House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 638: Following and being followed (3/4)


Yang Yi and Murphy haven’t appeared in the entertainment industry for a while. After the song was released in October, they never appeared in the public eye except for the announcement of Tongtong’s birth.

The auction of Zhongxing’s production is a major event in the industry. Mo Xiaojuan’s appearance at the auction will inevitably attract the attention of some people who are interested. Mo Xiaojuan used a leather bag company to take pictures of Zhongxing’s production in order to hide people’s eyes. , but some people still guessed the relationship with Yang Yi behind this.

But after all, the final ownership of Zhongxing production is only news that practitioners will pay attention to. The practitioners who guess the truth will not stab reporters. The media are even too lazy to ask the bottom line and scribble about a certain company. The auction won the Zhongxing production.

It’s like those viewers who like to watch Qipa Talk, they like to discuss the stars standing on the stage, but they never know and don’t care which company produced Qi Ba Talk.

This news also goes unnoticed!

However, Xingyao Production finally obtained the copyright of two variety shows. The news of “last laugh” still attracted the attention of some fans, and also shared most of the media attention for Yang Yi and the others.

Then again, although Yang Yi and Murphy did not appear in everyone’s field of vision, the entertainment industry still has their legends.

The reason is that people always like to compare Yang Yi and Murphy with Li Manman and Dou Zun.

In order to make her new album go platinum and become a recognized song queen, Li Manman also uses all kinds of hype methods to no avail!

Today, she and Dou Zun were photographed showing their affection at the airport. Tomorrow, the media reported that Dou Zun lost his temper because of Li Manman’s previous scandal with a certain male star. The day after tomorrow, Li Manman jumped out to refute the rumor and appeared in the camera hand in hand with Dou Zun. Showing a sweet gesture.

I have to say that Li Manman’s acting skills are good. She and Dou Zun acted their love like the real thing. The media shouts every day that these two guys are making candy again. The happy event is approaching, so hurry up and get married!

However, even if they got married in early December, the sales of Li Manman’s new album are still stagnant, and there is no sign of breaking the platinum album sales.

For this reason, Li Manman became ruthless. She asked Dou Zun to slap herself outside the TV station, which was photographed by the paparazzi.

This hot news has brought a little improvement in the sales of Li Manman’s new album, but this is not enough. There is still a big gap in the sales standard of 20 million platinum albums, and her new album is also close to After the new record protection period, unless she can continue to maintain her popularity, many video stores will remove her records or move them to inconspicuous locations.

Maintaining the heat comes at a price!

Li Manman’s repeated hype of her and Dou Zun’s “love” has made many fans of the CP very tired. They feel that worrying about whether they will break up all day long is a torment!

“I’m married, why don’t you live a good life? Like Yang Yi and Murphy, love is simple and pure, isn’t it?”

“”Dear, Miss You” still sounds pretty good, but why do I always feel that it is related to “Just Met You”, “You’re Marrying Me Today”, and “Want to Sing Me to You” “A little bit less meaningful?”

The media also often compare Li Manman and Dou Zun with Yang Yi and Murphy, not only comparing the degree of affection between the two parties, but also comparing the popularity and strength of the woman and the man, unless it is the agent behind Li Manman The company buys the media, otherwise, the media who are not blind will be able to tell the difference, and the gap is not a little bit.

To be honest, Li Manman is still annoyed when others say she is worse than Murphy in every way! Even the chosen man is bad! These reports will make her smash a lot of things in private.

On this day, Li Manman’s manager Yi Qi found Li Manman in the company. She saw that Li Manman was watching the microbroadcast. Don’t ask, she knew what Li Manman was watching.

Isn’t that what Zhuozi started to pick up on Li Manman’s details again? This time, he also listed many real hammers that “Li Manman and Dou Zun are at odds with each other”, which has caused a lot of disturbances.

“Manman, we don’t need to worry about him.” Yi Qi poured Li Manman a cup of hot water and said softly, “The company’s public relations department will come forward. As long as we insist on denying this matter, he has nothing to do with us!”

However, Li Manman raised her head, her charming eyes flashed a strange light without being pretentious, looking at Yi Qi for a while, she said, “Sister Yi, it’s better than this, let’s find that Zhuo Zai. , cooperate with him, give him more evidence, continue to expose, and finally expose the fact that Dou Zun and I are fake marriages? What do you think of this hype? Will the media and fans continue to maintain a high degree of attention to me ?”

