House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 668: It’s been 2 months, can… (Third/Thursday)



New Year’s Eve, the phone calls between relatives and friends are of course indispensable. In this regard, Yang Yi and Murphy are not very proactive. They just called their parents, while the others answered phone calls from their friends. . But even so, the phone rang all night, and there was an endless stream of calls.


Last year, because he had no signal in the countryside, he escaped, but this year, Yang Yi is not so lucky!


Not only close friends, but also many work partners. Especially last year, Yang Yi’s various business stalls were spread out, and the executives of various companies also called their bosses to celebrate the New Year, such as Xiao Ai, Lu Benjie, and even There are far away in Yangcheng, Li Long, the person in charge of Sahara Express, and so on.


Seeing that this phone call was endless, Yang Yi didn’t have time to spend a good New Year’s Eve with his family. With Murphy covering his mouth, he simply turned off the phone and threw it aside.


However, there are two calls worth mentioning.


One was called by Guo Ziyi. The little fat man knew that Yang Yi had not returned to his hometown for the Spring Festival, so he excitedly called and told Yang Yi that tomorrow, the first day of the new year, there would be a welcome ceremony at the municipal square in front of the Jiangcheng government. New Year activities, there are lantern riddles, lion and dragon dances and other fun projects, I want to invite Yang Yi’s family to play together.


The other call was from Chen Yijie. After he paid Yang Yi New Year’s greetings, he asked Yang Yi if he had watched the Spring Festival Gala, and then mysteriously asked Yang Yi not to change at 10:20. tower.


“This guy must have been invited to the Spring Festival Gala!” Yang Yi said to Murphy with a smile, “I just don’t know which song he’s going to sing.”


“I think it should be “Stable Happiness”.” Murphy guessed, “Eason called specifically to explain that he was going to sing your song, and there are only two songs you wrote for him. The Mandarin song, “Long Time No See” is a bit too sad, only this song is the most suitable for the family-friendly theme of the Spring Festival.”


“But isn’t he the album that was released at the beginning of the month?” Yang Yi asked inexplicably, “Shouldn’t the Spring Festival Gala program be confirmed a few months ago?”


Yang Yi not only has a deep understanding of the Spring Festival Gala in this world, but even the entertainment industry in this world. Of course, the media has also exposed the Spring Festival Gala program before, but Yang Yi and Murphy did not pay attention.


Murphy is still a little knowledgeable, she explained to Yang Yi: “It is true that all programs must be confirmed before mid-December, but not only old songs will be on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala. Received a batch of new New Year songs submitted, some of which will be selected to be sung on the Spring Festival Evening.”


“So when we watch the Spring Festival Gala, we will find some songs that we haven’t heard before. In the same way, although Eason’s songs have not been released, when the program is screened, his songs may also be reported to the program by Intertek Records. group…”


Of course, Yang Yi and Murphy won’t know what song it is until after ten o’clock.


I have to say, the Spring Festival Gala in this world is still very exciting!


Because of perfect copyright protection, the entertainment industry in this world is even more competitive. Of course, the Spring Festival Gala with the highest ratings has become the best chance to become famous. Except for Yang Yi and Murphy, I am afraid that every artist wants to be on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala.


So, whether it’s singing and dancing, or drama sketches, every show is carefully choreographed, and there are endless highlights and laughs. Such a show with such care is naturally amazing!


Although it has not yet developed to create more grandeur with dazzling technical special effects


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A spectacular show, but each one contains a lot of evocative details.


Of course, it’s not just the show that’s interesting, but also some small tidbits in the middle of the show. This year’s Spring Festival Gala, there is an additional link among the hosts to read the audience’s wonderful replies, and the host’s witty responses are also very interesting.


This wonderful reply, of course, is to intercept the comments of netizens on the program, the speeches on the Spring Festival, etc. under the microbroadcast of the Spring Festival Gala.


“Isn’t this microcast owned by your company? Did you advertise on the Spring Festival Gala?” Murphy asked Yang Yi in surprise.


“Well, yes, place ads.” Yang Yi almost forgot about it. Three months ago, the CEO of Houlang Technology asked him to approve this huge advertising budget, and Yang Yi also praised their idea. .


Although there were only four people, two big and two young, to celebrate this Spring Festival together, Yang Yi and the others still had a very warm time.


Under the bright lights in the living room, Murphy snuggled in Yang Yi’s arms, the two chatted while watching the Spring Festival Gala, while Xiao Jiao, who had fallen asleep, lay in the baby shaker next to him, with a breathable mosquito net The changing light and the voices of adults were blocked for him, and the little guy slept soundly. And Xixi, the little girl was originally sitting between her parents, but she couldn’t sit still. After a while, she got up and sang and danced, and then she ran to play with Xiaojiao and Baozi.


