House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 570: The ball is the ball, so the wine is also the wine (three/four)



Saturday night, the coffee shop on the corner is bathed in warm yellow/colored lights, showing a warm glow.


“Hoohoo!” Guo Ziyi held a box of beer with two large bottles of orange juice on top of it tremblingly, and brought it over panting. He bought this during the day. What’s the point of drinking coffee after talking to Yang Yi about such a lively scene?


Just as Ran Jin wanted to get up to help, Wang Chao stepped up and said, “Little fat man, you asked me to help you! You are tired!”


The two put the beer crate on the ground together, and after Guo Ziyi took two breaths, he showed his white teeth, smiled, and gestured with both hands, and asked, “Who wants beer? Who wants drink? “


Suddenly, everyone laughed. Wang Chao and Zhu Liyang waved their hands and shouted, “I want beer!”


“I want beer too!” Mo Xiaojuan said with a smile on her face.


She is actually very busy. Although Murphy and Yang Yi have no schedule, she manages dozens of people in the studio and company, and also prepares for Murphy’s fan meeting and the “new song” to be released next month— -It’s also a song that I sang with Yang Yi before but didn’t release. Therefore, Mo Xiaojuan will give herself a day off tonight and tomorrow, and she is also proud to drink!


“Okay! Guest officer, please wait a moment!” Guo Ziyi still acted as the second shop assistant, slapping a towel over his shoulder as if he was holding a towel in his hand, and then bent over to hold a few bottles of beer, **** off. Send it upside down, making everyone laugh for a while.


Guo Ziyi is really a pistachio. With him around, Yang Yi doesn’t have to worry that the atmosphere will become depressed because he is not good at finding topics to chat. However, in addition to Guo Ziyi, there is also a pistachio here.


Sitting with her mother, Xixi waved her hand, as if resisting, and said, “Uncle Guo, I don’t want, I don’t want to drink, and then I don’t drink Baba and Mama.”


“This is beer, it doesn’t taste too much alcohol, just like drinks, it’s delicious.” Guo Ziyi teased her.


Who knows, the little girl pouted and said, “Uncle Guo, you lied to the child! I know, a ball is a ball, and then I know that beer is also wine, I heard you say leather wine! “


Everyone was surrounded by the little girl, and they woke up in a trance, and then including Guo Ziyi, couldn’t help laughing. Murphy couldn’t help but smile, and then patted her daughter’s little head affectionately. The coffee shop was soaked in joyful laughter.


After answering the phone, Yang Yi came back, and there were still some inexplicable things. Wang Chao couldn’t wait to tell the interesting thing that happened just now. .


“That’s right!” Xixi pouted, feeling that everyone didn’t pay attention to her “major discovery”, and said a little unwillingly.


“Daughter, there’s nothing wrong, you’ve given a good example!” Yang Yi laughed and gave Xixi a thumbs up, and then Xixi giggled with her father contentedly.


“What did Director Chen do with you just now?” In the middle of the coffee shop, a long advertisement was playing on the large LCD TV that was moved down. Before the game started, Murphy asked Yang Yi.


“He asked me to write the theme song.” Yang Yi said.


“Then did you agree?” Murphy took a sip of the orange juice that Guo Ziyi poured for her. The sour taste was very good, which was in line with Murphy’s current taste. She gestured to Xixi and asked her to drink a little too.


“I didn’t want to agree.” Yang Yi said.


He hasn’t watched the TV series, so he doesn’t know what theme song to write for this TV series, and the classic songs, including those he hasn’t come up with yet, are not suitable.


The reason is very simple. At the beginning, the tune was too high, which was not in line with the plot of first-suppression and then-upwardness. Then, one of the lyrics included “Mom, don’t worry about it”, while the other included “The old mother at home is full of white hair.” “Fa”, the protagonist Xu Sanduo’s mother died very early, so the lyrics do not fit the plot.


So he subconsciously wanted to refuse, but when he was about to say the words of refusal, he suddenly remembered that he had seen an introduction to his favorite movie soundtrack before, and it seemed that the movie soundtrack had been quoted.


Of course, the theme song of Pirates of the Caribbean has also been quoted, but Yang Yi felt that he would use this song in the future, so he didn’t think about it.


“And then?” Murphy asked.


“Then a very grand melody suddenly appeared in my mind, but it was just a vague shadow, and it was a very complex, kind of symphony-like melody. I thought if I could write it out, it would It’s a good challenge.” Yang Yi smiled and said to Murphy.


It was indeed a big challenge, because the piece was not simple at all, he had only heard it, both the original and the symphony version, and it was easy to find it in his memory, but he had never seen the score at all! It’s not as good as the accompaniment of some popular music!


But Yang Yi has been reading composition books for a while, and has a little foundation in classical music composition, and then he plans to take the opportunity to study at the classical music academy to ask some real masters for advice. The tune is completely pulled out!


This is a big challenge, but Yang Yi has to face it! The person who was going to bring a masterpiece from the previous life to shake this world, his whole body revealed joy and excitement.


“I can’t wait to hear your final result!” Murphy is also a music lover, she couldn’t help but move her body and was happy for Yang Yi.


“It’s starting, it’s starting!” Guo Ziyi and Wang Chao shouted, turning Yang Yi and Murphy’s attention to the TV. See the Chinese website for a long time for a long time


The opening was very exciting and cool. As the host took the lead in running, in the fireworks of the stage, one by one contestants filed out from the arches in the backstage.


Eight handsome boys dressed up by makeup artists, hair stylists, and costumers stood on the stage, causing a burst of shouts from fans in the audience. They desperately shook the light sticks and cheer cards in their hands~ Even Lin Muan has some support, but I don’t know if it’s a real fan or the show arranged it.


The camera shows Lin Mu’an standing a little lonely on the stage. The background voice of the host has been introducing Lin Mu’an, but Lin Mu’an doesn’t act as cool as other contestants, he is the same as usual , even Lin Muan used to sing in the bar, there was no typhoon, it was very dull.


“Come on, Lin Mu’an!” Guo Ziyi toasted.


“Come on, Lin Mu’an/Xiao Lin!” Yang Yi and others also raised their cups with a smile, and even Xixi waving her small fists to participate. They got together today to support Lin Mu’an silently behind their backs!


Needless to say, after more than ten minutes, the 1v1 PK session of the first round was entered. The competition system was like this. After the first round of singing, four losers would enter the lower bracket. The loser’s group resurfaced layer by layer and competed with the last two players left in the second round of PK for the final championship, runner-up, and third-place showdown!


I don’t know if it’s an inside story, but An Lei, who signed with Mingsu Records, became Lin Mu’an’s PK opponent!


“Before this cruel PK, do you have anything to say to your opponent?” The well-dressed long-legged female host smiled and handed the microphone to the forest curtain who wanted to be the first to sing In front of Ann, he asked.


Lin Mu’an took a deep look at An Lei, and calmly said to the long legs, “Let’s talk about it when I finish singing!”


Of course, Yang Yi and the others sitting in the coffee shop, including Lin Mu’an’s girlfriend Ran Jin, didn’t know the stories behind these, and they soon saw the songs that Lin Mu’an was going to sing in the first round.


“Coffee with sugar?” Yang Yi was surprised to see the song title typed in the subtitles.


Choose this song? Is this guy out of his mind?


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