House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 619: Your name is very interesting (3/4)



Of course, the two stories are not similar, but Yang Huan suddenly found the feeling.


That kind of unruly feeling!


“Hey, the head of the regiment hasn’t caught me yet, but you did?” Yang Huan frowned, looked at the front and said dissatisfiedly, as if there was a Guo Dabao standing in front of him, the unconvinced stubbornness in his heart , reflected in the face.


“I’m not here to find you, I want you to talk more!” Yang Huan also rolled his eyes, but his tone was not so aggressive, more like a stubborn mumbling.


One thing to say, Yang Huan’s acting skills can only be said to be average, but after all, he is acting in his true colors. This temperament is very real, and Chen Fengchen, who is sitting behind the stage, immediately sees it.


Shen Wanyi then read: “Monk, why are you talking to your local colleagues? Ah? Comrade Xiuqin is talking to me, it’s a dude to dude, don’t talk to him there! Go back and go to sleep. !”


Shen Wanyi played two roles alone, this one didn’t cause confusion. When he played Li Yunlong, he used his original voice, calm and measured, and when he finally reprimanded, he was also full of majesty!


Yang Huan, just like when his brother came, glanced proudly at Guo Dabao, who didn’t exist, the corners of his mouth were raised, secretly amused, and he snorted softly to the other party.


However, when Chen Fengchen saw this action, he secretly muttered in his heart, is this “hum” necessary? He was a little worried that this “hum” would destroy Xiuqin’s image, and he thought a lot in his mind all of a sudden.


However, when Yang Huan pretended to walk into Li Yunlong’s house, the savage energy disappeared, and the whole person seemed to become a little shy.


“Head…” Seeing how she walked in slowly, she didn’t know where to put her hands.


This Yang Huan has experience. When her second sister-in-law entered the house for the first time, Yang Huan was also there, so she could understand the shyness.


While Shen Wanyi was reading Li Yunlong’s lines, Yang Huan also reached out and grabbed the hair on his shoulders. It would be great if there were braids, no, Yang Huan could only pretend to be braids, this was a little scary Her unsightly little actions reflected her troubled heart.


Chen Fengchen and Shen Wanyi looked at each other, and both saw the meaning of appreciation from each other’s eyes: “This girl is good!”


“Yeah, head of the regiment, why are there such big blood blisters on the feet?” As if seeing something, Yang Huan’s eyes became worried, and she said nervously to the air in front of her.


It seems that at this moment, all her original thoughts have been forgotten, and she will focus on Li Yunlong’s condition first.


Shen Wanyi cooperated very well with the show, he showed an embarrassed smile: “Hehe…”


“Let’s see!” I saw Yang Huan sitting down on the chair and reaching out to grab something.


“Hey, hey, don’t, don’t…”


After arguing, Yang Huan lowered his head for a while, then raised his head and looked forward. The distress in his eyes was still reflected.


There is nothing wrong with the dialogue in the middle. When Yang Huan is acting, she gradually reflects her own nature, and like Xiuqin, she can’t hide it. come alive.


Chen Fengchen finds it interesting the more he looks at it, but he doesn’t know that it’s not that Yang Huan is acting well at all, but that she is indeed such a character.


What makes Chen Fengchen feel wonderful is the performance of Yang Huan sterilizing the needles with candlelight and then picking blood bubbles for Li Yunlong. Although there is nothing to say on the expression, the action performance without physical objects is very good.


After all, she is a girl from the countryside, and Yang Huan can sew clothes by herself. Although she has never done this for others, she has done it for herself. When it hurts, she does not frown. head!


So these performances are just some simulations derived from her life experience.


But the more Chen Fengchen looked at it, the more he felt that Yang Huan was doing a good job. His every move and the expression on his face were very similar to the Xiuqin he imagined!


In addition, Yang Huan is tall and slender, sitting there, and also looks like a decent…


When the scene between Yang Huan and Shen Wanyi was over, Chen Fengchen did not rush to let Yang Huan leave, but hesitated and said, “Do you remember the scene on the city wall before Xiuqin died? “


Yang Huan was a little surprised, but she still answered quickly: “I remember.”


“You can play her performance on the city wall. There is no script, just one sentence: Li Yunlong, you can shoot! I was born to be your person, and died to be your ghost! Remember, I, Xiuqin, will still be alive in my next life. Marry you!” Chen Fengchen hesitated for a while, but said it anyway.


This sentence is still fresh in Chen Fengchen’s memory, because the role of Xiuqin gave the old man the biggest shock, that is, this sentence in Yang Yi’s original book, so Chen Fengchen still asked the screenwriter to add this sentence as it is. in the script.


But it’s a little embarrassing for Yang Huan to perform this plot now. After all, there is no corresponding scene, and there is no time for her to brew her feelings. Chen Fengchen is a little worried about whether he is asking too much.


But Chen Fengchen wants to see Yang Huan’s tenderness apart from the tenderness he just confessed. Besides, how can a qualified actor be so pretentious. If he wants to act, he must adapt to various scenes, and he can do it anytime, anywhere. Just open your mouth!


Yang Huan is not stupid, she knows that this “add drama” is her opportunity, and she is a little excited.


I saw her take a few deep breaths to calm herself down, then stood up from the chair, hands behind her back, just like Guo Dabao used his smelly belt to bind her last year.


Despite being tied up, Yang Huan still wouldn’t lower her head. She raised her head slightly, just like before, supported by her inner arrogance.


The expression on her face was still very determined, but the expression in her eyes was sad and absolute, as if struggling, she twisted forward, opened her mouth regardless of the image, and shouted loudly: “Li Yunlong, you are shooting! I was born…”


This sound suddenly made this conference room with a small space seem to explode. Chen Fengchen and Shen Wanyi looked at each other and rubbed their ears with a wry smile. The eardrums felt a little torn.


But Yang Huan seemed to be possessed by Xiuqin at the moment. She screamed with all her strength, making her emotionally out of control, and her big eyes were actually covered with a layer of water mist.


I don’t know if it’s because of excitement, or if it’s really affected by emotion, but these moist eyes really moved Chen Fengchen and the others.


Finally, when Yang Huan calmed down after the performance, Chen Fengchen nodded at her and said, “Are you a student of the Acting Department of Jiang Chuan Film Academy? What grade are you in?”


Now is the chatting session. Chen Fengchen is also interested in Yang Huan, so he will say a few more words. Otherwise, he may ignore Yang Huan and let her go out to wait for news.


Of course, I just met an actor, and Chen Fengchen didn’t necessarily decide to hand over such an important role as Xiuqin to Yang Huan, but he appreciates this somewhat spiritual Let’s talk about it, Even if Yang Huan regretted losing the role of Xiuqin in the future, Chen Fengchen will remember this actor, and if there is a suitable role, he will invite her to try.


Yang Huan didn’t know that, she nodded quickly and said, “I just started school this year, I’m a freshman, I used to go to school late at home…”


She is twenty years old, two years older than her classmates in the same grade.


“I saw in your resume that you also said that you know martial arts? Is it true? In the resume, sometimes when we need a real female star, your unreal resume may leave a bad impression on the director.”


“I really know!” Yang Huan had no choice but to perform a boxing for them on the spot.


This gives her a lot of bonus points, even though Xiuqin doesn’t need to know martial arts.


Chen Fengchen was very satisfied and prepared to end the chat and let Yang Huan leave, but Shen Wanyi took a step forward. He asked Yang Huan’s resume with great interest to look at it, and while looking at it, he smiled: “Yang Huan , your name is very interesting. It is also surnamed Yang, the same as the surname of our original author, I don’t know if it is from the family, haha!”


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