House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 620: “surprised” and “happy” again and again



Actually, Shen Wanyi was just joking casually. He then commented a little and said: “The first-year students in the performance department can perform like just now, which shows that you have a good foundation and have done a lot of preparation, but just now The screaming still seems to be a little too exaggerated for her lover’s emotions, but in fact, what Xiuqin expresses here is a kind of generosity and determination to die, it would be better if she could manage her emotions freely…”


“Sorry, Director Chen, I’m used to being a teacher, so I can’t help but say something.” Shen Wanyi realized that he was not in Jingying’s classroom, and smiled and bowed to Chen Fengchen.


However, the speaker had no intention of listening, and the joke before made Yang Huan and Chen Fengchen’s expressions weird.


Chen Fengchen is very busy with things, so he definitely won’t remember the names of everyone who appeared in front of him, but with Shen Wanyi’s “reminder”, Chen Fengchen suddenly remembered Geng Geng when he was filming “Soldier Assault” last year. The big trouble caused by the friends in Xia’s visiting class!


That Yang Yi’s younger sister doesn’t seem to be called… Yang Huan?


Furthermore, Chen Fengchen looked at Yang Huan. Although he didn’t look closely at the time, he had met him, and the more the old man looked at Yang Huan, the more familiar he became.


“You, you are not…” Chen Fengchen was still a little afraid to confirm.


But Yang Huan, who was pounding in her heart, did it herself. She thought she had been recognized, so she nodded with a wry smile. She stuck out her tongue and said embarrassedly, “Director Chen, don’t tell me eldest brother, I They all sneaked over without telling him. If I can’t get the role of Xiuqin, I can pretend it never happened.”




Chen Fengchen shrugged, like a toothache.


She secretly ran out without her brother, this girl is really a troublemaker!


“What’s the matter? You know each other?” Shen Wanyi asked in confusion. However, his expression changed slightly.


“Let’s make your words come true, she is the author, Yang Yi’s younger sister.” Chen Fengchen said in a muffled voice.


This is a bad thing! Shen Wanyi’s expression became weird. He and Chen Fengchen had known each other for decades. He knew Chen Fengchen’s temper.


“Okay, yours will be here today, go back and wait for the news.” Chen Fengchen waved his hand, but finally hesitantly said one more sentence, “But I want you to understand that I won’t do it because of Yang Yi. If there are other good actors, I will choose the best ones for admission.”


“Understood.” Yang Huan was still wondering why the old man suddenly became serious, but now she felt the pressure, nodded hastily, and said goodbye politely.


She was the first one to go in for a long time, and the assistants outside were a little impatient. Seeing her coming out, they hurriedly went to the conference room and called the second actor to prepare for the audition.


After Yang Huan left, Shen Wanyi couldn’t help but ask: “Old Chen, don’t shut people out just because she is Yang Yi’s younger sister, I think she’s pretty good, how’s her acting? But the role of Xiuqin is very suitable for her.”


“I have my own thoughts.” Chen Fengchen frowned and waved his hand.



Ding Xiang was a little surprised when Yang Huan came out so early, but there were so many people in the hall that she and Yang Huan got to the car and asked about Yang Huan’s specific situation.


“I think I played pretty well, but my name was leaked and I was recognized by Director Chen, but I don’t think he would tell my brother, so even if I don’t get selected, I’m not afraid of making a fool of myself!” In fact, Yang Huan was still a little uneasy in his heart, so he was comforting himself rather than telling Ding Xiang.


“This is your first performance, and your luck is indeed a bit bad.” Ding Xiang was a little worried, and she had no experience, so she didn’t know how to evaluate, so she comforted Yang Huan, “But if you think you played well, that’s fine. , the big deal, next time we challenge other characters, you don’t have to be nervous anymore, after all, you have experienced the hardest.”


Yang Huan smiled sweetly.


“Let’s go back!” Ding Xiang started the car.


“Hey, wait, since we’re all near the Jiangnan Military Region, I’ll go see Guo Dabao and thank him by the way!” Yang Huan said.


Where did Ding Xiang know what Yang Huan was saying thanks to, but she didn’t ask much, and drove the car to the gate of the Jiangnan Military Region, and stopped by the roadside.


“You still hold the cell phone for me. No cell phone is allowed inside. It will come out soon anyway.” Yang Huan told Ding Xiang.


I don’t know how long it took, Yang Huan met Guo Dabao in the reception room behind the gate of the Jiangnan Military Region.


“You, why are you here?” Although Guo Dabao made a difficult decision, when he saw Yang Huan, his heart beat faster and he stuttered.


“Brother Dabao, let me thank you!” Yang Huan said with a smile and patted Guo Dabao on the shoulder.


“Thank me?” Guo Dabao was taken aback, “Why, why?”


Yang Huan rolled her eyes, and saw that she suddenly became shy, smiled shyly, lowered her head slightly, and said, “Big brother, what do you think of me…?” /


Hey, not only has the whole person changed, but the accent has also become a bit northern?


Just when Guo Dabao couldn’t take it anymore, Yang Huan couldn’t hold it in anymore, and laughed haha. She waved her hand and said to Guo Dabao, “Brother Dabao, I’m sorry, I’m just joking with you.”


It turned out to be a joke… Guo Dabao breathed a sigh of relief.


