House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 612: This audition should be hidden from Yang Yi



In the small building by the back door of Jiang Chuan, Yang Huan was staring at the computer screen, biting the pen holder with a frown. Although he was watching the movie, Yang Huan came with the task of writing a biography of a character. In order to figure out the character’s psychology and write the character’s background story, Yang Huan not only had to watch it over and over again, but also sometimes frame by frame. Play it on the ground, so that you can see if the other party is on the hook…Ah, it’s to see the change in the character’s expression.


This is obviously not enjoyment, but torture.


But just like the teacher’s comment on her in the acting class, she has a good foundation and may be lucky enough to play one or two roles, but her acting skills are just like three-legged cat skills. If you don’t work hard to enrich yourself and make yourself better Comprehensive, even if the starting point is high, it may develop at this point in a lifetime!


Therefore, Yang Huan must seize the opportunity to exercise every assignment, learn to write short biographies of characters, and understand the psychological changes of the characters, so as to understand why the actors in the movie act like this, so as to know how to behave in front of the camera if it is himself .


Of course, Yang Huan was a little unconvinced at first, but Ding Xiang told her that although Guo Ziyi never took a class at the film academy, in private he practiced harder and better than anyone else Because he would shyly ask the students of the film school for advice, and learned all the methods of others.


Otherwise, how could Guo Ziyi play the important supporting role of Police Officer Du Jiang in “The Fugitive”?


The little fat man can work so hard. If Sister Huan falls behind, won’t she be laughed at by her younger brother?


So, Yang Huan also worked hard.


But tonight doesn’t seem to be suitable for studying. Earlier, Yang Yi called her to tell him that her parents were coming.


Now, after she finally calmed down, Ding Xiang happily knocked on her door again and said, “Huanhuan, there is an audition opportunity in Jiangcheng, do you want to go?”


Does Ding Xiang look like an agent? That’s right, in addition to the student and the female coffee shop clerk, she now has a third trainee agent who is Yang Huan and Guo Ziyi.


Because Yang Huan and Guo Ziyi are still studying, the workload of this job is not large. Mo Xiaojuan also occasionally instructs her and teaches her some things to do as an agent. Know in advance, adapt in advance, and when Ding Xiang graduates, you can go to work directly in the company.


However, Ding Xiang is not idle. Every night, after finishing her homework, she is also actively helping Yang Huan and Guo Ziyi to find opportunities for filming and training.


Like Guo Ziyi, the day after tomorrow he will go to the magic capital to audition, which is the unexpected gain that Ding Xiang got after he cast out Guo Ziyi’s artist resume! You know, because Guo Ziyi is fat, there are not many suitable roles, and good and important roles are even rarer.


And now there is actually a big-budget comedy film called “Fat Man” that is willing to give him the chance to audition for the lead role. He may or may not be selected, but Guo Ziyi must not miss such an opportunity. past.


When he heard the news at that time, Guo Ziyi was so overjoyed that he hugged the skinny Ding Xiang and almost kissed Ding Xiang who was blushing and wanted to beat him.


However, compared to Guo Ziyi’s few opportunities, we must seize every hard-won opportunity. Yang Huan’s image is good, and he has a kung fu. If he wants to film, there are actually many opportunities, but Ding Xiang did not easily cast Yang. Huan’s artist resume, because Yang Huan’s studies are more important now, and her class and foundation cannot be affected by filming.


But this time, Ding Xiang felt that Yang Huan could do this role, and it was necessary to fight for it.


“What role audition?” Yang Huan asked Ding Xiang curiously. It’s very convenient to audition in Jiangcheng!


“It’s Brother Yang’s book “Bright Sword”, Li Yunlong’s first wife Xiuqin, director Chen Fengchen is already preparing to shoot this TV series in Jiangcheng.” Ding Xiang said to Yang Huan, “Although this character’s There won’t be too many scenes, and he will die after a few episodes, but I think this character is very impressive, and if played well, it will be very good!”


Ding Xiang has read Yang Yi’s book. To be honest, she watched “Bright Sword” and her favorite character was Xiuqin.


“Is this what my eldest brother told you?” Yang Huan asked in surprise, “Didn’t he say that he won’t and can’t help me in the way of acting?”


“It’s not what Big Brother Yang said, I got the news from others, you know, I have added some actors to recruit actors.” Ding Xiang said a little embarrassedly, “Now Jiangcheng’s group is all in Speaking of this, I tried to submit your artist resume, but I didn’t expect to receive a reply.”


“Wait, are you sure my eldest brother doesn’t know?” Yang Huan asked excitedly.


“I don’t know, because your artist resume doesn’t mention your relationship.” Ding Xiang looked at Yang Huan in confusion, wondering why she cared about it.


“Then let’s try it! Don’t tell my big brother, if I can get this role…hehe!” Yang Huan laughed smugly, as if she had seen the showy scene, but , After a while, she still restrained herself, coughed twice, and said, “If you can’t get it, don’t tell him, so that my elder brother will ridicule me!”


Ding Xiang frowned, her mind was very flexible, she immediately thought of some flaws in this plan, and said: “But, you know Director Chen! You forgot, last year, you and Xiao Guo went to the army to visit the class, Director Chen has seen you.”


Although Ding Xiang was not at the scene, she heard Yang Huan and Guo Ziyi talk about the incident.


“You remember this?” Yang Huan looked at Ding Xiang in surprise, but immediately waved his hand carelessly and said with a smile, “Hey, Sister Ding Xiang, don’t worry, not everyone is like you, with such a good memory At that time, Director Chen patronized and talked to my brother, how can he remember my little role?”


“Okay then, let me reply to you and see when they arrange the audition.” Ding Xiang nodded.


“Sister Ding Xiang, have you ever heard of “Bright Sword”? I’ve seen it a bit, but I’ve almost forgotten it. Since I want to challenge this role, I have to prepare well!” Yang Huan said enthusiastically.


“You finish your homework first, I’ll find you a book, and I’ll accompany you to study this character later.” Ding Xiang laughed.


“Sister Ding Xiang is still good to me!” Yang Huan said with a smile, hugging Ding Xiang’s arm coquettishly.



I don’t know that Yang Huan is going to audition without telling herself. Yang Yi’s energy is now focused on his wife, children, and upcoming parents.


Yang Yi didn’t know how effective it would be to accompany Xixi to read a book before going to bed, but the effect was soon manifested.


The next night, Yang Yi called Yang Qing to confirm with him the number of their trains to Jiangcheng tomorrow and the departure time. Just after putting down the phone, Lanzhou Kai’s phone came in.


“Brother What are you doing next time, can you also let me know? Now Xiner comes back and says she wants me to read a book with her. In the evening, where can I find a book to accompany her? Look?” Lanzhou Kai kept complaining.


It turns out that Xixi went to kindergarten today and happily told her friends about her father reading books with her. I don’t know how the little girl described it, but she even attracted De Lanxin to come back and pester Lanzhou Kai, asking him to read a book with her.


Although for Lan Xin may be a three-point popularity, the three-point popularity in front of this is a bit terrible. Lanzhou Kai was so entangled that he had no choice but to ask Yang Yi for a countermeasure.


“Come to me and pick two books and go back and read them with Xiner first!” Yang Yi gave him advice in disbelief, “Anyway, I bought a lot, so I can’t read so much for a while, after reading it, Let’s exchange again.”


It’s a good idea, Lanzhou Kai ran over to pick a book after a while.


In the winter, running out at night is really a bit embarrassing for Boss Lan. In fact, he can send bodyguards here, but who made him a parent and love his daughter?


It’s not just an allusion in history.


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