House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 660: Her voice is sweet (three/four)


Yang Yi and Xixi took the high-speed train home the next morning, because they had to invite Luo Xin and Deputy Director Cui to dinner that night, and things went smoothly. Cui Zhilin would help lobby, I believe it would be beneficial As a supplement, there is no particular problem with “Extreme Challenge” winning this period.

And the rest is left to Yun Yangfeng to follow up, Yang Yi rushed home to take care of his wife and children!

However, this is a bit of a twist.

The night when Yang Yi returned home, he was sitting in the living room, watching “Soldier Assault” with Yang Chonggui. The old man was very interested in this TV series. Suddenly, Mo Xiaojuan sent several reports and an interview. video to him.

Inconvenient for Yang Yi to disturb Yang Chonggui about these work matters, he took his mobile phone to the side hall to see.

It was Xingyao Productions who suddenly went into trouble. They complained to the media that Zhongxing Productions was suspected of exploiting the control of the law, and made a program of the same type as their “High Energy Challenge”. The name of the program was exposed, and it was called “Extreme Challenge”!

This similar name put together is a strong case for their argument!

And some other lace media did not know where to dig out the behind-the-scenes production of Zhongxing Yang Yi. This program was made after Yang Yi sold “High Energy Challenge”.

Obviously, this is Xingyao Production, under the guise of the gossip media, to throw dirty water on Yang Yi. They cannot directly accuse Yang Yi, because they will be slandered and slandered by Yang Yi!

However, these revelations and harassment have suddenly become a hot topic of discussion in the news media and social networks.

Yang Yi actually doesn’t do original work and plagiarism?

Although the media who broke the news did not directly say so, they expressed this concept throughout their texts.

The name “Extreme Challenge” is so similar to “High Energy Challenge”, and “High Energy Challenge” is very famous, it seems obvious who copied who.

The interview video is a clip of Li Manman’s interview with the media when she attended the event.

“The program copyright will be dealt with by the production company, but I don’t know much about it.” Li Manman in the video is generous, and she also speaks diplomatic rhetoric. position.

“But “High Energy Challenge” is indeed a very good show. I will meet you on Shonan TV at 8 o’clock this Saturday night. I will also appear in front of you as a star host. I hope everyone will come and watch!” Li Manman smiled and said, “It’s normal for a good-looking show to be imitated by others, but I feel a little regretful. After all, people are not omnipotent. Yang Yi is a very good songwriter. His achievements in music make I admire, I have asked him for songs before! Unfortunately, he does not want to develop well in music, make more classic works, half-hearted, busy writing books for a while, busy doing this and that, It’s obviously impossible to be distracted and want to make corresponding achievements on variety shows!”

Although Li Manman’s voice was very gentle and calm when answering reporters’ questions, Yang Yi always found it harsh.

“Who is this person?” Yang Yi frowned and asked Murphy, who heard the woman’s voice and came over to find out, “She said she asked me for a song? Why don’t I remember?”

This is also due to Yang Yi’s indifference to the entertainment industry. Li Manman is also a top star among the first-line stars. Yang Yi actually regards her as a small person and has long forgotten it.

Murphy couldn’t help laughing and said, “You forgot? I said that someone wanted your contact information and wanted to invite you to a song. Email her…”

“Oh, I remembered, she was on the show “Music Hurry Up” with you, right?” When Murphy said this, Yang Yi found the corresponding memory and smiled, “At that time I asked her to send me her song, but it was really ugly, the voice was sweet, but there was no matching singing skills.”

Murphy heard Yang Yi say that Li Manman’s voice was very sweet, her mouth was slightly deflated, and she said with some taste: “Well, but, don’t provoke her! This woman is full of scandals, I think it is very problematic, not a good woman. !”

She didn’t think anything before, because Mu Ziang was still Mu Ziang. Now Mu Ziang is Yang Yi, her husband. Of course, Murphy must beware of those coquettish goods.

