House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 667: The Curious Chaptery’s Help (2/4)



To write Spring Festival couplets, you must paste the Spring Festival couplets. Yang Yi kept this stack of Spring Festival couplets for one night, and the next morning, taking advantage of the warm sunshine outside, he was going to start posting the Spring Festival couplets at the gate of the villa with curious baby Xixi.


Before that, of course, paste it.


“Look at Dad, dip in the paste like this, and brush around it.” Yang Yi instructed her daughter, and then handed the small brush to Xixi, “Come and take the other couplet, and Henglian is also brushed with paste, be careful not to brush too much or too little…”


Xixi has long wanted to help her father, although in her mind, these jobs are not all exhaustion, but try new things and help her father at will.


I saw the little girl standing on the small stool, supporting the table with her left hand, and sticking out her right hand holding the small brush, fortunately, Yang Yi found her negligence and quickly came over to pull the paste for Xixi up close.


“Hey, it’s so strange!” Xixi saw the paste for the first time, and this sticky feeling made Xixi feel a little bad.


“It doesn’t matter, brush this paste on, and after it dries, the couplet sticks firmly to the wall.” Yang Yi said.


Xixi brushed for a while. After all, she is small and weak. After brushing the entire couplet, she had to turn around, but accidentally, the left hand she supported pressed on the paste she brushed just now. .


“Oops, Oops!” Xixi saw that her little hands were sticky like the soup that had touched the porridge. They were clenched and loosened. She felt so uncomfortable. She had to look at her father pitifully and asked for help. , “Baba, what should I do? A lot of paste.”


Actually, it’s okay to get a little paste, just wash it off afterward, but Xixi’s reaction is a little big, so Yang Yi has to take her to wash her hands. Become red and tender.


Still clean and comfortable!


Although she doesn’t like paste very much, Xixi’s work attitude is not ambiguous. She continued to help her father with the Spring Festival couplets, and finally finished.


Yang Yi took Xixi to the gate of the villa to paste the Spring Festival couplets: “Paste the upper couplet on the right and the lower couplet on the left. Dad told you yesterday which is the upper couplet, do you remember?”


“Hee hee, I know that there are steamed buns and **** wang **** characters are the first couplet.” Xixi followed behind her father and said with a jolt, she remembered that when her father said it, he even made such a little joke , and because of this, Xixi remembers it very clearly.


Baozi wagged his tail, ran beside everyone, and came out to let the wind out. He was the happiest one. However, when he heard the little master calling his name and his barking voice, he was smart The yellow dog slowed down and turned his head suspiciously to look over.


But no one explained it to him.


Yang Yi carefully placed the other Spring Festival couplets with the front side down and the paste-stained back side up, and placed them on the low fence, then picked up the “Xiju Baodi Millennium Prosperity” and pasted it on the First, that is, the direction of the right hand.


“Help Dad hold down the Spring Festival couplets, and let’s align them with the four corners so that they can be attached vertically.” Yang Yi directed Xixi to help.


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“Okay!” The little girl happily ran up and helped Dad hold down the bottom two corners, so that even if the little man was not tall, he could make the best use of it.


Xixi still doesn’t like paste, so she carefully pressed the red paper with her fingers, not daring to press it with her whole hand, for fear that the squeezed paste would get on her hands again.


After pasting the couplet at the gate of the courtyard, Yang Yi and Xixi moved to the gate of the villa. At this time, Murphy left Xiaojiao on a small rocking bed that he could see, also holding a camera, and walked to the door.


“Xixi, and Dad, look at the camera and smile!” Murphy wanted to take pictures of Yang Yi and her daughter.


“Hee hee!” The little girl turned her head while helping to press the Spring Festival couplet, her bright eyes favored.


Although she was wearing winter clothes, the little girl was full of vigor and spirit. Her cheeks were reddish by the red paper of the Spring Festival couplets and the bright sunshine. It seemed that the spring breeze was blowing and the flowers were blooming for ten miles. /


“Crack!” Murphy seized the scene and froze.


When Murphy took a few pictures and came back contented, the little girl who was lying in the shaker began to babble, wondering if she felt a little bored.


“You also want to play with your sister, don’t you? You also want to help Dad with his work and take pictures with Mom, right?” Murphy smiled, holding Xiaojiao’s armpit with both hands , took him out of the small shaker, held him upright in front of him, and talked to him face to face.


