House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 654: What is a turtle son? (1/4)


Like Yang Yi and his wife, there are not a few viewers waiting to watch the “Soldier Assault”, the new year’s big drama, many of Yang Yi’s book fans, and many loyal viewers of CCTV TV series, and some are even discussed by relatives and friends To attract the audience are sitting in front of the TV.

Of course, there are exceptions, such as Chu Qin, he is an ordinary bus driver, after a busy day, when he comes home, the only thought is to make a cup of hot tea, soak his feet, and then watch a football match.

The eight-year-old son was trained by him, and he also developed a strong interest in football. No, when Chu Qin was watching TV, this kid also ran over excitedly and squeezed beside his father to watch it together.

“Have you finished your homework?” Chu Qin asked.

“Finished!” The boy replied without taking his eyes off the table.

However, today’s AFC Champions League game started early. When Chu Qin turned on the TV, it was already halfway through the second half. After a while, the game was over.

“No, go read a book!” Chu Qin patted his son’s head and laughed.

“Look again!” The little guy didn’t give up. He didn’t know if he couldn’t watch it, or if he wanted to avoid studying.

Chu Qin was drinking tea leisurely, watching his son pressing the remote control. He knew that there was no other game. Today, all leagues must make way for the AFC game, while the European side, the domestic one There is a live game, and it will not start until two hours later.

However, the little guy pressed the remote control and unknowingly came to the central station. A piece of music that seemed to be reciting caught his attention, and his finger stopped when he pressed the next station.

What is this? Chu Qin couldn’t help but glanced at him, but he couldn’t take his eyes away.

The music of “Conquering Paradise”, coupled with the title of “Soldier Assault”, has a different kind of magic, making people feel the uncontrollable enthusiasm in the dull, making people experience the life and death in the surging emotions. Tragic. (Note 1)

Especially at the beginning of the film, a group of warriors are charging forward in the rain, holding steel guns screaming, and the music is also low-pitched whine, as if there is an urge to stand up and pay tribute to them!

With the high-pitched background music, strange human voices chanting, with strong drums and louder and louder trumpets, the soldiers crawled forward in barbed wire mud pits, ran through dense jungles, and carried logs. Running, those desperate expressions are awe-inspiring.

What movie is this?

Chu Qin, like many passers-by viewers across the country who accidentally clicked on this channel, was curious.

The little guy was afraid that his father would scold him. After watching it for a while, he came to his senses and hurriedly continued to switch channels to find a football match.

“Don’t, press back to the station just now!” Chu Qin watched it with relish, but it disappeared in a flash, and he hurriedly asked his son to change it back, “There is no football game, just watch this!”

The little guy secretly glanced at his father’s expression, and saw that he didn’t mean to tell him to read a book, so he leaned back in peace, just like his father, with Erlang’s legs cocked up, looking up television.

“Soldiers Assault”? What kind of movie is this?” After the title, Chu Qin knew what TV series he was watching, and it was still the first episode!

His son heard this, his eyes lit up, and said, “Dad, I know, this is a book written by Yang Yi. I told me at the same table that I like the story book written by Yang Yi. !”

“Are you reading storybooks at school?” Chu Qin looked over with a dangerous signal in his eyes.

Only then did the little guy realize that he accidentally missed his mouth, and he was dumbfounded and didn’t know how to respond.

The father and son quarreled while watching the TV series, and they watched it with relish.

However, unlike them, many viewers watch “Soldier Assault” because they want to see whether the story shot by Chen Fengchen is the same as the original work they have read, and whether it is just as exciting!

For example, Mu Yucheng, who is far away in Yangcheng, as a die-hard fan of pigeon king Yang Yi, how could Mu Yucheng miss it when Yang Yi’s works were put on TV?

“After Yang Yida gave birth to a fat son, he didn’t publish a new book for half a year. He could only read his old works to relieve his boredom.” Mu Yucheng watched TV with a long sigh.