Xixi doesn’t have as much interest as her parents watch. Except for the singing and dancing programs, which are relatively interesting, the children’s dance attracted Xixi’s attention. Xixi couldn’t understand other drama programs and folk art programs.


After all, Xixi couldn’t understand the ancient prose singing of the drama “Eyeeeeeeeey” and the humorous language of skit comic dialogue.


So when Mom and Dad were laughing and laughing, Xixi felt a little bored. Instead, she thought it was more interesting to throw small **** for Baozi and Xiaoguai to chase.


No, cat meowing, dog meowing, and Xixi’s cheerful laughter also echoed in the house, and the most important happiness of the Spring Festival was also spreading in the laughter.



It was late at night, and Xixi, who was tired from playing, also fell asleep. Yang Yi carried the little girl to the master bedroom upstairs to sleep, and then went down to watch the Spring Festival Gala with Murphy.


I don’t know how many programs have passed, and finally, the host announced, and Chen Yijie’s program subtitles appeared on the screen!


“Stable Happiness”


Lyrics/Music: Yang Yi…


It really is “Stable Happiness”!


Murphy turned her head to look at Yang Yi, with a little smugness in her eyes, the corners of her mouth twitched, and she seemed to be saying, “I guess I guessed right?”


Chen Yijie is a big name after all. He is one of the few artists who can sing solo. Although the whole song can only be sung once, there is no time to repeat it a second time.


“One day, I started to feel happiness from ordinary days, and I saw a clear and clear distance. The happiness I want…” The charm of Chen Yijie’s singing lies in that he can sing plain music as plain as water, and sing a confession that has been planned for a long time In the same way, the eloquent lyrics contain intoxicating ups and downs rhythm, as well as mellow and rich emotions!


It’s not the first time I’ve heard this song, Murphy snuggled up in Yang Yi’s arms, but felt that Yang Yi’s lyrics had sung to her heart.




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Dad’s Literary Life 00 Novels Please remind netizens: Please pay attention to the rest of your eyes when reading for a long time. 00 Recommended reading of novels: (Cultivation) On the heroine’s fighting force


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nbsp;Happiness doesn’t need to be magnificent, it doesn’t need to be romantic, just this kind of simplicity is already satisfying.


How is he so good? How about writing such beautiful melodies and delicate lyrics?


It seemed that she had a heart-to-heart. When Murphy turned her head and looked at this excellent man who fascinated her, Yang Yi also happened to be feeling the hard-won happiness.


Love is like water, and it comes naturally.


Yang Yi had no rehearsal, so he lowered his head and gently licked Murphy’s soft red lips.


“Hey…” Murphy let out a lazy snort, stretched out her hands involuntarily, gently grabbed Yang Yi’s head, and stuck her fingers in Yang Yi’s hair, as if worried that she would be weak. Fall like.


How long has it been since the two of you were so affectionate?


How many months? Nearly half a year?


In order not to tease Yang Yi, who has endured very hard, Yang Yi also doesn’t want to hurt Murphy, who is pregnant with Xiao Jiao. They really haven’t had such close contact for a long time.


Even the occasional kiss is just a touch of the forehead, or just a little bit of water on the lips…


At this moment the two people who had been holding back for a long time, under the emotion, came a long and deep French wet kiss, and finally Murphy was out of breath before looking at each other and smiling, the lips parted .


“I’m sorry, I almost had to **** the food with Jiaojiao.” Yang Yi smiled softly, retracting his left hand from Murphy’s open front.


“It doesn’t matter if you grab it or not! Anyway, he won’t be able to finish it.” Murphy pursed his lips, which were a little red from the kiss, and smiled.


“Don’t, I’m afraid I won’t be able to remember myself!” Yang Yi joked deliberately in a strange Cantonese-style Mandarin accent.


Murphy chuckled, but, for some unknown reason, her face flushed, her eyes rolled, with a trace of seductive current, she bit her lower lip and said softly, “You love me , I know, but people say that after giving birth, it will take six weeks, we are now two months!”


“You mean?” Yang Yi’s eyes lit up, grabbed Murphy’s hands, and asked with a smile.


“What? What did I say? What are you thinking? Didn’t you watch the Spring Festival Gala?”


“How can you look good on the Spring Festival Gala?” Yang Yi turned off the TV with a snap, grabbed his collar and stretched out his arms and twisted his shirt, revealing his strong chest and abdominal muscles.


This made Murphy blushed, and she couldn’t help but said, “Are you going to be in the living room?”


“Then let’s go upstairs!” Yang Yi directly hugged a princess Murphy and rushed upstairs.


“What’s wrong!”


“I know, I’ll settle you first, then hug him…”


New Year’s Eve, people all over the country are waiting for the countdown, but in the bedroom of these two guys…


It was being turned over by red waves, the mandarin ducks crossed their necks, and there was a poem saying: “The monkeys on both sides of the strait can’t cry, and the heavy artillery has passed ten thousand mountains…”


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