Yang Yi was stunned when he heard what Murphy said, then he smiled and pinched Murphy’s face and said affectionately: “Little vinegar jar, I don’t know her, how could I provoke her? Besides, Our heart, Tian Kezhao and Xue Kejian, are on you and the child, and no one can take it away.”

Murphy’s heart was sweet, but he still said stubbornly: “Who said I was jealous? I was afraid that you would suffer.”

Xingyao’s production seems to be getting better, and it suddenly shook when Yun Yangfeng was negotiating with Modu TV, as if someone was tipping them off.

However, this time is really a coincidence. Xingyao Production chose this time to hype the news. Of course, it was also to promote the upcoming “High Energy Challenge”. There was a lot of commotion. The people who came to have a scolding battle, the more lively it is, the better it is for them!

However, to everyone’s surprise, the people of Zhongxing Production did not respond. Even the reporter found Mo Xiaojuan and Feiyisuosi Studio, and no one commented on this matter.

This is weird!

Xingyao Production was in trouble for a while, and they were too embarrassed to come off the stage, as if they made up an imaginary enemy by themselves, and then sang a one-man show by themselves.

The Chinese star production, who was critical of them, hummed “I’ll turn a blind eye to the performance that should cooperate with you”, calmly doing what to do. This mysterious gesture made Hu Sheng, Li Manman, Luo Jinting and others feel a little uneasy in their hearts.

As if a rainstorm is about to come, the world is covered by dark clouds, and the dull atmosphere is brewing an explosion that can split the world!

They guessed right, Zhongxing Productions is waiting for an opportunity to explode.

In addition to Yun Yangfeng’s dealings with the people in the Magic Capital TV station, Yan Tao and Ren Min were not idle either. They discussed with their subordinates for a long time, and finally came up with a list of star host candidates for Yang Yi.

“Xie Yuchen, Ma Jianwei, Sun Zhenyue, Shan Hongkui, Yuan Yan… Who are these people?” Yang Yi asked.

Yan Tao and Ren Min both looked at Yang Yi strangely, they were also depressed, these are celebrities in the entertainment industry! People who often watch TV and movies know that Yang Yi still asks who they are…

Of course, they couldn’t reveal the boss’s scar, so they explained it to Yang Yi helplessly.

“Xie Yuchen is an actor and a well-known TV drama actor. He has acted in “The Capital” directed by Chen Fengchen and last year’s “The Palace of Great Chu”, as well as other popular TV dramas.”

“Like Xie Yuchen, Ma Jianwei has acted in many TV dramas. Relatively speaking, Ma Jianwei has acted in more TV dramas, because he does not pick leading or supporting roles very much, so Xie Yuchen only plays the leading role.”

“Sun Zhenyue is a movie actor, he has won the Best Actor Award, and he has filmed…”

“Shan Hongkui is also an actor, but compared to Mr. Sun, his roles are more down-to-earth. Because of his average appearance, he can’t play those roles that require more image. The small roles have left a deep impression on the Yuan Yan is a teacher at the Magic Capital Academy of Drama, but he will also participate in some TV dramas and some variety shows himself. He has high EQ and IQ. Industry insiders agree.”

When talking about Yuan Yan, Ren Min couldn’t help but add: “He is a bit like Yang Yi, he is very good at cooking, and he is famous as a good man who loves his wife and children.”

Why are these people a bit like the hosts of Yang Yi’s previous life “Extreme Challenge”?

Because of these, Yan Tao and Ren Min followed the template given by Yang Yi and filled it in by themselves, and finally selected them from so many artists!

Yang Yi pondered for a long time, and said, “Yuan Yan definitely wants it. As for the other people, I’m not familiar with them, and I can’t choose them. In this way, you can sort these people according to their emotional intelligence. If the filming is good, you have to invite some people who are articulate and good at handling complex interpersonal relationships and emergencies to control the scene, so you can start with high emotional intelligence and invite people one by one.”

In the end, Yang Yi shook his head with a wry smile: “Now our show is not well-known, these are big-name stars, and they may not be willing to come if they give money, so just try it!”


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