House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 636: Tempting pig’s feet **** vinegar


“Hello, please sign for your Sahara Express courier.”

At noon that day, Yang Yi went to the guard in the villa area and signed for his package. Seeing the Saharan Express courier whose nose was red from the cold in the wind, Yang Yi held the package in his left hand, stretched out his right hand, shook hands with him, and praised, “Thank you, the package was delivered on time, I just happened to be there. Use it!”

The courier withdrew his hand, scratched his head a little embarrassedly, and said, “It has always been our pursuit of Sahara Express to deliver the express faster, better and more conveniently for you.”

It is quite an official rhetoric. It seems that these couriers have indeed undergone very strict business training after Li Long came to power.

“That’s right, but you should also pay attention to rest. Your body is… the cost of your work and life.” Yang Yi patted the other person’s shoulder and encouraged him with satisfaction.

After Yang Yi finished speaking, he went back with his package, leaving behind a confused courier.

Who is this? In such a loud voice? Is it a government official?

I didn’t know that the person I delivered the package just now was one of my bosses. The courier thought it was Yang Yi’s high position and habitual speech. After all, the people living in this villa area are either rich or expensive.

The courier didn’t even know that it was his big boss who sent the package.

“This is the vinaigrette sent by Fu Jun.” After returning home, Yang Yi explained to Murphy while unpacking, “He told me about a cantonese that is very nourishing for women who are confinement. The provincial famous dish, **** vinegar for pig’s feet, but to make this dish, we have to use sweet vinegar produced in Guangdong Province, so I have been waiting for him to buy it and send it to me.”

Pig trotters **** vinegar is not only suitable for confinement women, it is suitable for all ages and has high nutritional value. Therefore, of course, Yang Yi asked Fu Jun to send him the most authentic vinaigrette, which was made by the old vinegar workshop, not an assembly line product on the market.

A large box of vinaigrette, about 20 bottles, weighs dozens of pounds, enough for Yang Yi to use for a month or two.

“Why haven’t I heard of this dish? I’ve never seen it in a Cantonese restaurant before.” Murphy asked curiously, holding Xiao Jiao.

“I don’t know why without it, but maybe it’s not worth it…” Yang Yi shrugged and smiled, “This dish is very troublesome to cook, it has to be cooked several times, and the added ingredients are not Less, boil it, it’s not worth it if it’s cheap, and people don’t want to eat it if it’s expensive.”

The authentic method of pork feet **** vinegar is really troublesome. Start preparing half a month in advance, boil it for a few hours a day, cook it for half a month, and when the child is born, it can be eaten by the mother.

But Yang Yi, who only found out about this dish now, couldn’t wait that long, when Murphy had already passed her confinement period! Besides, the **** after being cut can basically taste delicious without soaking for a month, and the **** vinegar of pork feet after cooking is still delicious.

Not much to say, in order to let her family taste “pig’s feet **** vinegar” at night, Yang Yi started to get busy at noon.

In order to make this dish, Yang Yi prepared the ingredients a few days in advance, including buying a pot-bellied clay pot, enough to cook a dozen catties of food.

The pig’s feet were bought in the morning, very fresh, blanched in boiling water to remove the foam, and drained. Peel the ginger, cut it into thick slices, and fry it in a pan. The eggs are also boiled and peeled, so that all the ingredients are prepared.

Including Tianding sweet vinegar, all the ingredients were boiled together in a pot-bellied clay pot. Yang Yi was afraid that it was too sour, so he also put a piece of rock sugar in it. After the fire is boiled, turn down the heat and simmer slowly.

After simmering for a few hours, Yang Yi turned off the fire and let it cool for a while. When he was ready to pick up Xixi in the afternoon, he turned on the fire and simmered for a second time.

“Mama, brother, I’m back!” Xixi was picked up by her father from kindergarten. After getting out of the car, she shouted happily, regardless of whether her mother in the room would hear it or not.

I saw a little girl wearing a bright yellow/color down jacket under the gray and white sky where twilight was about to fall, stepping on a cheerful pace and running to the villa.

The little girl has a very sensitive nose. As soon as she entered the room, she could smell it. It was her favorite sweet and sour fragrance!

“Wow! It’s so fragrant!” Xixi’s eyes lit up all of a sudden, she didn’t care to go to her mother and play with Xiaojiao, she turned her head and started to explore.

Yang Yi was carrying her daughter’s schoolbag and saw that the little girl was like a steamed bun, sniffing left and sniffing right, looking for it all the way, and he followed with a funny smile.

