House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 690: Chat at the car wash (1/4)



This morning, after sending Xixi to the kindergarten, Yang Yi opened the garage when he came back, and drove out the big RV parked in the innermost, bought and unused, parked in the yard, and started cleaning Work.


“Are we going to drive this car to Suzhou?” Murphy asked aside. The sunshine in the spring morning is very mild, and she is also sitting in the big rocking chair in the yard with Xiaojiao basking in the sun.


The little guy doesn’t have to stay in the swaddling now, he can wear warm enough clothes, small shoes, and sit in his mother’s arms. Or, Murphy will also try to pick him up and let his feet touch the ground. Although these small feet are still soft and can’t support his body, he will sit involuntarily under the support and traction of adults. The movement of walking, one step, two steps, wobbly, there is still a little meaning!


Yang Yi is not afraid of the cold. He was wearing a vest and shorts, showing his long hairy legs, flip-flops, and was washing the car with a water hose and a brush. Hearing Murphy’s words, he smiled and said: “This car is so good! When the time comes, no one will recognize the car that you are driving with the director’s team, and maybe you will think it’s a prop car!”


Of course, it doesn’t matter if you recognize it. The relationship between Yang Yi and Murphy doesn’t need to be secretive.


“The main reason is that this car is comfortable, and there is a small kitchen in the car. If you want to boil water to make milk for Xixi, or put some iced drinks in the car, you don’t have to worry about it! Or If you feel bored, you can still watch TV in the car, and there is a bed on it for you to rest.” Yang Yi smiled.


Yang Yi wants to take his family to Suzhou. Of course, he doesn’t simply want to travel. It’s because the third episode of Extreme Challenge will be recorded in Suzhou, and this episode, Yang Yi needs to participate as a guest.


Originally, according to the plan, Yang Yi was arranged for the second phase of the extreme challenge, but after discussion with Yan Tao and Ren Min, they felt that the show needed two episodes to settle down, so that the audience could have a deeper understanding of the characteristics of the six members. It is more appropriate to introduce guests again.


Yang Yi is not a tyrant who doesn’t listen to their suggestions. After listening to their report, he thought carefully and felt that this was the case, so he agreed to their arrangement, so the second phase was recorded in the magic capital. , Yang Yi and Geng Sha did not appear.


Of course, Murphy didn’t want to discuss this with Yang Yi. While hugging Xiaojiao, she hummed a song softly, watching Yang Yi wash the car in the sun.


When men focus on one thing, they have a unique charm!


Not to mention a handsome, masculine man! (At least in Murphy’s eyes, it’s handsome.)


Not to mention the car wash…


Although Yang Yi did not take off the vest to reveal his well-defined abdominal muscles, this vest could not cover Yang Yi’s tall and strong figure. The wide and strong chest muscles supported the vest. The round, powerful arms and well-proportioned, firm muscles are completely exposed to the air. After being sprinkled with a little water, the slightly wheat-colored skin seems to be coated with a layer of olive oil, which is refracted in the sunlight. Suffocating sheen.


“It’s a working day now, the neighbors next door shouldn’t be at home, right?” Murphy asked suddenly.


“Don’t talk about weekdays, even on weekends, they are not necessarily at home, they are all busy people. To make money, they make themselves so tired.” Yang Yi shook his head with emotion, then turned to look at Murphy, ” Why are you asking this all of a sudden?”


Murphy felt that his son couldn’t understand anyway, so he giggled: “Because I suddenly found out that you are wearing such a **** car wash! I don’t want others to see it!”


The word sex/sense is actually not inconsistent when used in men.


If it weren’t for the outside now, the sun is shining brightly, and there’s a small light bulb in the middle, Murphy’s words would be a little tantalizing!


Yang Yi glanced down at himself and shook his head with a laugh.


“I’m not even wet yet, do you think it’s sexy?” Yang Yi started talking to Murphy when he saw that there was no one around, and slapped her, “If you drenched her with water, how could it be? Isn’t it so handsome that you’re going to faint?”


