House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 578: Yang “Professor” who does not teach music and language (three/four)



Once, there was an opportunity to make a headline, but unfortunately, Yang Yi didn’t cherish it, and gave it to others…


The reason was that when Yang Yi went to “report” on Jiang Chuan, some students saw it. They not only stabbed the matter to the reporter, but also mistakenly thought that Yang Yi went to the Composition Department of the Academy of Classical Music to be their teacher. !


For this reason, the gossip media that received the revelations also used the extremely sensational Biao Ting: “Becoming a professor with a junior high school degree? Is Yang Yi favored because of his strength or because of his fame? 》


Yang Yi’s educational background is not a secret. The media have long discovered the old story of Yang Yi’s high school graduation to become a soldier, and Yang Yi’s low educational background, but still able to create such excellent works, has been praised by the media in every possible way. Object.


However, people can accept that a small person can create miracles through his own efforts, but cannot accept a small person’s counterattack that breaks the rules under the rules that everyone must abide by!


University professors have always been respected existences. Even if there are scumbags, most university professors are scholars with extensive knowledge and successful research in their own fields. Every step requires a lot of effort and time.


Yang Yi didn’t even take the college entrance examination. He only had a junior high school diploma, and he was only a young man in his early thirties. How could he break all the promotion rules and become a professor directly?


I have to say that such a news report with no real hammer still stirs the nerves of some people, and even some old school people argue about it.


It is not an exaggeration to say that Yang Yi may grab the headlines! If it wasn’t for Tang Kaitai’s news exposure, it might have been Yang Yi who made the headlines on the microbroadcast hot search! Of course, some gossip media still use a lot of sections to report this news of Yang Yi!


However, although these debates about Yang Yi’s qualification to be a professor quickly became one of the hot spots in the society, it didn’t make any sense. Soon, those who were arguing were embarrassed to find that the official Jiangcheng Media University came out to clarify .


People Yang Yi appeared in Jiang Chuan, not to be a professor at all, and Jiang Chuan did not have the will. Yang Yi went to Jiang Chuan to study, not even as a student. Yang Yi was just an auditor who would not have any diploma in return!


If you want to laugh at Yang Yi’s incompetence, even if you sit in, is it still just a junior high school diploma?


The media who were beaten this time have died. They are too embarrassed to speak out on this incident.


However, some mainstream media popped up, triumphantly slapped the gossip media who had scolded and scolded the gossip media before, and then strongly praised Yang Yi’s spirit of “living and learning to grow old”, establishing Yang Yi as a A great example that students should follow!


Yang Yi has been too lazy to complain about the media’s ability to turn their hands for the clouds and cover their hands for the rain.


He didn’t clarify either.


When everyone was scolding him for being too ambitious, Yang Yi posted a micro-broadcast, uploaded a photo, and posted the lunch he prepared for Xixi.


“Xixi said that her new foreign classmates like the dishes cooked by her father very much, so today I will give them more servings, one more person, so that the little ones can’t be full! It is especially important to point out Yes, the third photo is a big surprise, I prepared Xixi’s hometown dish, Swedish meatballs for her foreign classmates!”


The micro-broadcast of “The Chef of Xixi’s Family” also occasionally teaches netizens how to cook.


“A well-known dish, the secret is that the minced meat is mixed with a proper amount of starch and egg white, which will make the meatballs firm, similar to the famous Chinese dish lion head! However, the cooking method is different. It is fried in oil. After it comes out of the pan, the color is browned, the taste is rich, and it is tender and delicious. If you eat it with mashed potatoes, it will be an unparalleled enjoyment! It’s a pity that the mashed potatoes are not delicious when they are cold, so I didn’t make them. I hope the children will like it. Today’s dish!”


Let’s not look at the photos, just look at Yang Yi’s description, and netizens are hungry.


Regardless of those villains who came to make trouble, many fans of Yang Yi have left messages under the Weibo.


“Boss Yang is really a chef! You can cook Swedish food!”


“I’m hungry just looking at it, can you stop tempting me? Woohoo, I’m still losing weight.”


“This is a chef who has been delayed by writing novels!”


“No no, this is a chef who strayed into the song!”


“No, Mr. Yang Yi, when will your new book come out? Don’t patronize cooking! It’s been a few months since the new book?”


I have to say that Yang Yi still has more fans than fans, and the comment area is occupied by many fans who are urging books.


The next day, Yang Yi responded to the fans’ questions.


“On October 10th, the new book will be officially released, and there will be major announcements at the same time.” A very simple microbroadcast has teased the nerves of all book fans.


October 10? It’s not far!


And what’s the big news?


Book fans are excitedly looking forward to it.



Leaving the netizens aside, Yang Yi took Swedish textbooks as props, and she looked like a real “professor”.


But this professor is a bit shabby, because he is wearing a vest, shorts, flip-flops, and the students facing him are only a little girl with big eyes, and a pregnant woman who joins in the fun.


By the way, if you count the buns who are sitting beside Xixi, Yang Yi has four students! (Four, no problem~)


Baozi is no longer a small milk dog. It is in the rapid growth period, and now it has the appearance of a big dog – of course, his face is still tender and his thoughts are very naive.


Under the careful care of Yang Yi’s family, Baozi is not as gray-faced and dirty as ordinary rural dogs. On the contrary, its coat color is very clean, the yellow hair is just a little shorter, shiny and smooth. Not much worse than Golden Retriever! Moreover, those agile eyes, twirling vigorously, just like two black gems, appearing to be extra smart!


“Hur_mar_du?” Yang Yi did not start teaching complicated grammar, or even wrote it out, but directly taught Xixi the pronunciation of some everyday words as before, “This sentence means how are you? Come and read with me, Hur_mar_du?”


I have to say that children’s ability to comprehend language is still faster than that of adults.


I saw Xixi blinking her big eyes, and after listening to her father read it twice, she could pronounce the approximate pronunciation: “Hey Modu…”


After reading, Xixi still turned her head to look at her mother, and Murphy, who had nothing to do, also followed the lesson with great interest: “Humo Bean?”


Of the four students, only two responded to the teacher’s teaching, but Yang Yi didn’t care, he nodded and commented: “Xixi’s pronunciation is relatively close, great!”


Xi Xi was praised, so happy that her eyebrows crooked, she just sat on the sofa and twisted and turned.


She moved like this, and Baozi stretched out one front foot and put it on Xixi’s leg. I don’t know if it was to remind Xixi not to move, or to imply that she wanted Xixi to play with it.


Xi Xi hugged the but didn’t care to play with it.


“What about me? Am I right? Hu Modou…” Murphy couldn’t wait and asked Yang Yi who stopped.


“Mom’s pronunciation is not good, it’s a lot off.” Yang Yi said unselfishly, “Come, recite it with me again, hu **** (little tongue) at the end of hoo.”


“Hmph, obviously you didn’t let me hear clearly…” Murphy pouted and muttered a few times in dissatisfaction, but this was just a little fun between her and Yang Yi. Without interfering with Xixi’s study, Murphy continued to read along with Xixi.


Seeing that Xixi was about to start studying again, she sat down quickly, but followed her father seriously.


“Here, the tongue should be slightly upward like this…” Of course, some pronunciation corrections are still necessary.


The little girl looked at her father with a smile while sticking her tongue out with her father.


Learning languages ​​can be fun if it doesn’t involve head-scratching grammar, especially those weird pronunciations that seem like little games to the little ones.


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