In the TV series “Soldier Assault”, the plot development is similar to the original in Mu Yucheng’s memory. Mu Yucheng is more concerned about the acting skills of the actors, such as Xu Sanduo’s actor Geng Sha!

“It is said that Xu Sanduo was played by a rookie actor. This Geng Sha used to play tricks, and it was considered a counter-attack!” Mu Yucheng looked at the title and muttered to himself, “I don’t know how well he played! By the way, Who made this title? It’s so awesome? It made my blood boil at night?”

However, after the start of the TV series, the camera shot to Geng Sha, Mu Yucheng saw Geng Sha’s low stature and simple and honest face, and faintly felt that this kid is not bad!

The plot moved forward rapidly. In just over six minutes, Mu Yucheng saw the scene of “Xu Sanduo” dressed in camouflage building a plank on the broken viaduct.

“Fuck you, fool, don’t take any chances! You’re practicing, you’re going to fall!” Mu Yucheng couldn’t help but scream.

Although he knew that Xu Sanduo didn’t die in the end, Mu Yucheng couldn’t help but sweat for the actor Geng Sha.

Unconsciously, Mu Yucheng has been integrated into this story, as if Xu Sanduo is Geng Sha, and Geng Sha is not playing Xu Sanduo, he is just like Xu Sanduo!

I can’t tell if it was Geng Sha who acted well, or Chen Fengchen, the old fritters, who filmed well. Every scene and every editing has just the right effect!

“Damn it!” Mu Yucheng couldn’t help but burst into tears when he saw Geng Sha’s bleeding face drooping to one side, he wiped a handful of tears and scolded, “Do you think that I don’t know, can’t you die? You guy, your life is the same as Xiaoqiang!”

It’s because I was moved…

The scene goes back to when Xu Sanduo was a child, and the story progresses very quickly. In a few scenes, it transitioned from when Xu Sanduo was bullied to when Xu Sanduo grew up. Of course, during the period, the two brothers went to apply for the story of being brushed. All presented to the audience in a witty narrative style.

These scenes are still very funny, but in the laugh, the family’s family, the poor, helpless, rude father, and the three useless sons, make people feel an inexplicable sadness.

“The filming is really good! Let me think to myself, I can’t imagine it’s so bitter…” Mu Yucheng watched silently, filled with emotion.

Originally, he also wanted to see how the actor of Xu Sanduo was doing, so he almost turned off the TV and went to play games, but after seeing this, Mu Yucheng couldn’t stop.

Back to the bus driver Chu Qin’s house, Chu Qin watched the scenes of Squad Leader Shi’s visit to the village, the simple and cunning peasants, and the gray and khaki environment. Looking at people’s old-fashioned clothes, I couldn’t help but fall into contemplation.

He is also a farmer’s child, and this scene reminds him of his past.

Chu Qin is only a low-level person in the city now. However, compared to the hardships of his childhood, he is now at least clean and tidy, and he lives a life with good clothes and good food to eat.

If my bear son, like Xu Sanduo, was born in a rural area and doesn’t understand anything stupid, let alone play football, would he let him join the army?

“Dad!” the bear son in his mind was calling him.

“What?” Chu Qin returned to his senses.

“Why does Xu Sanduo’s father kick Xu Sanduo? Dad, you won’t even use your feet to hit!” the little guy asked.

Chu Qin was happy and asked, “Do you want me to kick you?”

“No, I’m not a ball!” the little guy shouted.

People watch TV series to watch the plot, this guy, watching TV series is to watch the fun!

Chu Qin smiled, and then read on, he was already attracted by the plot. At first, it was Xu Sanduo so tragically covering his teammates in crisis in the war, and now he is telling the story of Xu Sanduo before he joined the army.

Chu Qin would like to know how this short, unadulterated, and stupid boy later became a soldier.

But at this time, his son asked again: “Dad!”


“What do you mean by turtle son?”



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