As Yang Yi said, he gestured with the squeaky water pipe, as if he was really going to shower himself.


“Hey, you’re crazy!” Murphy said in a funny and anxious manner, “You’re still soaking in water in this weather, are you going to catch a cold?”


Yang Yi smiled, took back his hand, and continued to chat with Murphy while washing the car: “Just kidding, but telling you this, I suddenly remembered a song.”


“Huh?” Murphy asked.


This was sung by Yang Yi when he was bathing Xiao Jiao before.


Of course, Yang Yi wasn’t thinking about this song, but the English song “Call_me_maybe”, whose MV plot is somewhat similar to Yang Yi and Murphy’s chat just now. Once this song was released in Yang Yi’s previous life, it became a hit. Out of control, not only won the Billboard nine-week championship, but also the best sales of the year!


The level of brainwashing is no less than that of Uncle Bird’s Gangnam style!


Of course, the plot of the MV of this song is also very strange, and the final reversal is a classic…


However, without this MV matching, this song is not suitable to sing at this time… And this song is sung by a girl, Yang Yilai’s singing is a bit irritating that he himself can’t accept it.


So, Yang Yi hesitated for a while, then smiled and said to Murphy: “Yes!”


“Hee, hee, hee…” I saw Yang Yi twisting in front of the car while holding a brush while singing.


“Haha, hey, I knew you would do this.” Murphy was so amused by Yang Yi that she leaned back and forth with laughter.


This happy smile, in this mellow spring light, seems to be a flower blooming, and the reddish cheeks are full of spring!


Murphy’s Xiaojiao seems to be well versed in the style at this moment, or infected by the happiness of his father and mother. He also grinned and looked at his father who was writhing and dancing. With a wave, it seems to be squeaking!



However, both mothers, Yu Ying is not as relaxed and happy as Murphy, and she was reprimanded by her boss today.


It can’t be said to be reprimanded, it can only be said to be a meal of reproach.


Yu Ying didn’t know if it was because she didn’t sleep well yesterday, or what was the reason. She was a little distracted and accidentally bumped into a waiter in the store. Fortunately, she was fine, but she broke a few teacups!


“I’ll pay for this loss, it’s mainly my fault!” Yu Ying took the initiative to take responsibility, so that the frightened waitress girl calmed down.


After coming out of the boss’s office, Yu Ying cheered up and continued to work. When there were no guests in the afternoon, she could rest for a while. Usually at this time, Yu Ying likes to go to the back kitchen to chat with her best friend, Sister Fan, who is a chef.


“Sister Fan, have you read the book “Xixi’s Bedtime Story”?” Suddenly, Yu Ying turned off the topic and asked, “It’s the one I bought yesterday.”


“I haven’t seen Sister Fan shook her head.


“Is it written by Yang Yi?” At this time, Qiao Shi, a chef with the appearance of Fan Wei and the figure of Fan Wei, came over.


Qiao Shi is a few years younger than Yu Ying. When he first came, he was a little obsessed with Yu Ying’s beauty and wanted to chase after her, but later he knew that Yu Ying had a child, so he gave up the idea. Of course, even if he continued chasing Yu Ying, Yu Ying wouldn’t like him, this person is a bit sophisticated… and he still looks like a standard cook, with a big head and a thick neck.


But they are colleagues, Yu Ying will not ignore Qiao Shi, and she also wants to inquire about this matter: “Qiao Shi, have you read this book?”


“I haven’t read this book. Can I read this kid’s book?” Qiao Shi said with a smile, “I watched his TV series Soldier Assault. I heard others say that this man He is a big star, and he can write books and songs!”


“So powerful?” Yu Ying asked in surprise.


“Of course, if you don’t believe me, you can ask the little girls below you. It is estimated that some people who are chasing stars like Yang Yi.” Qiao Shi said, “Or you can search for the name Yang Yi on the Internet, there is a lot of information!”


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