House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 634: 2 Lonely People’s Holiday Date (Two/Thursday)


Yang Huan went to Yang Yi’s villa after class in the morning. In the afternoon, Ding Xiang stayed in the coffee shop by himself.

In the big winter, the cold wind outside is like a knife that cuts people’s faces and hurts. Unless there are classes or activities, students basically stay in the dormitory to surf the Internet, watch TV shows, and play games. game. Sometimes the coffee shop may not have customers for a long time, so although Ding Xiang does not open a shop, it is fine, but if she does not open a shop, what else can she do?

Reading a book in a coffee shop alone is not a lot of fun!

Ding Xiang is now sitting at the bar with a book in hand and watching with relish.

“Ring, bell, bell!” The wind chime at the door rang, accompanied by the cold wind blowing in, causing Ding Xiang to shiver.

She quickly stood up, raised her head and asked with a smile: “Hello, what do you need…”

The voice stopped abruptly, because she was serious and met a bad smiling face.

It’s Guo Ziyi, and this guy is real. He doesn’t say hello in advance, or speaks, just waiting for Ding Xiang to mistake him for a customer, showing his enthusiasm in the wrong place.

“Why did you come here?” Ding Xiang asked angrily and funny, “Didn’t you go home in the last few days?”

“Don’t mention it, there were still people at home a few days ago, but today, there is no one at home!” Guo Ziyi said of this depression, “My mother went back to visit my grandma yesterday, and my brother received a notice from the leadership that he would also go back to work. , you know that he is in the country, it is inconvenient to come and go, he will definitely not come back tonight, my sister didn’t come back from college, even my dad said that there is a condolence event tonight, if he doesn’t go home for dinner, I will be left at home alone.”

“Why don’t you visit your grandma?” Ding Xiang asked in confusion.

“My grandma’s house is in Fujian Province, it’s far away! I don’t know how long it will take to go there.” Guo Ziyi waved his hand and said with a smile, “Anyway, I’ve thought about it, let’s go back to school and play! At least there’s more here. You and Sister Huan.”

Ding Xiang smiled and said, “Huanhuan isn’t here, she went to Brother Yang’s place! Today their family celebrates the Winter Solstice, and they won’t be back at night.”

Guo Ziyi rolled her eyes and asked, “Then why don’t you go with me? With Sister Huan’s character, it’s impossible not to take you with me? Leave you alone at home. “

“It’s because I don’t want to go. Big Brother Yang’s house is a family banquet. It’s not appropriate for me to go.” Ding Xiang explained.

“Hey, Sister Ding Xiang, you are too sincere!” Guo Ziyi said cheerfully, “However, it’s just a coincidence, you and I are left alone, should we hug each other and cry together? Huh?”

Ding Xiang has long been used to this guy’s eloquent personality, and did not respond, just sat there and looked at him with a smile.

Guo Ziyi has no courage after all, and was looked at by Ding Xiang’s pure eyes that seemed to be able to see through people’s hearts, and after a while he scratched his head with a mocking smile.

“Sister Ding Xiang, do you have any plans for tonight?” Guo Ziyi asked while scratching his head, not knowing whether he wanted to change the subject or make up his mind.

“No…” Ding Xiang shook his head.

“Then let’s go to eat together! It happens to be the Winter Solstice Festival, everyone is celebrating the festival, we also go out to play together, in the pedestrian street in Tingshan District, after dinner, you can also go for a walk on the street. School, or staying in a coffee shop, how boring!” Guo Ziyi urged, “I think we should go out a little more to see this big world.”

Ding Xiang wanted to refuse at first, but what Guo Ziyi said later really moved her heart.

Since Xia Xia Yang Yi helped her solve the family affairs, now Ding Xiang’s thinking has changed. She doesn’t need to put too much energy on the children in the stockade, but starts to think about her future. For example, she began to adjust her mentality, accepted Mo Xiaojuan’s arrangement, and learned how to be an agent, which was a good progress.

Now Guo Ziyi’s invitation has also made Ding Xiang want to experience more of his life as a college student with only one and a half years left. When he goes outside the campus, he should not only work or part-time, but occasionally, he should also be with himself Like my classmates, go shopping, get to know the city, and let your youth have more beautiful memories.

So, Ding Xiang hesitated for a while, and finally nodded.

Guo Ziyi knew that Ding Xiang didn’t like extravagance, so the two had dinner at a Northeast Dumpling Restaurant similar to a food stall on the pedestrian street.

I didn’t order too many dishes. The two of them ate a plate of Sanxian dumplings, a plate of cabbage and meat dumplings, as well as Guo Ziyi’s favorite meat in the northeast pot, stewed pork noodles, and one Ding Xiang had never eaten. , Very interested in the sweet potato.

I have to say that Guo Ziyi eats a lot, and Ding Xiang’s small figure is actually very edible! The two swept the five dishes and bowls of rice.

“Uh…” After eating, Ding Xiang and Guo Ziyi looked at each other who couldn’t stand up after eating, and couldn’t help but laugh, laughing, Ding Xiang hiccupped, so , the two laughed even louder.

“Let’s go, Sister Ding Xiang, let’s go for a walk!” After paying the bill, Guo Ziyi extended his hand to Ding Xiang.

Ding Xiang hesitated for a while, but still accepted his “kindness” and asked him to pull himself up.

However, when I arrived at the door of the restaurant, I didn’t know whether Guo Ziyi had no guts or Ding Xiang was embarrassed. Anyway, I didn’t see who let go first, so the two separated and walked out one after the other.

It’s still cold outside, but with people coming and going on the pedestrian street, the cold air isn’t too violent. And just after eating, the heat in the body made people blush, and the two walked slowly and leisurely on the pedestrian street side by side, but they didn’t feel cold.

“Sister Ding Xiang, after graduation, what are your plans?” Guo Ziyi took the initiative to stir up the topic and asked.

The way they go shopping is more like digesting food, because they are walking in crowded places, looking left and right, but they don’t mean to go to the shops on both sides to pick some goods.

“What do you mean?” Ding Xiang looked at Guo Ziyi in confusion.

“You’re not going back to are you going back to the mountains?” Guo Ziyi hesitated, then added, “I don’t mean anything else, it’s not that your hometown is bad, it’s just that I think it would be a pity if you go back.”

Ding Xiang smiled and said: “I understand what you mean, if you don’t go back, Brother Yang is right. Even if I go back to teach, the power I can contribute is limited. Work and live, set an example for my younger brothers and sisters, encourage them to study hard, and work hard to get out of the mountains.”

“Of course, you want to ask me what my plans are, aren’t you looking right now?” Ding Xiang stretched out his left fist, lightly hammered Guo Ziyi’s shoulder, and smiled, “I’m not learning to be an agent , if there is a chance in the future, or if you can afford it, I will be your agent. If you don’t like me, it doesn’t matter. Sister Xiaojuan will find you a senior agent. I will continue to study and act as an agent for the newcomers of the company. , or start with an assistant…”

“Hey, Sister Ding Xiang, look at what you said, how can I look down on you?” Guo Ziyi said with a smile on his face, “I thought you were just joking, If you really want to be an agent for me, I can’t ask for it!”

Actually, Guo Ziyi still has something to say to Ding Xiang.


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