightly, and his pink tongue was clearly visible. He curiously stretched out his little hand and scratched his father’s face. Of course, this scratch is soft and weak.


Murphy and Xixi have started to play. First, Murphy asked Xixi to dance the dance she learned in kindergarten, and Murphy beat her.


“One two two, two two two, three two two…”


Xixi was a little shy when she jumped up, especially when she saw herself dancing in the mirror. After a while, the little girl was so embarrassed that her face was stained with a rouge-like blush.


“Hee hee!” I saw her running to her mother’s side, hugging her mother’s waist, and embarrassedly stabbing it in.


“Don’t be embarrassed! You dance well!” Murphy said with a smile.


“Don’t, don’t!” The little girl giggled, raised her head, and shook it like a rattle, “Mummy dance!”


Murphy should lead by example, she laughed: “Okay! Mama come to dance! You have to follow along!”


I saw Murphy turn around and asked Yang Yi to take out the dance music tape she had prepared and put it into the device hanging on the wall. After a while, the melody of the music started.


This is a dance song a bit like High School Musical, with bright melody and exciting drum beats. Just listening to it makes people feel a little urge to twist!


With the ups and downs of the music melody, Murphy, who was not at all shy, really danced like a young man in High School Musical.


Of course, it’s not that kind of intense hip-hop, but the movement range is very large, but it’s also very simple, shaking hands, beckoning, turning, twisting waist, these are very sparse and ordinary dance movements, but with brisk dance The dance steps make people feel full of vitality and jump out of the breath of youth!


It is also Yang Yi who is ignorant. This dance that Murphy dances is indeed a movie dance that became popular all over the world more than ten years ago. It was born out of elements such as street dance and dance drama. Imitation in fear!


Murphy, who is in her thirties, is now dancing the dance she liked before, with a frown and a smile, as if back to when she was fifteen or sixteen years old, when Murphy was young and lively…


Yang Yi was Xixi also watched with relish, how could the little girl stay still, she jumped and twisted with her mother unconsciously, but she couldn’t keep up with her movements. .


Xiaojiao all reacted, but he was not looking at his mother who was dancing. The little guy was still looking at the world in the mirror, but he was listening to the dance music echoing from the dance studio. Xiao Jiajia, who had “listened” to countless music during her pregnancy, stretched her eyebrows, dimpled, and grinned by herself.


Laughing isn’t enough, the little guy’s hands are still swaying, as if he’s also intoxicated by the energetic dance music!


If Yang Yi didn’t look at his beautiful daughter-in-law, but paid more attention to his son, he might still find that Xiaojiao’s small hands, unconsciously, were still swinging according to the rhythm of the dance music!


Murphy gasped slightly after dancing. After all, she didn’t exercise much for more than a year after she was pregnant! She turned around to get some water from the bag, and saw Yang Yi sitting there looking straight at her.


“You come to dance too! Don’t just sit there!” Murphy snorted with a snort.


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