House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 588: Guo Dabao arrives (1/4)



“Soldier’s Assault” has actually been produced. However, due to the influence of Mr. Chen Fengchen, it was not broadcast in a hurry, but was scheduled to be released in January next year, becoming the spring drama of CCTV!


Chen Fengchen was not idle either. In addition to promoting the play as planned, he also set up the “Bright Sword” crew without stopping, preparing to shoot a new play!


Although there is plenty of time for Yang Yi to make the opening song or theme song of “Soldier Assault”, but, unlike other songs, this opening song was delayed by Yang Yi for too long.


Throughout October, he was just like a sponge, desperately trying to absorb knowledge from the old professors of Jiang Chuan Academy of Classical Music, without writing a single note.


By November, he finally started writing.


The main frame of the piece is still very well written, but this is just a very scribbled first draft, just a piano piece. Although it sounds good, it’s not shocking enough.


Nevertheless, this “homework” by Yang Yi has shocked several professors in the composition department, because even if it is a draft, it is not difficult to see that the overall musical framework is magnificent and magnificent, but it can be Not some rookie students messing around with their learning tasks!


For this reason, several professors who are good at different musical instruments also brought Yang Yi to the musical instrument room in person, such as the famous organ player Prof. Wu Dan, and Prof. Xu Yi, who knew both the cello and the accordion, and they all ended up in person. , to help Yang Yi perform the audition, and help him enrich the details of the song.


“You mentioned vocal ensemble just now. You can consider using the choir of our college, or I can help you contact the choir in our city. They are one of the best choirs in the country and have performed abroad.” Vice President Pang Bodong was shocked. He was very interested in the piece Yang Yi was going to create.


Of course, he is not trying to seize Yang Yi’s creative rights. It is not so easy to grab other people’s copyrights in this world.


The most important thing is that from his professional perspective, Yang Yi’s song will be an amazing masterpiece! Although it is still very rough, this framework alone is enough to make people feel that it is not simple!


If Yang Yi wrote an excellent or even classic piece of music at their classical music academy, the classical music academy would be honored too! Even those who helped Yang Yi will leave a deep impression in history.


“Yang Yi, I can’t wait to hear your final piece!” When Yang Yi added elements of percussion instruments such as bass drums, he listened to the prelude that suddenly became rich, passionate and atmospheric, as a film Pang Bodong, an expert on singing musical instruments, couldn’t help but said with emotion.


Of course, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it’s impossible for this piece to be effective in just a few days. Yang Yi still needs more experimentation and improvement.



While Yang Yi went to study at the Classical Conservatory of Music, Murphy stayed in the coffee shop and sat in her and Yang Yi’s exclusive booth to read books, listen to songs, and rest.


It’s so boring to be alone at home, Murphy went to the coffee shop and could chat with Ding Xiang or Yang Huan.


This afternoon, Yang Huan, who was sitting with Murphy for a while, rang her phone. She picked it up and looked at it. She smiled and said to Murphy, “Sister-in-law, Guo Dabao is here, and I’m here to bring you cans of candied fruit!”


Although I made a request to Guo Dabao in the middle of last month, Guo Dabao’s family still needs a few days to configure the raw materials, make it, dry it, and then send it by express. .


Delivered at the end of last month, but Guo Dabao has a special status and cannot leave the barracks casually. He could only pick a day without a mission and ask for a half-day leave to send it over.


Yang Yi, the owner, was away, so Murphy helped meet Guo Dabao.


Perhaps because of the class on Monday, there was no one in the coffee shop this afternoon. With Yang Huan’s help, Murphy got up and greeted the door.


Guo Dabao rarely wears a military uniform today. He looks burly in casual clothes, and his big bald head with very short stubble makes him not look like a good person.


Fortunately, Guo Dabao’s face is quite simple and honest, and his eyes are also very simple, giving people the same feeling as Geng Sha.


“Hello Guo Dabao!” Murphy shook hands with Guo Dabao and said softly, “Thank you for sending me so hard.”


Guo Dabao was the first time he saw Yang Yi’s wife. Although he didn’t chase stars and didn’t know much about Murphy’s identity, the mere identity of Yang Yi’s wife still made him cautious. , rubbing his clothes embarrassedly, and said, “It’s not hard, it’s not hard.”


“Hey, Guo Dabao, why are you so nervous? My sister-in-law doesn’t know how to eat people!” Yang Huan raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “Bring out the momentum you had when you beat me back then!”


“That’s just a misunderstanding. I’m not beating you, I’m just arresting those who trespassed in the barracks.” Guo Dabao was even more embarrassed. Seeing how embarrassed he looked, he wanted to find a hole in the ground to get in.


“Okay, Guo Dabao is an honest man, Huanhuan, don’t tease him.” Murphy couldn’t help laughing and said, “Ding Xiang, you and Huanhuan help to move things in, Guo Dabao, you Come in and have a seat too!”


How can I get girls to help me with the hard work? Guo Dabao quickly blocked it with his body, bent down, picked up the two boxes of cans, and said, “It’s okay, I can do it alone.”


For a while, in the coffee shop, Ding Xiang poured Guo Dabao a cup of coffee.


He took a sip. Comrade Dabao was not used to drinking this stuff. He felt a little bitter and frowned slightly, as if he was drinking Chinese medicine.


“Would you like to add some milk? And some sugar. If you have these two, it might taste better.” Yang Huan couldn’t help laughing, but still suggested, “I came to my brother and had coffee with him. , I was also not used to drinking it and almost vomited, but I got used to it gradually.”


Guo Dabao shook his head and decided to drink bitter. Other girls can drink, but he can’t be so cowardly.


Murphy sits with Guo Dabao, but the topic is Yang Huan looking for, Murphy is not good at communication. The main thing is to talk about Guo Dabao’s family situation. Guo Dabao is also honest and has one thing to say.


Without saying a few words, Guo Ziyi, who often comes to coffee shops to eat and drink, appeared.


Seeing the big bald head Guo Guo Ziyi exclaimed happily: “Hey, Big Brother, you are here!”


Guo Ziyi and Guo Dabao are old acquaintances. On the one hand, they were a family 500 years ago. On the other hand, he and Guo Dabao also have fate. When Guo Dabao brought Shen Xinyu and the others to the coffee shop to find Yang Yi, it was Guo Ziyi. Later, he and Yang Huan went to the military camp to visit the class and lost Yang Huan, who was also the person Guo Dabao helped “find”.


Under Guo Ziyi’s familiar performance, Guo Dabao also chatted with him a few words.


“Guo Dabao brought two boxes of canned food, the one you said last time was a pity you didn’t taste it. My sister-in-law said too much and couldn’t finish it. Would you like to take one or two cans back?” Yang Huan said with a smile. He pointed to Ding Xiang and said.


“Really? I have to check it out!” The foodie Guo Ziyi’s eyes lit up all of a sudden. He patted Guo Dabao on the shoulder and said with a smile, “Brother Dabao, thank you in advance!”


“It doesn’t matter, everyone eats together.” Guo Dabao said quickly.


When he looked away from Guo Ziyi, he couldn’t help but glance at the smiling Yang Huan.


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