House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 577: Can’t be compared by my daughter (2/4)



“You helped a classmate who didn’t have lunch. This is a very kind approach. Mama is very proud of you.”


When Xixi came back in the evening, the little girl told her parents about the kindergarten on the first day of school. Obviously, the freshest and most interesting thing was the story between her and the new transfer student Lu Weisha .


When Murphy liked Xixi’s “feat” of sharing her food, the little girl was so excited that she couldn’t care less about her happiness, and there was an episode later!


“Lu Weisha, she didn’t eat a lot, she only ate a little. Because Xiner and Shiyun wanted to eat too, Xiner was crying…” The little girl’s narrative sequence was a bit messy, and she said a lot After that, Yang Yi and Murphy finally understood.


It turned out that because Xixi wanted to share the food with Lu Weisha, Lan Xin and Chen Shiyun were a little reluctant. Especially Lan Xin, when she saw Lu Weisha clumsily “digging” vegetables with the fork on her lunch box, she felt like a duck flying to her mouth.


The grief was suffocating, and then Lan Xin burst into tears.


The two children, Yang Luoqi and Nan Zhaoyu, were staring blankly, and Chen Shiyun was even more unhappy with his chopsticks. Maybe it was because Lu Weisha was a foreigner and had difficulty communicating, so she didn’t shout out. But emotions are also on the verge of erupting!


But Lu Weisha didn’t feast on the food because she thought the food in front of her was delicious. She was really like a little lady, “digging” each food a little, then pushed the lunch box back and said words of gratitude.


Lu Weisha didn’t take much of the food, it was estimated that it was two or three mouthfuls for an adult, and Xixi’s lunch box was very large, and it seemed that the dishes in it had not been affected much.


“I told Lu Weisha, you need to eat more, the food I made is delicious!” Xixi said to her parents, “But, she didn’t eat it!”


There are still a lot of dishes left, so the other children have no opinion. I don’t know if they are crying or fake crying. Lan Xin, who has shed a few tears, sees it, wipes her tears, and quickly stretches out her chopsticks to pick up the dishes— -Slow, it will be eaten up by Chen Shiyun!


“That’s because Lu Weisha understands how much she can eat, so after she picks up what she can eat, she won’t pick it up again to avoid waste.” Yang Yi thought this was a good opportunity, so he smiled Said to Xixi, who was patronizing happily, “You have to learn from Lu Weisha her advantages, such as the advantages of saving, will she finish all the food in her lunch box? No food wasted?”


The little girl tilted her head for a while, then nodded her head suddenly. She still remembered that in addition to eating vegetables, Lu Weisha still ate the bad sandwich in small bites.


Comparatively speaking, Lan Xin and Chen Shiyun don’t have the habit of being humble or thrifty, especially Lan Xin, when she comes to Xixi’s house to eat and drink, she will devour the dishes she likes, and then leave most of it Bowl of rice in its own bowl.


Although this is the nature of children, Yang Yi does not want his daughter to develop the habit of waste.


“Okay, Xixi understands, she will grow up slowly.” Murphy kissed her daughter’s little cheek tenderly and said, “Tell Mama, you and Lu Weisha , there are other children who can’t speak English, how to communicate?”



When she went to bed at night, Xixi was very sleepy, but she was still very excited.


Yang Yi finished telling her the story, ready to turn off the lights and let her sleep.


“Baba, can you teach me more about Lu Weisha’s words?” The little girl seemed to be dreaming, raising her unstoppable eyelids, and whispering in a low voice, “I don’t even understand what Lu Weisha is saying. !”


“You want to learn Swedish?” Yang Yi was a little surprised, “or English?”


“I don’t know…” The little guy may be just on a whim, but she is really not satisfied with the way she communicates with her new friends now, and she is looking forward to better communication.


“Okay, Dad will teach you a few words tomorrow. It’s too late today, go to bed early!” Yang Yi gently stroked her daughter’s long soft hair and said softly.


“Good night, Baba!” Xixi closed her eyes with satisfaction.


Yang Yi smiled slightly, lowered her head, and kissed Xixi’s little cheek: “Good night, my baby!”


Murphy’s belly is getting bigger and bigger now, and she is more lethargic, so she and Xixi are sleeping. On the other hand, Yang Yi’s work and rest time is relatively fixed, so he didn’t sleep so early, so he wandered into the study.


“It seems that I need to buy some Swedish textbooks to learn it!” Yang Yi glanced at the oversized bookshelf that was not half full, touched his chin, and muttered secretly.


My daughter is so diligent and eager to learn, I can’t be surpassed by my daughter because of my slack!


He does only know a little bit of Swedish, but the basics are okay, and I believe there won’t be too many problems with self-learning. He had to learn it himself before he could teach his daughter.



The influence of Weibo is increasing day by day, especially since it provides a brand new platform for the public to express their voices. Netizens are more and more enthusiastic about participating in social affairs, entertainment gossip and even some political issues.


But its true power has not yet been fully discovered by people.