“Are you crazy?” Yi Qi was taken aback and looked at Li Manman in surprise, but she said this in her heart and didn’t dare to complain about Li Manman face to face.

She has been able to be an agent by Li Manman’s side all the time because she is exquisite and can hold back her words.

But this is self-deprecating hype! If you don’t control it well, you will take yourself in!

“Manman, isn’t that bad?” Yi Qi asked cautiously.

“What’s wrong? I’m tired of it anyway. Lao Xu is a little bit concerned about pretending to be a couple with Dou Zun all day long.” Li Manman said hypocritically.

Lao Xu is Li Manman’s backer, “godfather”, and the big boss behind this agency. The reason why Li Manman can call the wind and call the rain in this company is also because she is close to Lao Xu.

But Yi Qi knew that Lao Xu wouldn’t mind at all, because it was fake and Dou Zun was still bent. Otherwise, how could Li Manman pretend to be husband and wife with him in the first place? As for Li Manman, he is just a high-level plaything for the other party. A big boss like Lao Xu has more than one lover.

Although Li Manman’s kung fu is good and he is favored, Yi Qi doesn’t think Lao Xu will have real feelings for Li Manman! If you want to move your true feelings, when the young Li Manman was in trouble earlier, Lao Xu would divorce his wife at home and marry Li Manman.

Li Manman probably knew this too, so she gave up the idea and turned around, just wanting to make a name for herself in the music scene.

But Yi Qi still cautiously persuaded Li Manman, who was already a little crazy, and said: “Manman, you should think twice about this self-exposing thing! Because this way, your personal life may collapse, fans They will react very strongly, even if the album sells platinum, they will think that your sales are hype and may not recognize your achievements…”

Li Manman frowned and thought for a long time.

Gradually, Li Manman’s head became clearer. She is not a stupid person. She knew that this matter was unacceptable. She shook her head and asked, “Sister Yi, do you have any better way? ?”

Li Manman’s tone became humble, which showed that her sanity had returned. Just now I was just obsessed with it, and it was about to break the jar!

“Manman, if you really want to divorce Dou Zun, you can take it slow and deal with it in a low-key manner. The two can gradually reduce their exposure first, and then go public after a year or two.” Yi Qi said .

“We’ll talk about this later.” Li Manman waved his hand in annoyance.

“As for what you said about keeping the heat, I have a good idea!” Yi Qi offered suggestions.

“What a great idea?”

Yi Qi took out a newspaper from her bag and said with a smile, “Didn’t Xingyao Productions get the copyrights of the two programs produced by Zhongxing? Among them, “High Energy Challenge” was originally rated high. A champion outdoor variety show!”

“High Energy Challenge”, which is an outdoor challenge reality show, is a bit like a parkour challenge project. The players need to pass through obstacles and levels. If they successfully break through the levels, they can receive prizes and bonuses back. Family.

It’s attractive, not only because of these obstacles, but also because the amount of prizes or bonuses in different levels is different. It’s a bit like a millionaire quiz show. The further back you go, the higher the rewards that can be stacked. The bigger the chance, the loser will lose all previous prizes!

Players need to Challenge yourself to win more prizes, or just take it!

“Xingyao Production has announced the return of “High Energy Challenge”, they will be broadcast on Shonan TV in early January, they will revise the program, and change to the method of hiring stars as long-term hosts, inviting people from all over the country Master challengers come to challenge for high prize money!”

Yi Qi said to Li Manman seriously: “Manman, you also know why Ju Jie can maintain his popularity for a long time, that is because he often participates in and even resides in some variety shows, so fans can often see him, I like his performance on variety shows, so I bought his album.”

“And Manman, you are also very talented. If you want, the company can help you squeeze out the people who were originally invited by Xingyao to make you the star host of the most popular variety show next year. , if you want to keep the heat, there should be no problem at all.” Yi Qi said.

This is to follow Ju Jie himself? Another person from Tianmei Company, who defeated his own…

But Li Manman didn’t have any thoughts of shame. Her charming eyes flickered for a while, and she smiled sweetly with Yi Qi and said, “Why not? In this variety show, I’m just a host, and I don’t need to be a challenger. Sister Yi, help me fight for it!”


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