House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 685: Xiaolou·Reappeared yesterday



(Maopu Chinese) Chen Yijie invited Yang Yi to sing, and Yang Yi naturally would not refuse. What made Yang Yi sighed was the current situation of the music scene in Hong Kong City. Although there are still good songs emerging every year, it has not been as prosperous as before. . Just like Yang Yi’s previous life, Hong Kong City was the entertainment center of Asia back then!


“Intertek hopes to maintain cooperation with us and strengthen our relationship.” Yang Yi said, “In exchange, it will also give us the support we want in Hong Kong City.”


Murphy asked suspiciously, “Port City? Do we still have business in Port City?”


Yang Yi smiled slightly and said, “I originally thought so too, but suddenly I remembered, you left Hong Kong City before, and you don’t want to go back with your honor in the Mainland one day, in Hong Kong. Does the city’s Cantonese song market prove itself?”


Murphy froze.


“Don’t you want to win back the championship you lost back then?” Yang Yi laughed, “The record market in Hong Kong City is very closed. If we want to kill it back, it will not be easy.”


“Don’t say it so ugly, what do you mean by killing it back?” Murphy said angrily.


Yang Yi smiled slightly, and he continued to drive, waiting for Murphy’s response.


“Honor, champion, I’ve actually seen these things very lightly!” Murphy was no longer a teenage girl, she pondered and smiled, “However, if you rap and sing Cantonese songs, I am very Interested.”


“It’s fine to sing Cantonese songs.” Yang Yi snapped his fingers.


Others want to think that the music scene of Hong Kong City is close to a pool of stagnant water, but Yang Yi feels that if he stirs it at this time, he might have some fun. (Note: You don’t have to go to Hong Kong City to sing Cantonese songs…don’t get me wrong.)



It’s already spring now, and the city of Jiangcheng is warm and cold at the beginning of spring. However, the willow trees along the Grand Canal have sprouted new shoots, and there are also some swallows chirping on the surrounding trees, which seems to indicate that The days of spring are coming.


Looking around, they all look alive! It’s just that human life is not reincarnated like spring, summer, autumn and winter. When he came back in the most beautiful spring, all that was left in the eyes of this white-haired and pale-faced old man was deep yearning and nostalgia.


Accompanied by Yang Yi, Hu Songnan walked around the small building, his hands covered with folds and spots like old tree bark gently passed over the handrails of the stairs, the windows of the balcony, and the old desks , although many furniture did not match his memory – Yang Yi added a lot after all, but Yang Yi also kept a lot, Hu Songnan can still see some shadows of the past.


Finally, they went to the coffee shop downstairs to sit down.


“Grandpa Hu, do you think I have remodeled too much?” Yang Yi said apologetically, pointing to the wallpaper and the seats of the coffee shop.


Although they are all nostalgic and natural, they are completely different from the previous bookstores.


“It’s okay, I’ll give you the house, I’m already mentally prepared.” Hu Songnan smiled and pointed to the bookshelves displaying records or books, “I’m surprised that these are preserved, after all, you Do business too.”


“Where is the business? I can’t make a lot of money. I opened this coffee shop because I like the atmosphere of the coffee shop.” Yang Yi stood up while smiling.


The part-time female student in the coffee shop was coming with a pot of coffee and tea, and Yang Yi took the plate from her hand: “Xiao Fang, just leave it to me here, you can go to other guests! “


Fang Tang is the name of this female student, a child from a small city, from a modest family, who wants to work part-time to earn some pocket money for herself. Before, because Ding Xiang wanted to accompany Guo Ziyi to the magic capital, and Yang Huan was gradually busy, Yang Yi asked Ding Xiang to recruit two female college students to help, Fang Tang was one of them, and the reason why she was selected, The funny name is also one of the reasons.


“Grandpa Hu, President Hu, what do you want to drink?” Yang Yi asked with a smile, holding two pots, “Coffee? Or tea?”


In order to lose weight, Murphy insists on drinking tea. Every time Yang Yi comes over, he has to ask the clerk to help prepare two servings.


“I drink tea, he drinks coffee. Your coffee is quite fragrant. If I wasn’t afraid that my body wouldn’t be able to take it, I would still like to try it.” Hu Songnan said with a smile.


Drinking coffee has many benefits, but it also has many disadvantages for the elderly with poor physical function, such as the stimulation of caffeine may cause arrhythmia, or increase blood pressure and lead to high blood pressure, even if not so Seriously, drinking coffee can also affect sleep!


“You can’t drink it!” Hu Yongxiang wouldn’t let Hu Songnan touch the coffee, but he liked it very much. He smelled the smell, his eyes lit up, and he said, “Is this Blue Mountain Coffee?”