To be honest, Yang Huan didn’t think too much about it. She regarded Guo Dabao as a good friend, just like Guo Ziyi and Ding Xiang. As the saying goes, if you don’t know each other, if you have a fight, it’s fate!


After joking, Yang Huan still explained to Guo Dabao: “This is Xiuqin’s line in “Bright Sword”. Do you know the “Bright Sword” written by my elder brother?”


Guo Dabao nodded. The Jiangnan Military Region promoted Yang Yi’s two military novels the most. Of course he had read them.


“There is a director working on this drama now, so I’m here to audition, wanting to play the role of Xiuqin.” Yang Huan continued, “However, don’t tell others, on the one hand, the script is confidential, on the other hand On the one hand, I don’t want to be laughed at for not being selected.”


“Didn’t you say you want to thank me?” Guo Dabao couldn’t help asking, “Why?”


Only then did Yang Huan realize that he was off topic, and smiled: “Oh, yes, it is like this. During the audition just now, there was a scene where Xiuqin was bickering with Monk Wei, and I thought about the fight with you last year. , and then there was another Xiuqin who was tied to the tower before her sacrifice, and I also thought of you tying me with a belt…”


“Isn’t it a good idea… Didn’t you mention this before?” Guo Dabao’s face turned red, Yang Huan really didn’t open the pot and mention it, Guo Dabao felt embarrassed when he thought about it.


“Hey, I don’t blame you this time!” Yang Huan patted Guo Dabao’s shoulder carelessly and said with a smile, “And I have to thank you for giving me inspiration. I think I acted very well, I just don’t know if I’ll be selected.”


Looking at Yang Huan’s brows, Guo Dabao suddenly understood the meaning of what Captain Li said to him.


“That’s about it, just by the way, I want to tell you, and then if you really choose, I will tell you the good news. If you have a holiday, I will invite you to dinner!” Yang Huan laughed. .


Guo Dabao scratched his head and said with a smile: “I don’t know if there is a holiday, I have to see.”


However, his smile was much calmer.


“It’s nothing, I’ll go back?” Yang Huan waved to Guo Dabao and said, “I’ve been out for a while, if I don’t go back, my elder brother will train me.”


“Hey, wait, there’s something I want to tell you.” Guo Dabao hesitated and said.


“Go ahead!” Yang Huan nodded.


“That’s right, I applied for a secondment to the Southwest Military Region, which is the unit where Brother Yang Yi used to be, for a period of three years.” Guo Dabao said.


Yang Huan was taken aback. She looked left and right, and asked Guo Dabao in a low voice, “Go to the Wolf Warrior? Why? It’s very dangerous there. I heard there are a lot of drug dealers.”


Guo Dabao nodded and said honestly: “Because I want to improve myself in places where there are actual combat opportunities, I always feel that my strength has reached a certain bottleneck.”


Guo Dabao did not lie to Yang Huan, which is indeed a large part of the reason, and Guo Dabao has always been yearning for the Wolf Warrior Special Forces. When he was not troubled by love, he looked at masters such as Shen Xinyu and Yang Yi, and felt that the Wolf Warrior was a holy place, and he wanted to go to worship.


Some time ago, he had the opportunity to be seconded to Wolf Warrior, but because of Yang Huan’s appearance, he became confused for a while. After the conversation with Captain Li and the fight, Guo Dabao finally made up his mind.


Don’t think that going to fight the wolf is a bad thing. Three years later, when Guo Dabao comes back, he is an instructor in Viper, and his rank may even be equal to Captain Li. This is also an opportunity, but Guo Dabao pays more attention to the improvement of his own strength.


After listening to Guo Dabao’s words, Yang Huan was stunned for a while before slowly saying: “Although I don’t agree with your statement, I can understand your thoughts…”


Born in a family of martial arts, Yang Huan has seen the madness of his father, his eldest brother, and the second brother in the pursuit of kung fu. When Yang Yi was a soldier, his performance was better than Guo Dabao.


“I don’t know how to persuade you, but I hope you can pay attention to safety.” Yang Huan sighed and went up to hug Guo Dabao.


“Thank you! I will definitely become stronger!” Guo Dabao clenched his fists confidently. Now, he is no longer restrained, and looks as high as Luffy who is going to conquer the sea of ​​stars.



While Yang Huan was talking to Guo Dabao in the military area, Ding Xiang was sitting in the car when he suddenly heard the phone ring.


Not her is Yang Huan’s!


Ding Xiang hurriedly picked it up and saw that it was Yang Yi’s phone.


“What should I do?” Ding Xiang’s eyes suddenly widened.


But the ringing doesn’t stop, as if there’s something urgent.


“Yang, Big Brother Yang…” Ding Xiang had to pick it up and stammered.


Ding Xiang doesn’t lie, she doesn’t know how to deal with Yang Yi’s questioning later.


“Huh? Why is it Ding Xiang you answered the call? Where’s Huanhuan?”


“She didn’t have a cell phone on her body…” Ding Xiang was already desperate, and if Yang Yi asked more, she might not be able to bear it all out.


However, Yang Yi didn’t have the slightest idea of ​​asking questions. His voice was very excited and said: “You tell Huanhuan, go to the hospital last time, Murphy is going to give birth, this time it’s true! Don’t talk anymore! , I’m still driving!”


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