House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 661: Little lazy pig Xixi



The Spring Festival is approaching step by step, and the coffee shop on the corner is also closed for the holiday. Ding Xiang and two newly recruited part-time students have gone home for the New Year.


Originally, Yang Yi also planned to return to his hometown with his family a week or two in advance. However, because Yang Huan is still filming in the Jiangnan Military Region, it is not easy to leave her alone in Jiangcheng, so this plan can only be voided.


Xiuqin doesn’t have many scenes, but the crew will not adjust the time for Yang Huan, and the scenes are shot scene by scene. It is estimated that she will have to shoot until the 28th and 29th of the lunar calendar.


Of course, when Yang Huan goes home later, Yang Yi also has other considerations.


Xiao Jiajia had diarrhea and fever a few days ago because of infection with rotavirus. Although the little guy was given some oral rehydration solution according to the doctor’s instructions, he also asked Murphy to continue breastfeeding him. His condition gradually improved. The guy is still very weak, and Yang Yi wants to wait for Xiao Jiajia to recover before taking him back to his hometown.


Long-distance travel and rural environment, Xiaojiao needs a healthy body to cope with these changes.


This morning, Yang Yi got up and ran to the market to buy vegetables. At the gate, the guard stopped him: “Mr. Yang, there is a letter from your family.”


Yang Yi took it over. The envelope had an English address on it. Yang Yi had already guessed that it was sent by the David family. However, looking at the signature, it was actually Lu Weisha! Looking at the recipient again, it really wasn’t me, it was Xixi!


Lu Weisha went to Australia for a trip, Yang Yi heard Xixi say it, but what he didn’t expect was that these two little girls still communicated in such an ancient way!


It was fun!


Yang Yi did not open her daughter’s letter, but put it in her pocket and continued to run to the market.


“Xiao Yang is here?” Those aunts, uncles or elder brothers and elder sisters who sell vegetables are very familiar with Yang Yi.


Originally, it was unusual for Yang Yi to have a man get up early in the morning to buy vegetables. Later, he found out that he was also a star, which naturally made Yang Yi a star in this vegetable market.


No, everyone greeted him with a smile when they saw him coming.


“Xiao Yang, do you want pig tails? I killed more than a dozen pigs today, and I brought them back. You came early, pick a few and cook them for your children!” Big brother Ruan, a pork seller He also greeted Yang Yi warmly, “Children like to eat pig tails the most, and they will never get tired of eating them!”


This pork stall sells local pigs from the countryside. The pork is very fresh, the meat is tight and elastic, the fat is white, and the meat is red and shiny. It is much better than other stalls, and of course, better than other stalls. Pork at the stall is expensive.


Yang Yi picked up a pig’s tail with interest and looked at it. It was short, but the leather was fine and the white was red. Obviously, it tasted good when cooked.


This can be used to make soup! Yang Yi remembered a delicious dish.


“Brother Ruan, please help me cut off this fat part!” Yang Yi gestured at the large piece of fat attached to the back of the pig’s tail and said.


“Hey, Xiao Yang, how can you do this kind of business?” Brother Ruan laughed.


Yang Yi ignored him, but picked three pigtails, threw them on his weighing pan, smiled slightly, and said, “Old rule, you count the money after you weigh it, and then cut it off, cut it off. , you can deal with it however you want, okay?”


Yang Yi doesn’t care about the money, he just wants the valuable part.


“Okay! Xiao Yang, you are still brave enough!” Brother Ruan raised his thick thumb and slammed the pig’s tail onto the chopping board, cutting it for Yang Yi.



Winter blankets are warm and perfect for sleeping in! This is not only for adults, but also for children. You don’t have to get up early to go to kindergarten after the holiday, Xixi will be more difficult to wake up in the morning!


No, Yang Yi has started a new round of battle!


“Xixi, get up!”


Yang Yi’s soft call from the bedside had no effect. The little girl’s eyes were still closed, and she was sleeping soundly.


“Little lazy pig, get up quickly. Mom and brother are already up. Mom is still up early to practice singing. How can you still sleep late?”


Yang Yi changed his strategy, sat on the edge of the bed, and shook Xixi’s shoulder across the quilt.


This shaking shook the half-awake Xixi to the point of being unable to fall asleep. The little girl squinted her sleepy eyes, glanced at her father, and made a long noise from her nose, really like a little pig.


Don’t think this is a prelude to her getting up!


The little girl squinted for a while, and her eyelids drooped down again. If her father stopped calling her, Xixi would definitely continue to sleep again.


“Get up, or Dad will pick you up and wash your face with very icy water!” Yang Yi pinched the little girl’s nose at the right time, and the corners of his mouth evoked a smile.


“No!” Xixi was actually a little awake, but she was still in bed, so she reluctantly pouted, turned her head, and turned to the other side, the quilt was also pulled away by her, It did show some back.


She curled up like a bug, wrapped in a quilt, covering her head, as if she didn’t want to get up no matter what her father made her.


Fortunately, Yang Yi has a trump card today!


“Dad tell you, I received a letter from Lu Weisha today!” Yang Yi pressed the little girl’s quilt and body, covering her mouth with the quilt, and told the little girl wrapped in it stand up.


“Ah? What did Lu Weisha send me?” Xixi finally couldn’t stay in bed anymore. Her little head got out of the quilt, revealing a pair of big boys who were not fully opened, but were already full of energy. Eye.


“I sent you a letter!” Yang Yi pointed at his daughter, shook the letter in his hand, and laughed.


“What is the letter?” Xixi was a little confused, this “old is too unfamiliar to a little girl.


“A letter is just like a phone call! But it is what you want to say to someone, written on a piece of paper, and then sent through the post office, and when she arrives in the other person’s city, she can see the content inside, just I know what you want to say to her!” Yang Yi smiled, “Do you want to know what Lu Weisha said to you in the letter?”


“Hmm!” The little girl nodded vigorously, her big eyes full of hope.


“Then get up quickly, wash your face and brush your teeth, then you can take it apart with your own hands and see what Lu Weisha wrote in it.” Yang Yi said softly.


After several months of bedtime reading, Xixi has learned the meaning of some square words!


Of course, Xixi can’t read books independently, Yang Yi will read letters with her and help her read the words she doesn’t understand.


Xixi is no longer sleepy, the little girl who is full of anticipation struggles to get up, but… Dad is still pressing on her with the quilt!


“Baba, you are so heavy! I can’t even get up!” Xixi giggled in the bedroom.


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