House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 567: Amusement Park Step 1


“That’s the truth, so the second point I want to say about your misunderstanding is the original intention of the Huayi Brothers company. It is definitely not a brokerage company like Tianmei that is rushing for profit and making big money. If so, I might as well not start this company, just run a small studio with Murphy and make our own works!” Yang Yi continued.

“The reason for its establishment is to provide a platform for my brothers and sisters not to worry about being scammed. It’s not just anyone who comes, I’m willing to sign for them.” Yang Yi also gave Guo Ziyi a special look, focusing on Said, “Don’t bring people into the company, our company does not greet outsiders.”

Yang Yi was referring to Geng Sha, of course. At the time of the filming, Guo Ziyi was excited to tell Geng Sha the agency he signed with, but fortunately Yang Yi stopped him in time. Of course, later Geng Sha also signed a film and television company with a good reputation in the industry. It was Mr. Xiang Jiang Lei who saw him as helpless and recommended him for him.

Guo Ziyi stuck out his tongue in embarrassment and said, “Okay! I see.”

“That’s the truth. I don’t want Huayi Brothers to become a time bomb that affects our brothers’ relationship, so don’t expect the company to bring you many resources. If you want to go to other companies, I will definitely not stop you. I’m following you.” Yang Yi said to Guo Ziyi very solemnly.

He takes this very seriously, because the money a small brokerage company makes is not in his eyes at all.

Now Facebook’s domestic projects are about to be sold to SNS. SNS has sold for a high price of 500 million yuan, and Yang Yi is not satisfied. He is still letting the negotiating team continue to talk with SNS. He thinks that even if it is sold, it is so popular. Facebook should also sell to 800 million.

Although it is only a domestic part, in Yang Yi’s mind, Facebook has a potential of at least 3 billion according to the market value of Renren, who has been declining in previous lives. Of course, it is impossible for SNS to spend 3 billion to buy a project that has not yet been tested by the stock market. If it wasn’t for “Friendship Farm”, which made Facebook popular, they might have paid 200 to 300 million at most.

If he can sell 800 million yuan, Yang Yi will be satisfied, and with this 800 million yuan, he will have the money to make preliminary plans for Xixi’s amusement park in advance – such as buying a few plots of land to plant first.

Judging from the increase in the amount of land, it is definitely more cost-effective than keeping Facebook and waiting for it to be worth 3 billion before selling it (not to mention that it may not be possible to achieve this level). As for how to buy the land, Yang Yi has already thought about it. He wants to cooperate with Lanzhou Kai, who is a real estate tycoon!

Let’s not say how much Facebook can sell, let’s say Sahara Online Mall, which currently accounts for most of the online shopping market. Two months ago, Lanzhou Kai went to Yangcheng to negotiate the second round of financing with Fu Jun. The 6% stake in the second round cost Lanzhou Kai 400 million! This far exceeded Yang Yi and Fu Jun’s initial expectations!

You know, at first they thought that the entire 15% stake would only be 400 million! Who knew that when the second round of financing was launched, the market value of Sahara Online Mall was estimated to be five billion!

Although it was a bit overrated at the time, everyone could see that it had more potential than that!

The reason why the market value of Sahara Online Mall has risen from two or three hundred million yuan more than half a year ago is because Yang Yi pointed out the correct development path for Sahara Online Mall from the very beginning, and Sahara Online Mall has avoided knocking bump. With the expansion of logistics coverage, more people use the more convenient Sahara Online Mall, and its market value will naturally rise.

Of course, Lanzhou Kai is also willing to spend the 400 million yuan, because after two months, the Sahara Online Mall is no longer worth only 5 billion. Because of the launch of the mobile phone software of Sahara Online Mall, it has entered the mobile market that has not been taken seriously in advance. Now Sahara is considered to be able to reach a market value of seven or eight billion or even higher as long as it is listed!

This means that, ideally, at this time, Yang Yi sold 34% of his shares, and he could get almost 2.5 billion in funds!

If it wasn’t for Yang Yi hiding too deep, the company was not listed, and shareholder information was not made public, otherwise the media would be amazed that Yang Yi turned out to be a very rich man!

Because of this, Yang Yi is so rich that he doesn’t think much of the wealth a small brokerage company can create for him. What’s more, can money be compared with friendship and affection?

Yang Yi makes money just to build a playground for his daughter, otherwise why would he bother to toss with these technology companies?

So, if Huayi Brothers Company will affect his relationship with his friends and relatives, Yang Yi will not allow it to exist!

It’s a bit far off. Seeing Yang Yi speak so solemnly, Guo Ziyi spread his hands helplessly and said, “Okay, Brother Yang, I understand what you mean, but I don’t want to leave now.”

Yang Yi and Guo Ziyi are discussing Lin Mu’an here. They don’t know that this big boy like a gourd is brewing a big event.

The efficiency of the Weibo forwarding lottery is very high. Two days later, the list of 30 fans has been released under the certification of the Jiangcheng Notary Office.

Mo Xiaojuan also worked very hard to carry out this event, because this is the first major project since the establishment of Feiyi’s studio, Mo Xiaojuan is eager to make achievements for the people of Tianmei to see Of course with careful planning.

Murphy, like Mo Xiaojuan, also participated with great interest. Even the invitations sent out were the same as those of the mobile phone conferences in previous lives, and they were very unique.

A delicate little box containing a platinum record signed by Murphy and a palm-sized key representing access.

Of course, it’s not so much a key as a handicraft, because it was designed by Yang Yi himself. Its symmetrical tooth pattern on both sides, combined with the shape of the handle, is exactly like Murphy’s “Fei” character!

Platinum records are not expensive, and the keys are cheap, but the signature on the record and the meaning of the key will definitely make the whole invitation a fragrant bun in the fan circle.

Even though the official Weibo account of Feiyisuosi Studio has promised to make this key into a peripheral for sale, the value contained in the first batch of keys is also unavailable to the latter ones – for some fanatical fans .

The 30 fans who received the “invitation letter” couldn’t wait to post the photos they took on the microbroadcast, which caused the envy, jealousy and hatred of many fans, but there was no way, who would let these 30 fans Too lucky?

The fan meeting hasn’t even started yet, and someone can’t wait for Murphy to announce the second fan According to the plan, a lucky 30 fans will be here next weekend. Jiangcheng, of course, is at his own risk. And they need to hold a “pass”, that is, a key, to enter the office building of Feiyisuosi’s studio.

Murphy will take them on a tour of his and Yang Yi’s studios, and then start performing at the fan meeting in a specially furnished event hall.

Although there is still a week left, Murphy is in a state of excitement early on, not only preparing the songs to sing early, but also thinking about what topics to talk about with fans.

This is a good thing. As long as he is not overworked, Yang Yi feels that it is worthwhile to see Murphy smiling and confident.

Murphy really treated this as a concert. She couldn’t sit still at home on Friday and wanted to go to the company to learn about the equipment layout of the event hall with Mo Xiaojuan and Xiao Ai.

After Yang Yi drove Murphy to the company, he took Xixi to the kindergarten.

Today is also the day of registration for the new semester of Springfield Kindergarten. Xixi is going to be a little girl in the big class!


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