As if this was a fair conversation, Xiaojiao looked at her mother for a while, and finally opened her mouth and laughed, “ah, ah”, I don’t know why she is so happy!



New Year’s Eve is busy and fulfilling. After making all the preparations, Yang Yi took out a bunch of red firecrackers and hung it on the tree in the yard in the evening.


“Baba, let’s not set off firecrackers, okay? I’m afraid…” After Xixi saw the firecrackers, she remembered the thoughts that she was worried that her father would be blown up when her father went to set off firecrackers at her grandfather’s house last year. The firecrackers were so big this time, and she was even more afraid, so she grabbed her father’s clothes and pleaded bitterly.


Yang Yi turned around in surprise and saw her daughter’s tearful eyes, as if she would cry if she didn’t give up the idea of ​​setting off firecrackers.


Yang Yi couldn’t help but feel happy, smiled and touched Xixi’s little head, and said, “Little fool, what do you think Dad is holding? Are these real firecrackers?”


Yang Yi pulled Xixi’s little hand over and let her touch the big red firecracker, the hard plastic texture was immediately felt by the little girl.


“This is fake, it’s just a model. After we plug it in and turn on the switch, it will make a crackling sound of firecrackers, but it’s not a real firecracker.” Yang Yi explained to Xixi.


“Won’t it explode?” the little girl asked suspiciously.


“Of course not, it’s just the sound of firecrackers, and we have such a New Year’s Eve


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Dad’s Literary Life 00 Novels Please remind netizens: Please pay attention to the rest of your eyes when reading for a long time. 00 Recommended reading of the novel: The years when I was a commander of Jin Jin


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An atmosphere is called Chinese New Year, right? “Yang Yi said with a smile.


It’s not that firecrackers and fireworks are prohibited in Jiangcheng. The main reason why Yang Yi didn’t buy real firecrackers is because after the firecrackers are set off, there will be a strong smell of gunpowder. Used fake firecrackers.


Xixi finally felt relieved. After she got out of her father’s arms, she not only burst into laughter, but also curiously circled around the fake firecracker, asking her father to show how the firecracker made the sound.


Yang Yi plugged in the electricity from the socket that was pulled out. The big red firecrackers hanging on the tree flashed red light and made a “crackling” sound of firecrackers exploding.


In the beginning, the sudden red light and sound frightened Xixi, the little girl hurriedly hid behind her father, looking for her most trusted shield, but soon, she found that the light was moving, Without any threat, the little girl dared to stick out her little head again.


It turns out that it really won’t explode!


However, under the gradually falling night, this flickering fake firecracker is also very beautiful!


Xi Xi blinked her big took her father’s hand and let her get closer to take a closer look.


At this time, a dark figure appeared in the yard. As he got closer, he could see the yellow hair of Baozi under the light of the yard.


“Wang, wang!” Baozi seemed to be frightened by the sound of the firecrackers, barking his teeth at the firecrackers.


“Baozi, don’t bark!” Yang Yi scolded, he was worried that Baozi would scare the child.


“Giggle, Baozi thought it was also a real firecracker!” Xixi smiled and bent down, hugged Baozi’s neck, and soothed, “Baozi, don’t be afraid, this is a fake firecracker that Baba bought, it’s not real.”


It turns out that Steamed Bun is just a coward. He was barking at firecrackers just now by Yang Yi’s side, but he was very scared.


No, when Xixi was holding it, the guy turned his head, drilled into Xixi’s arms, and whispered “woohoo”, as if he was aggrieved.


Yang Yi inexplicably thought of a sentence: “Who is not a baby yet?”


On the contrary, the little guy in the house was much more daring. Although the sound of firecrackers in the house was separated by the door, the sound was not so loud, but the little guy didn’t seem to be afraid at all.


You know, other kids are afraid of firecrackers!


But Xiaojiao still calmly drinks milk in his mother’s arms and enjoys his New Year’s Eve dinner.


The firecrackers rang for a while, and Yang Yi also unplugged the electricity to prevent it from disturbing the people. Of course, the big red firecrackers are still on the tree, and they can be used again in the early morning and tomorrow.


“Happy New Year!” Although it’s just a New Year’s Eve dinner for a family of four, there is a father, mother, and a younger brother who is nibbling his fingers on the side, and himself who has helped him all day. Laughing happily, followed by Mom and Dad, they lifted up the small cups filled with soda and blessed each other.


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