House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 649: When the winter is getting warmer



After Xixi and her friends performed “The Song of the Pig”, the parents and audience present applauded the children. Although they did not stingy their own applause for each show, everyone’s approval , or let the children’s original nervous expressions relax a little, and they burst into bright smiles.


Yang Yi went to the backstage to pick up her daughter, Xixi’s excitement has not yet passed, she is not afraid of the cold after taking off her costume, and pestering her father to talk, if Yang Yi hadn’t held her and let her dress well Down jackets, little girls may catch a cold unknowingly.


After getting dressed, Yang Yi touched Xixi’s back to see if there was any sweat on the back. There was indeed some sweat. But Yang Yi forgot to heat his hand, but it was cold and cold, so he stretched it in, and the little guy screamed “ah” and “ah”.


“Dad’s fault, Dad’s wrong!” Yang Yi apologized to her daughter embarrassedly, and after rubbing for a while, she picked up Xixi’s small towel and wiped her sweat, otherwise she might catch a cold.


The temperature in the room was neither too high nor too low, but the little girl was still sweating, showing how serious she was.


But Xixi didn’t feel tired at all. She was still enthusiastic. Although she was frozen for a while, she couldn’t stop her desire to speak: “Baba, I tell you, I jumped in one place wrong. .”


When Xixi was talking to her father, she was still clutching a small plastic flower given by her teacher.


“It doesn’t matter if you jump wrong, your performance today is already very good, who would notice that you jumped wrong?” Yang Yi realized that it was a bit inappropriate to say this, and could not teach her daughter to ignore her own problems, so she Added, “You just need to remember where you went wrong and fix it later!”


“Hmm! No, no.” The little girl agreed sweetly at first, but soon she discovered the loophole in her father’s words and giggled, “No, it’s over, the performance is over, I won’t jump.”


“Who said that? You didn’t show your aunt the show. Maybe when we go home during the Spring Festival, you want to show it to your aunt again?” Yang Yi laughed.


“Then I’ll look better before I show it to my aunt!” The little girl tried her best again and said to her father seriously.


Yang Yi was stunned for a moment, and then realized that it was his daughter’s inadvertent language disorder. However, there seemed to be nothing wrong with him. He looked at the energetic little girl, and the corners of his mouth twitched.



The performance of “Song of Pigs” was very successful, at least many parents who had no time to rehearse with their children before and watched the show for the first time for their children were full of praise after watching it.


After the party, they also found Yang Yi, hoping to get a copy of the audio, and it would be even better if there was a video recorded from the show! They also want to leave a growing memory for their children!


Of course, in fact, it can be said more thoroughly. After all, Yang Yi is also a big star. If his children can sing the music created by Yang Yi with his children, in the future, they can also have a family and friends to brag about. Capital! This is human nature, nothing wrong.


Yang Yi simply agreed to upload this audio and program video on several music websites in the name of Feiyi’s studio, and set it to download and browse for free, that is, this song, Yang Yi directly Open it up, free for these kids and their parents, except for commercial use, of course.


However, Yang Yi seems to have underestimated his influence!



New Year’s Day is a holiday, and Xixi doesn’t have to go to kindergarten. Taking advantage of the good weather today, the sun was shining brightly, and the temperature during the day was much warmer. Yang Yi took Murphy and the children back to the small building of the coffee shop to stroll, stroll, and change the environment and air.


Seeing Yang Yi’s sudden appearance, Ding Xiang, who was walking back to the bar with a plastic tray, panicked.


“Where’s Huanhuan?” Yang Yi asked while holding the door for Murphy, who was pushing the recumbent stroller.


Ding Xiang, who is not good at lying, realized that something was wrong. In a panic, she almost accidentally dropped the plastic tray on the ground. Big brother, Huanhuan her…she’s upstairs.”


Actually, Ding Xiang was annoyed when he said this.


What is this lie? So badly sprinkled? If Yang Yi went upstairs to take a look, wouldn’t it be all revealed?


“Really upstairs?” Yang Yi asked meaningfully.