Of course, where else can such an appetizing scent come out of the kitchen?

Like a treasure hunter, Xixi finally found the source of the fragrance in the kitchen – a huge clay pot!

“Baba, what is this?” The little girl swallowed her saliva after smelling the fragrance, looked back at her father, and asked expectantly.

“This? It’s a delicious dish recommended to us by Uncle Fu Jun, it’s called pork trotter vinegar.” Yang Yi smiled slightly and said, “Is it fragrant?”

The little girl nodded her head vigorously. Seeing her happy little eyes, she obviously couldn’t wait.

“Then let’s eat dinner together later!” Yang Yi smiled and rubbed Xixi’s little head.

During this time, Yang Yi doesn’t need to worry about dinner. After Xixi returns, Dong Yue’e and Zheng Shuyi will start cooking dinner. Unless Yang Yi wants to cook something for Xixi or Murphy, he needs to cook.

At dinner time, except for Yang Huan, who lives on the other side of the school, the family gathers together again, preparing to eat.

“After you go back, you mainly need to check the ledger, and you will let Uncle Dong Qi handle other chores. Since it is a village project, it is not appropriate for us to get involved too much.” Talk to Yang Qing face to face.

After playing in Jiangcheng for more than a month, Yang Qing and Zheng Shuyi will go back early tomorrow.

Because the road from the village to the county town has been being repaired, Yang Qing manages the funds as Yang Yi’s representative. When the wages are paid to the workers at the end of the year, Yang Qing has to sign on the spot.

In addition, the end of next month is also the Spring Festival. There are many customs to be done before the Spring Festival, and there must be no one at home. Yang Chonggui and Dong Yue’e are planning to accompany their grandchildren to the Spring Festival and then go back together, so they can only work hard for Yang Qing to go back to fight. reason.

When Yang Qing goes back, Zheng Shuyi will naturally go back with him.

It is impolite to interrupt the adults’ conversation. Xixi waited anxiously for her father to finish talking with her uncle before pouting and saying to her father, “Baba, where is the pig’s foot vinegar? I want to eat delicious pig’s foot vinegar. !”

Yes! Isn’t it good that you can eat delicious pork trotter vinegar at dinner? Why didn’t you see it on the table?

Xixi’s mind is all about the tempting sweet and sour fragrance, but Wangmei can’t quench her thirst. Now she sees other meals, she finds it tasteless.

“It’s sour. You have to eat something before you can eat that. Otherwise, your stomach will hurt.” Murphy said softly to her daughter next to her.

Although Yang Yi and her parents-in-law are caring for her, Murphy is still not at ease, because now Xiaojiao sticks to her mother whenever she is awake!

Maybe it’s the smell of his mother’s milk that makes him feel at ease. If he is held by someone else, he will immediately cry. Even Yang Yi, if he wants to hug his son again, can only enjoy it after the little guy falls asleep.

The sad reminder Yang Yi has to share time with Yang Chonggui and Dong Yuee, especially during the day, if Xiaojiao falls asleep, Dong Yuee will rush to hold her grandson to the floor-to-ceiling window of the living room to take a bath, which is not scorching in winter. Sunshine, Yang Yi has absolutely no chance to grab his son from his mother at this time…

It’s not that Murphy doesn’t care about Xiaojiao, she’s tired too! She has to hurry up, take a break while Xiaojiao is asleep, and get up at night to feed Xiaojiao and change diapers!

However, fortunately, apart from sticking to his mother, Xiaojiao is quite obedient. Now he has gradually formed a little Except when he is hugged by others and crying when he feels insecure, he can only cry when he is hugged by others. When he was about to drink milk, he would cry a few times, and if he had to urinate, he would either not say a word or just hum a few times.

Now that Murphy is talking close to him, the little guy is still looking at his mother, his little mouth is slightly open, so cute.

Really tired and happy!

Xixi knew that her mother was very hard, so her mother spoke up. Although she was a little gloomy, she also obediently lowered her head to cook rice.

Yang Yi gave Xixi some fish and mushrooms, which she usually likes to eat, and encouraged: “Come on, after eating this, Dad can give you pig’s feet vinegar!”

“But, but can I eat more?” Xixi raised her head and said with a bulging mouth.

“Yes, if you like, you can eat it today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow!” Yang Yi opened his hands and laughed exaggeratedly.

“Really?” Fascinated by the flat cake painted by her father, the little girl’s sullenness just now vanished. She grabbed her chopsticks and asked happily.


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