House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 708: Break the record for the same period (3/4)



In fact, as early as the beginning of the month when “Extreme Challenge” leaked some stills shot by passers-by, the people who produced Xingyao knew that “Extreme Challenge” could not be a plagiarized “High Energy Challenge”, even Luo Jinting, the manager of Xingyao Productions All gave up the idea of ​​competing with Zhongxing Production.


However, he is still relatively cunning to let people continue to hype the news that “Extreme Challenge” plagiarized “High Energy Challenge”. After all, the star lineup of the very pick is there, and the popularity remains high. The ratings of “High Energy Challenge” have been declining again and again, and it is good to rub the popularity of others!


However, Hu Sheng was lucky and did not give up!


That night, Hu Sheng hesitated for a long time, and after pressing it, he switched to Modu TV to watch the “Extreme Challenge” program.


However, seeing the start of the time chase, Hu Sheng knew that he had lost a crushing defeat!


It turns out that variety shows can still be played like this!


With the novel game mode and the excellent “performances” of the stars, Hu Sheng is not an ignorant audience. He is a senior variety show director in the industry. He can easily distinguish between “Extreme Challenge” and “High Energy Challenge”. high and low.


But the more he saw the excitement of “Extreme Challenge”, the more depressed Hu Sheng became.


This show is destined to break the current pattern of TV shows and refresh the perceptions of viewers and producers, but such an epoch-making show, once so close to it, is now so far away…


Hu Sheng remembered that Ren Min, who used to be his deputy, is now one of the chief directors of “Extreme Challenge”. Don’t think about it, she will follow this show, and her worth and status will rise!


And if you didn’t accept the poaching from Xingyao’s production and stayed in Zhongxing’s production, you should also get such glory?


No, no! He is one level higher than Ren Min, and he and Yan Tao should be the chief directors. How could it not be Ren Min’s turn to chatter!


Yes, jerk! Ren Min, as well as the old colleagues who looked at him with strange eyes when he left before, while excited now, I am afraid that he is also celebrating and laughing at his shortsightedness?


Thinking of this, Hu Sheng really wants to vomit blood!



Yang Yi and Murphy are also watching the premiere of “Extreme Challenge”.


Tonight, although Yang Yi bought a magnetic drawing board for Xixi, Xixi did not rush to teach her brother a lesson as she said before.


The little girl developed a strong interest in this magnetic drawing board and magnetic brush.


A magnetic brush that is not a crayon or a colored pen, in another place?


And the thing below that wipes all traces off with a single pull is even more amazing!


After Xixi came back, she was addicted to playing with the drawing board, and she painted with pleasure. Yang Yi didn’t understand why Xixi could explode her interest in drawing several times more than usual when facing the magnetic drawing board.


Anyway, the little girl didn’t bother to teach her brother until after nine o’clock when she was tired from playing and went to bed…


Now the two little ones are sleeping, and the two older ones are still watching TV.


Murphy was even more involved than Yang Yi. She snuggled in Yang Yi’s arms and watched the TV intently. During the middle of the commercial, she couldn’t help but ask Yang Yi, “Who won in the back? Huan her team won the final victory?”


Like Jin Yuan, perhaps the editing of the program reflects Yang Huan’s great advantage, and Murphy also thinks that Yang Huan should be able to win. But the further back, the rhythm of camera switching and the intensity of the plot, the more disturbing it is to watch.


Yang Yi smiled incomprehensibly and said, “Spoilers are not fun, you’ll know after watching!”


“Hey, you.” Murphy snapped Yang Yi angrily, but after the commercial was over and the show resumed, Murphy quickly turned her head away.


The final result is really a big reversal!


Guo Ziyi’s calculation is very accurate, the three of them have enough time to survive to the end, and using the card that reduces the opponent’s time by one person, Yuan Yan, who is not bad at the calculation, can only give up the one with the least time and the farthest distance. Xie Yuchen, go and add time to Ju Jie, who is closest to the last mission point.


However, neither Guo Ziyi nor Shan Hongkui expected that the program team dug a hole at the last point and required everyone to concentrate on the final stage before pressing the last button!


Yang Huan had the best physical strength. Guo Ziyi asked Yang Huan to deal with the penultimate point. As a result, before Yang Huan came back, he found that he couldn’t care about the second point, Yuan Yanhe, who was staying at the last point. Ju Jie came out, and Xie Yuchen’s time stopped doesn’t count, but Yuan Yan’s group has come together!


In the end, I didn’t expect that Yuan Yan, who could make a comeback, pressed the last button before Yang Huan and won the final victory!


Murphy looked depressed, but she supported her sister-in-law!


“Can’t you let Huanhuan win once in your show?” Murphy said to Yang Yi, dumbfounded, “Huanhuan is so miserable! So hard, I didn’t win once!”


She also refers to the episode that Yang Yi and the others recorded in Suzhou last This is the charm of this show! “Yang Yi said with a smile, “We can’t control the plot, we can only let the members play freely, so they will try their best to win, and the show will be real and exciting, and each episode has different expectations.” This is something that cannot be written in a script! “


“Then what will Huanhuan do in the future? Do you keep losing? Teacher Yuan and Big Brother Shan are too cunning, but Huanhuan doesn’t have as much heart as them!” Murphy said worriedly.


“When I was recording the show last week, Ju Jie said to me: It doesn’t matter if you win or not, the important thing is to appear on the screen!” Yang Yi said, “Although Huanhuan may not be able to win the challenge, it may not be impossible. She wins, but as long as she keeps performing like this, the audience will still like her, and trust me, no one in this show will lose!”


When Yang Yi and Murphy were discussing the plot of the just-aired episode, Yun Yangfeng, who was guarding at Magic Capital TV, called Yang Yi excitedly.


“How much? Don’t get excited, speak slowly.” Yang Yi smiled.


“2.08! The peak reached 2.08!” Yun Yangfeng repeated.


“What kind of level is this achievement?” Yang Yi couldn’t quite understand.


“Mr. Yang, congratulations, your first episode has broken the viewership record of Modu TV’s 10 o’clock variety show on Wednesday night!” Cui Zhilin snatched Yun Yangfeng’s phone and laughed loudly.


Deputy Director Cui is also very concerned about the ratings of this show. After all, she introduced this show with all her might, and she will be able to get the best results when it comes out!


Yun Yangfeng’s excitement is more than that. He firmly remembers that the director of the station also promised that as long as “Extreme Challenge” breaks the record, he can move the next season of “Extreme Challenge” to a prime time broadcast!


Although Zhongxing Production has sold two ace shows, it has created a new gold mine for itself!


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