Ding Xiang can’t lie, it’s not stupid. When Yang Yi said this, she immediately understood, so she looked at Yang Yi cautiously and asked in a low voice, “Brother Yang, you all know?”


Yang Yi shook his brows proudly, pointed his finger at Ding Xiang, and did not answer directly, but said, “Don’t let me know!”


How could Ding Xiang not understand what Yang Yi meant, she smiled bitterly, it was very difficult to help keep a secret, and she had to be a double agent? This is too hard for an honest Xiang girl.


At this moment, Xixi was listening to them playing dumb riddles. She was so confused that she couldn’t help asking: “Baba, what are you talking about? Where is the little aunt?”


Murphy next to him smiled, she patted her daughter gently on the shoulder, and said, “Your little aunt went to film.”


“Auntie went to film? Mama, I want to go see it!” Xixi said happily.


“Not this time, because the place where your little aunt is filming is very messy and dangerous. Next time, if it’s not dangerous, Dad will take you there.” Xixi, who was very interested, made her give up the idea of ​​going to the “battlefield” with gunpowder smoke to watch the filming.


Yang Yi didn’t embarrass Ding Xiang anymore, but took out an album and handed it to Ding Xiang, letting her put it on the shelf.


“Happiness?” Ding Xiang read the words on the cover of the unopened album, and then said in surprise, “Chen Yijie’s “Happiness” album? Isn’t this album released today?”


Ding Xiang knew this because Guo Ziyi said it when he was chatting with her.


Of course, Ding Xiang also quickly understood how stupid she was with this question. She still knew about the relationship between Yang Yi and Chen Yijie.


Yang Yi explained it to her: “Well, there are two songs in this album, which I wrote to him, so he sent me a few sample discs, and I took a copy and put it in the store, you You can also put it on, the songs sung by Chen Yijie are worth enjoying slowly.”


Yang Yi got this album half a month ago, and only brought it to Ding Xiang after the album was released, which is also a manifestation of respect for copyright.


Ding Xiang nodded and opened the record to play.


However, Yang Yi didn’t stay in the store to listen to music. He was going to do some restorative exercises with Murphy today.


So I saw Yang Yi put down their things in the coffee shop, took Murphy and Xixi, pushed the baby stroller, and carried Xiaojiao out again, until the sun was shining and there were a lot of greenery walk along the dam side trail.


Murphy can’t do strenuous exercise yet, and even running needs to wait for a while before the body adapts to a certain intensity of exercise.


At this stage, for Murphy, walking is the best, safest, and most effective postpartum recovery exercise!


What’s more, bathing in the warm sunshine of winter afternoon, breathing the fresh air outside, looking at the jumping, lively and lovely daughter in front of me, looking at Yang Yi who helped push the stroller by my side, Mo Fei feels in a great mood!


There is absolutely no sense of depression when I took care of the newly born Xixi by myself except for my parents!


Walking, suddenly, Xixi in front suddenly hummed a song: “La la la, where is the spring, where is the spring, where is the spring… Da Da Da’s eyes…” /


I wonder if I saw the slightly browned greenery exposed by the bushes in and the green needles of the evergreen pines and cypresses in front of me, the little girl actually remembered this song for a long time. For the songs I sang, of course, the lyrics are not memorized, and the lyrics are also mixed!


Listening to Xixi’s sweet singing, Murphy was in a better mood, and she couldn’t help humming along.


When Xixi heard it, she immediately turned her head and ran to her mother’s side happily, holding her mother’s hand and singing with her mother, so that Xixi could “remember” the lyrics!


It’s just a pity that Xiaojiao can’t sing.


However, when Xixi sang, she didn’t forget her brother, and from time to time she bent down and looked at Xiaojiao.


Living in the stroller and comfortably covered with a small quilt, Xiaojiao is looking at this bright world with his **** eyes curiously. From time to time, his sister’s head pops up. Xiaojiao and her sister When they looked at each other, they couldn’t help but open their little toothless mouth, showing a little tongue, and smiled happily.


Xixi also gave out a silver bell-like laughter with joy, and was always entertaining her brother over and over again, as if she was playing hide and seek.


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