House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 676: What should I do if I’m not at home?



() “Sister got up, don’t sleep late, the sun is drying your ass! I got up early!”


This cry brought Xixi back from her sweet sleep. The little girl’s slender eyelashes trembled slightly. After a while, she opened her eyes like a peacock, and opened her eyes, revealing the pair of eyes. There are also some confused beautiful eyes.


It’s not my dad calling me today…


Xixi didn’t realize this yet. After she opened her eyes, she saw her smiling mother and Xiao Jiao, who was being held by her mother, holding her little **** on her chest.


Murphy hugged Xiaojiao, pretending to be a child, and called Xixi to get up, simulating the tone of her younger brother. And Xiao Jiajia also looked curiously at her sister sleeping on the bed. The position of her mother hugged him so that he could see the same sister as Sleeping Beauty.


“Mama, why is my brother here?” When Xixi saw Xiao Yujiao, she actually had no more thoughts of staying in bed. The little girl wanted to play with her brother, so she rubbed her eyes and propped herself up. asked grumbled.


At this time, Xiao Jiajia didn’t know if he saw his sleeping sister wake up, and babbled. From his grinning mouth and shaking hands, he could see that he was very happy.


“Because my brother wants to wake up my sister! My sister can’t sleep late!” Murphy said with a smile.


“Hee hee, I’m about to get up, so I didn’t sleep in!” The little girl regained her energy and quickly climbed down from the bed, looking at her brother happily while putting on her clothes.


Usually, Dad brought clothes to Xixi to wear, and helped her to spread the coat so that she could tuck her arms in. But today Xixi couldn’t care about wondering why her father didn’t dress her. She couldn’t wait to put on her coat, tuck it into her little arm in a circle, and zip it up skillfully.


“Blululu!” After getting dressed, Xixi came to her mother, jumping up and down to try to get closer to Xiaojiao, and even made a face.


“Hee hee, elder sister didn’t sleep in!” The little girl even talked to her brother, regardless of whether the younger brother could understand.


“Yeah!” Xiao Jiao smiled happily, his small arms stretched forward, as if to touch his sister’s face.


“Go wash your face and brush your teeth, Baba has already prepared breakfast for us.” Murphy watched Xixi play with Xiaojiao for a while before saying with a smile.


“Where’s Baba?” Xixi noticed only now that her father didn’t even show up.


“He went to see your little aunt recording the show!” Murphy said, “I won’t be back until tonight.”


When Xixi heard the words, her little mouth pouted, and she said sadly: “Baba didn’t take me to play, why didn’t Baba not take me to play?”


“Baba is going to work, isn’t there a mother to accompany you? Later, your aunt Xiaojuan will also come over. Let’s see where we go to play, shall we?” Murphy said.


“But, but I like to play with Baba!” Xixi said aggrievedly with her small mouth deflated.


Yang Yi will take Xixi to many interesting places, such as temple fairs, playgrounds, parks, etc., where there are many interesting new things. But Murphy seldom took Xixi to fun places. When Murphy took Xixi alone in the past, she went to supermarkets abroad, but for Xiao Xixi at the time, those memories were not clear and harmonious when she played with her father. profound!


Although the little girl is young, she still has a steel scale in her heart!


Hearing her daughter say this, Murphy actually felt a little sour in her heart, but at this time, she had to comfort Xixi who was about to cry, and she changed her strategy: “But we can’t disturb Baba’s work! You know Aunt Juan said that there is something to delay, it will come later, you are also a big sister, should you help Mama take care of your brother?”


Murphy didn’t deceive Xixi. Mo Xiaojuan did not come over early because of something. She called Chen Yijie and several senior management of Tianxiang Records to visit Feiyisuosi studio. , Although it hasn’t come yet, the schedule is the day after tomorrow, but with such a big battle, Mo Xiaojuan still has to get someone to make some arrangements first.


Xixi is a very responsible girl. In the past, Yang Yi asked her to communicate with Lu Weisha, a newcomer, in kindergarten. Later, she became Lu Weisha’s best friend.


Now that Murphy said this, the little girl was stunned. Although she was still a little aggrieved, she finally nodded obediently.


Xixi wants to wash her face and brush her teeth by herself. It is inconvenient for Murphy to hold Xiaojiao, so she can only point the country on the side.


Actually, it’s okay. Usually, Yang Yi doesn’t spoil Xixi and let her wash herself, but Yang Yi will squeeze the toothpaste for Xixi.


The first time Xixi squeezed toothpaste, she followed her father’s posture, holding a toothbrush in one hand and toothpaste in the other. Then she squeezed the toothpaste in her stomach and squeezed her mouth against the toothbrush. However, she couldn’t control her strength well enough, so she squeezed a large lump of toothpaste on the toothbrush.


“Too much, it will be very spicy!” Murphy looked at his eyelids and quickly pointed, “You shake it in the wash basin, it can also get rid of the excess toothpaste, and the rest is enough for you used.”



After a while, Xixi and her mother went downstairs for breakfast after washing up. Yang Yi cooked them delicious pumpkin lean meat porridge. Murphy put Xiaojiao in the cradle to wash the dishes and serve the porridge.


Don’t look at what she said just now that she needed Xixi’s help to take care of Xiaojiao, in fact, it was just a rhetoric to appease the little girl, Murphy still had to do everything.


Dad’s porridge is naturally delicious, Xixi is very happy to eat, her mouth is full of rice paste, she doesn’t know how to wipe it herself, and she turns her head happily, shaking her small bowl to show off to her brother .


“Brother, do you want porridge? It’s super delicious!” the little girl giggled.


Xiao 曈曈 didn’t know why, but when his sister was able to turn her head to pay attention to him and play with him, he felt inexplicably happy and screamed.


Murphy couldn’t help but rubbed Xixi’s little head with laughter, and said, “Okay, don’t play tricks, be careful not to hold it steady and break the bowl!”


The little girl licked her slightly miserable lips with her pink little tongue, but her big eyes still had a somewhat rippling smile.


For a while, when Murphy was washing the dishes, Xixi walked around beside her brother’s small shaker, then turned to the kitchen, and said positively, “Mama, I’ll help you wash the dishes, okay? “


“Thank But now Mama doesn’t need your help to wash the dishes, you can help Mama look after her brother!” Murphy didn’t dare to let Xixi wash the dishes and pots, the little guy still Can’t reach the sink!


However, Xixi didn’t stay by her brother’s side very quietly. She jumped up and down to tease her brother to play. It didn’t take long for the little girl’s nose to move.


After a while, Xixi ran to the kitchen again and shouted excitedly: “Mama, Mama! My brother is stinking!”


Murphy followed Xixi out, and the little girl excitedly said to her mother: “I smell it, it smells a little…”


Xiao Jiahao was still lying in the small shaker as before, but when the little guy saw Murphy, he made a “hmm” anxiously, as if he wanted Murphy to hug him.


Murphy picked up Xiaojiao and skillfully touched Xiaojiao’s diaper-wrapped buttocks.


“Well, it’s La Smelly. Mama has to go upstairs to change his diaper.” Murphy said.


“I’ll help Mama change my brother’s diaper!” The little girl followed her mother’s **** with great interest.


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