House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 568: Xixi’s foreign transfer students (1/4)


Today’s Chuntian Kindergarten is more lively than usual, because in addition to parents like Yang Yi who brought their children to sign up for the new semester, there are also many parents and children who come to the kindergarten downstairs to listen to the teachers Introduce the teaching mode, teaching characteristics and advantages of other kindergartens in Springfield Kindergarten.

Actually, when Yang Yi and Murphy chose a school for Xixi last year, they were just like these parents, holding leaflets and crowding in the crowd, but most of the new parents reported the new year to their children. At that time, Yang Yi came over and directly registered Xixi for the middle class.

“Xixi!” Just as he was about to go upstairs, a small head stuck out upstairs with a happy smile.

Yang Yi and Xixi looked up at the same time, and it turned out to be Yang Luoqi. The little girl wore a big flower today, which seemed to be a blend of tenderness and wildness, which was more interesting.

“Giggle! Qiqi, you’re here too!” Xixi ran up happily, her two thin mouths were smiling, her bright eyes were smiling, and her curved brows were showing her joy.

Just now Xixi was looking around, looking for familiar faces. Although she had a good time during the long two-month vacation, and occasionally saw her friends, Xixi still misses them! However, she saw Wang Xijun, Wang Xiyun and their mother. The brothers and sisters had already registered and were about to leave, so they could not communicate with Xixi too much.

The two little girls gathered together, and the two angelic smiles almost shone the sunlight that could not be refracted in the corridor.

Yang Yi chatted with Yang Guo, who was queuing up to sign up. The topic of conversation between adults was rather boring, and it was insignificant.

After being happy for a while, Yang Luoqi suddenly thought of something. She took La Xixi’s hand and whispered, “Xixi, I want to tell you.”

“Go ahead!” When Xixi spoke, the corners of her mouth were still raised, drawing a beautiful arc like a quiet crescent moon.

“My father and I saw a foreigner just now.” When Yang Luoqi talked about this, her little body shrank as if she was going to hide behind Xixi.

“Foreigners?” Xixi blinked her eyes in confusion, unable to react.

“It’s weird, her hair is different.” Yang Luoqi whispered, “Then my dad talked to her dad.”

The little girl was talking here, and Yang Yi also heard it. He asked Yang Guo in surprise, “Isn’t there only a large class on this floor? How come there are foreigners?”

“There are transfer students. Today there is a transfer student, a little girl from Sweden. Her father is an executive of Walmart Motors and was transferred to China this year.” Yang Guo told Yang Yi.

Swedish adults basically speak English, and Yang Guo is an English professor, so it’s not a problem to talk to foreigners. It is estimated that he has chatted with each other just now.

But what about foreigners? Yang Luoqi didn’t understand what she described, and Xixi heard it as if she was in a fog, but she soon saw it with her own eyes.

After a while, a tall middle-aged man opened the door and walked out. Yang Yi was familiar with Sweden. In his previous life, he caused trouble in Stockholm. The other party was a typical Swede, with blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and even eyebrows. Also golden.

However, it may be because he has more things to think about, his hairline is relatively high, and his forehead is a bit bald…

Following him is a shy, shy little girl, but although she looks a little stunned, she is very tall! Xixi’s height of more than 1.2 meters is already relatively tall among children of the same age. Even Chen Shiyun is a little shorter than her, but compared with this little Swedish girl, Xixi is even shorter.

Yang Yi estimates that this little Swedish girl is almost 1.3 meters tall!

Seeing the Swedish adult and the little Swedish girl, Yang Luoqi shrank behind Xixi as if she saw a monster, and couldn’t help but muttered to Xixi: “Xixi, look, look, her hair It’s different, and then it’s weird!”

Xixi blinked, she also looked at the foreign little girl curiously, and she was embarrassed to hide behind her father’s thigh.

“Yang, it’s your turn!” The middle-aged Swedish man smiled friendlyly with Yang Yi and Yang Guo, and then said cheerfully to Yang Guo, as if he was able to speak English so proficiently to Yang Guo People he communicates with prefer.

“Thank you, David, are you all going well?” Yang Guo asked in English.

“Yes, I signed up for Lovisa, I hope she can learn to speak Chinese in China.” David patted his daughter on the shoulder dotingly, the tall little girl hugged She seemed to have grown so tall in vain as she leaned against her father’s waist. She was not as reckless as Chen Shiyun, but was too shy.

“This will be a big challenge.” Yang Guo said with emotion, “Chinese is not easy to learn.”

“Yes, the teacher said it just now, and she is more worried about Lu Weisha’s communication. After all, Lu Weisha’s English level is not particularly good.” David said.

While David was chatting with Yang Guo, Xixi and Yang Luoqi also hid aside and looked at Lu Weisha, the foreign child, talking in a low voice.

“It’s not weird, foreigners’ hair is not the same, not black!” Xixi said to Yang Luoqi.

The little girl has a good memory, and she also told Yang Luoqi about her own knowledge: “My grandfather’s family, there are also black people! The black uncle is very dark, and then his hair is a little bit curly, hee hee! “

Speaking, Xixi herself laughed happily.

“Curly?” Yang Luoqi was a little surprised. It was difficult for her to paint such a picture in her head, but her curiosity had overcome her fear.

Here, Yang Guo frowned: “What should I do? How does she communicate with the children and teachers?”

“It’s_ok!” David laughed optimistically, “Children’s language skills are very strong. In the past, education experts brought children from different countries together. Through reasonable guidance and training, they can Learning multiple languages ​​through communication, I also believe that Lu Weisha can face such a challenge by herself, and then overcome it! Right? Lu Weisha?”

David patted Lu Weisha’s head, but the little girl was a little gloomy. She raised her head, looked at her father with blue eyes, and whispered, “Dad, I want to go home.”

She speaks Swedish!

Yang Yi is inexplicably familiar. He can speak a little Swedish. After all, he has performed missions in Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg and other cities before. Of course, his Swedish knowledge is limited, limited to simple daily conversations, and more Not to mention complicated writing.

“You can try, Lu Weisha!” Yang Yi was a little itchy and couldn’t help but said, “Here, you can make some friends, for example, my daughter, Xixi, you can be friends with her .”

This opening not only surprised David and Lu Weisha, but even Yang Guo looked at Yang Yi in surprise.

Yang Guo can’t understand Swedish, but he is also a language expert. He can hear the tone and speed of Yang Yi and the little girl talking about the same language. As for which language, is this even a question?

This guy Yang Yi can speak Swedish?

Yang Guo didn’t even know that Yang Yi could speak English, but Yang Yi found out that he could speak Swedish. How could Yang Guo not be surprised! But he was only surprised. He didn’t know as much about Yang Yi as Murphy, so naturally he wouldn’t doubt anything.

I have to say that this familiar language gave David, especially the little girl named Lu Weisha, a special kind of feeling. She forgot to complain to her father and pestered her to go home.

“Oh, you speak Swedish? Sorry, I shouldn’t have questioned, I’m just too surprised!” David said happily in Swedish.

“Just a little bit. For more ordinary conversations, I think it’s better to talk in English, because you speak so fast that I can’t understand it.” Yang Yi smiled slightly.


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