After several days of brewing, the big V’s microbroadcast of “Zhuo Zai 818” finally detonated a big event.


Lin Mu’an withdrew from Singing Youth, and also broke the news that Ronghuada’s brokerage company manipulated the results of the competition behind the scenes, and used the ignorance of the student group to set up a contract trap to capture the song of Qianli Chuanshu, and also hid them. This series of events has been tracked and reported by reporters before this.


However, the intensity is not enough, and the public attention to such events is not enough!


Because of Lin Mu’an’s withdrawal from the competition, his image was deliberately rendered by some people, and it was already extremely bad, so the credibility of his revelations was greatly reduced.


And then the champion of “Singing for Youth” came out. The singer who won the championship was An Lei, who signed a contract with Mingsu Records. Although no one believed that An Lei, whose strength was not as good as Lin Mu’an, was qualified to win the championship, But this also smashed Lin Mu’an’s accusation that Ronghuada’s brokerage company manipulated the game.


As for Qianli Chuanshu, the group’s reputation is too small, let alone the whole country, even Jiangcheng is not well-known, only Jiang Chuan’s students called for an investigation on the microbroadcast, and this influence is far from enough to overthrow Ronghuada.


Ronghuada explained the matter to the reporters who asked about the contract dispute. After a period of public relations, the negative influence seems to be continuously weakening, and they are about to suppress it!


But at this time, “Zhuozi” Lu Yue picked up some clumsy deeds that Rong Huada and Tang Kaitai had done before under his Weibo.


Although it was only some evidence that Huo Yang had obtained through unannounced and unannounced visits, Lu Yue made up some sensational plots according to the instructions of the mysterious man.


For example, at the beginning of the micro-broadcast, people were angry to see this description:


“My dad is Tang Rong!” Tong star Tang Kaitai hit and injured a student with his car outside the school two years ago. He wanted to run away. I think the police dare not arrest him…


This car accident does exist. The evidence Huo Yang investigated included this, but it was not used in court. Because the car accident did not cause any death, but a student’s leg was broken, the Tang family spent money to settle the matter, and also resorted to relationships, so that the police who were investigating at the time did not disclose it to the media, so this can only be regarded as one of Tang Kaitai’s undisclosed incidents. scandal.


But in the story, this injury is blurred, and the description is ambiguous whether the injured person is alive or dead. Let’s just pretend he’s dead, but how can the person who hit people be so arrogant?


As for whether Tang Kaitai is so arrogant, who knows? Anyway, this guy really likes to talk about his dad very often!


Netizens in this world also have a sense of justice! They also hate some bullying people, and they are also willing to speak up for the weak!


With such a sensational plot ahead, angry netizens will naturally watch it.


With his father being the director of the Shonan Television Bureau, Tang Kaitai has done things like robbing other star resources, framing artists he doesn’t like, and even cheating and suppressing the uncooperative Qianli Chuanshu. They were all expanded by anger and turned into evidence that Tang Kaitai committed all evils!


Under the control of people with a heart, almost overnight, the gossip articles of “My Dad is Tang Rong” were reprinted by various big Vs. object of national attention.


“My father is Tang Rong”, behind this sentence, anyone’s mind can have such a scene: under the protection of an insatiable official force, his son is triumphantly doing wrong things and spraying Spit points to the country!


How can such an official continue to control our world?


How can such a second-generation official let him continue to be arrogant and domineering?


The next person you might bump into is yourself!



Tang Kaitai didn’t know this, and before he woke up, his father came to the door and slapped him a few times.


Tang Rong asked him to read the rumors on the Internet, and then asked him angrily: “You said such a thing at the time? Is your brain broken?”


“I don’t know, I don’t remember!” Tang Kaitai was still confused, his head was like a mush, and he couldn’t remember at all.


“It was said that you should not show off my name at ordinary times, is it okay now? Look at what you have done?” Tang Rong slammed the table.


However, now whether or not Tang Kaitai has said this, it is still necessary to public relations to eliminate the influence.


In addition to Ronghuada’s voice swearing that it was nothing, Tang Kaitai also reached out to Lu Yue through a private message on Weibo, hoping that he could withdraw his article and talk about money. Of course, it is also coercion and inducement, and the intimidation of some cross-provincial pursuits is also indispensable.


However, Lu Yue turned around and posted a screenshot of their conversation!


It’s so hard to die, Tang Kaitai still used his Weibo to find Lu Yue! Lu Yue not only made himself a hero who is not afraid of power, but also showed the arrogance of Tang Kaitai, the son of the master.


The netizens who followed this incident became more and more angry,


However, government departments have not paid due attention to Weibo public opinion. Despite the chaos on the Internet, there is still no third party or official response. Internet users are even more angry and angry about this situation. Sadly, the scolding against Tang Kaitai is getting louder and louder!


What Ronghuada’s PR, they don’t believe it at all!


A few days later, the State Administration of Television was finally alerted. They opened an official micro-broadcast and announced to the public: “…disciplinary inspectors have been dispatched to conduct a strict review on Tang Rong…”


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