House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 618: What about bad luck? (two/four)



After all, it is a TV series directed by Chen Fengchen. For example, “Soldier Assault” has already been arranged as a spring drama, and it is broadcast at prime time. This TV series is popular before it is broadcast, and the story of “Bright Sword” is not as good as that of “Soldier Assault”. Poor, there are naturally many young actors who want to mix in the main supporting roles and catch up with Chen Fengchen.


Also, they are backed by their respective agencies, and they are well prepared before the audition. Yang Huan and Ding Xiang, two fledgling rookies, also studied the original book and did nothing, and now they ran over carelessly. In contrast, Yang Huan’s confidence suddenly decreased.


“Don’t be afraid, they’re not necessarily better than you!” Ding Xiang could only comfort Yang Huan in a low voice, “Huanhuan, do you want me to put a braid on you too?”


However, it’s too late!


While Ding Xiang and Yang Huan were talking, some staff members were already in a commotion, saying that Chen Fengchen was coming.


They didn’t dare to move. After a while, Chen Fengchen appeared at the door of the conference room.


“Welcome to the audition of Comrade Xiuqin. I believe you have all read the original book “Bright Sword” and have a certain understanding of the role of Xiuqin. The staff will send you the script of the audition and give you two Ten minutes of reading time, then audition in the order of drawing lots…” Chen Fengchen looked around, his eyes just swept across Yang Huan, and then began to speak lightly.


Chen Fengchen’s voice is still soft, but the majesty that has been established for a long time still makes these little actors shudder.


It wasn’t until Chen Fengchen turned to leave that the buzzing voices in the conference room stopped.


“He doesn’t seem to recognize me!” Yang Huan said to Ding Xiang with a smile.


“What time is it, you are still paying attention to this!” Ding Xiang said angrily, “It’s time to read the script!”


However, after Chen Fengchen left, an even fiercer man came. He held a thick stack of paper and said solemnly: “Irrelevant people, please go out. Including the agent who came with the actor, here can only If there are actors left, you can wait in the lobby of the guest house.”


Ding Xiang had no choice but to leave with other agents and assistants, leaving Yang Huan alone.


Yang Huan felt a little uneasy in her heart. After she received the script and was drawn, she became even more flustered.


“How come it’s the first one?” Yang Huan looked at the open sign, completely dumbfounded.


How did you get such an unlucky lottery?


The first one means that she will face the test as soon as she comes up.


It also means that she only has twenty minutes left to read the script. Unlike other actors, she can take advantage of the time when she goes to the audition to read the script more.


Time passed by second by second in Yang Huan’s nervousness, Yang Huan shook his head, feeling that he couldn’t delay any longer.


“What are you afraid of! The big deal, let’s go back to school, continue the class, there will be opportunities in the future!” Yang Huan gritted his teeth, shouting and roaring in his heart, the small universe was exploding.


How could Sister Huan be frightened by this trivial matter?


Yang Huan was determined and read the script carefully.


The script for the audition is just a thin page. The plot above is the part where Xiuqin picks a blood blister on Li Yunlong’s foot and then confesses. It’s not the part that Yang Huan and Ding Xiang guessed that Xiuqin, who was kidnapped by the devil, was generous on the city wall. The plot of righteousness.


But no matter what it is, Yang Huan has carefully studied the plot about Xiuqin in “Bright Sword”, and now all she needs to do is to quickly memorize this dialogue.


Back to face, for Yang Huan, who is not a scholar, is not a very simple matter.



Twenty minutes later, on time, the assistant who sent the script before asked solemnly, “Who drew No. 1 just now? Come with me.”


Yang Huan quickly picked up the script in her hand and stood up with her hands up.


“Let’s go!” The assistant looked at Yang Huan, didn’t say much, and took the lead out of the conference room.


Yang Huan left her seat and quickly followed. Before leaving, she couldn’t help but glance at the conference room from the corner of her eye.


Other actors in the conference room were also looking at her, some with some disguise, and some with undisguised sneering looks in their eyes.


Perhaps, they felt that Yang Huan was called out so early, so there must be no drama!


Perhaps, when they saw Yang Huan dressed as a modern man, her hair was draped smoothly, and she didn’t make any preparations, they felt that Yang Huan was not worthy of being their opponent at all, right?


Seeing their eyes, Yang Huan felt a little unhappy, but she didn’t think too much about it. Walking on the stairs of the guest house, she was still reciting the lines from the script.


Finally, when it was time to face the test, Yang Huan returned the script to him at the suggestion of his assistant, and then pushed the door and walked in.


This is also a small conference room, but the rest of the furnishings have been moved out. There are only a few connected tables, with a few people sitting behind, including Chen Fengchen, and there is a chair in the open space in front of them. , even if it is a prop for Yang Huan’s performance, it is used as a bed.


Before Yang Huan could speak, Chen Fengchen waved his hand and said nonchalantly, “Okay, no need to say more polite words.”


“Is your name Yang Huan? Are you still a student of Jiang Chuan? Hmm…” Chen Fengchen flipped through the artist’s resume handed over by his assistant just now. , Later, he will play against you, but he will be responsible for reading the lines, and other performances, you will do it yourself, do you understand?”


Actually, Chen Fengchen didn’t have to personally preside over this audition, but the old man was a bit stubborn, thinking that he had to control the casting, and not let others influence his judgment – these processes can still be tricky.


Yang Huan nodded quickly.


Shen Wanyi? Yang Huan glanced at a man in his fifties who was sitting beside Chen Fengchen. His face was as resolute as his name, and there was an air of killing and decisiveness in every gesture.


The name Yang Huan is of course very During the class, the teacher talked about this actor of the level of the emperor (acting skills can be compared with that of Mr. Daoming and Mr. Xuejian in Yang Yi’s previous life) , has played many classic roles, both leading and supporting roles, but often it is not the role itself that is classic, but the role that has become classic because of his consummate acting skills!


It was actually Mr. Shen Wanyi who came to play Li Yunlong. Director Chen Fengchen was really capable and insightful. When Mr. Shen sat there, Yang Huan felt as if Li Yunlong was sitting in front of him.


“Are you ready?” Chen Fengchen repeated impatiently when Yang Huan was distracted.


“Well, ready!” Yang Huan nodded quickly.


“Let’s start with the episode of Monk Wei.” Shen Wanyi coughed twice, pressed the cigarette **** in his hand, picked up the script, and read, “Hey, sister Xiuqin, the head of the regiment is sleeping, I’ll talk about it tomorrow! Ah!”


Shen Wanyi’s voice seems to have become much younger when she played the role of Monk Wei. This skill is immediately reflected.


Listening to this dialogue, Yang Huan suddenly thought of Guo Dabao, who was also a “big bald head”, and remembered the story of when she accidentally broke into Viper’s barracks and confronted Guo Dabao.


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