“Authentic Blue Mountain Coffee!” Yang Yi smiled and said, “These beans are hard to find, so I asked a friend to buy them.”


Xixi is sitting between her father and mother. She is drinking juice bought outside. The little girl is looking at the old grandfather opposite her with two bright eyes. It seems that she can still see from her eyes. Get curious.


Well…just as curious as Xiao Jiao.


Of course, Xixi observed it a little more carefully. She felt that this old grandfather looked strange, his eyes were more sunken than her own grandfather’s, the wrinkles on his face were deeper, and his mouth was more shriveled…


“Hello, Xixi!” Hu Songnan noticed the little girl’s gaze, and while drinking tea, he put down the cup tremblingly and greeted Xixi with a smile.


In fact, it has been introduced just now.


“It’s impolite to stare at others!” Yang Yi rubbed her daughter’s head and smiled.


“Is he the grandfather of the owner of this house?” Xixi finally couldn’t help her curiosity, raised her head and asked her father.


“Yes! You have to say, thank you, Grandpa Hu, for letting me live in your house.” Yang Yi taught, “We have to learn to be grateful, otherwise when my father had no money, we would have to live in a very small place. Tiny house!”


Xixi nodded ignorantly, but she obeyed her father’s words obediently, and after thanking Hu Songnan, before waiting for Hu Songnan to reply, she continued with a little nervousness: “But, but, Grandpa Hu, are you? , want a house? We can’t live there anymore?”


The little girl doesn’t know how to express the words of taking the house back.


“You can’t say that!” Yang Yi couldn’t stop him, and said blamingly, “None of us live here now, this is still grandpa’s house.”


“But I like this house.” Xixi pursed her lips and said aggrievedly.


“It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, I want to talk about this when I come back this time.” Hu Songnan stopped Yang Yi and prevented him from talking about Xixi. The old man smiled and said to Xixi, “Xixi, don’t worry, in the future this The house is yours, you can live as long as you want!”


Yang Yi and Murphy were stunned.


What does it mean?


I saw Hu Songnan asking Hu Yongxiang to take out a title deed. He gently rubbed the yellowish title deed, and seemed a little reluctant to part with it. I had no intention of going back when I left the house to you, but I am still a little worried that you are not a good person to take over.”


It turns out that when the old man said that he would rent it to Yang Yi for one yuan, he just kept it a little bit.


In the past two years, although the old man was not in Jiangcheng and had never seen Xiaolou’s future appearance, he has been paying attention to Yang Yi, knowing his development, and feeling gratified that he chose the right person.


“But, you don’t need to give me this house, this is your most precious memory, how can I take it?” Yang Yi said anxiously, “I can continue to take care of it for you, if you I want to come back and see…”


“Xiao Yang, I have accepted your intention, but yesterday I was talking about the details. Grandpa is old, and this time is the last time he will come back.” Hu Songnan’s tone was kind and But …”


“Memory, it’s in the mind, it’s in the heart, not on the house.” Hu Songnan said with emotion, “Also, I have no regrets, because I’m also waiting for her When we meet again.”


Yang Yi was better, and Murphy was moved to tears when she heard these words.


Everyone wants to love forever, but after all, they can’t escape the ruthlessness of the years. They all say that they can grow old, but they can’t live forever… Murphy thought of himself and Yang Yi from the old man, and he didn’t dare to think about what happened in those decades. But I felt so sad that I wanted to cry.


“Don’t take this matter as life and death, my dad is fine! You can go to Hong Kong City to play in the future, and you can also visit him at our house.” Hu Yongxiang took out the transfer agreement, smiled slightly, and said, “Sign it, Yang Yi, this is one of my dad’s wishes.”


Worrying about Yang Yi’s offer to give money, Hu Yongxiang waved his hand and said with a smile, “Don’t say anything else, you and I are not people who lack this kind of money, right, Mr. Yang?”


Others don’t know, but Hu Yongxiang, who cooperates with Sahara Online Mall, knows something about Yang Yi.


It would be hypocrisy to push back! Yang Yi pondered for a while, took the pen, and signed his name.


“You should keep this guitar too!” Hu Songnan said gently, watching Yang Yi sign the house transfer agreement before handing over the Brn_Beetle guitar that Yang Yi had brought over and left to Yang Yi at the beginning, ” Can you sing “Long Time No See” for me again?”


As if traveling through time and space, I suddenly returned to two years ago…


Yang Yi touched the guitar and felt a lot of emotion in his heart, but he stopped when the words of the promise came to his lips!


He remembered a song, a song in his mind that was made by God.


“Grandpa Hu, shall I sing you another song?” Yang Yi said softly.


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