House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 565: New Street Corner Coffee Shop (Two/Thursday)


Mo Xiaojuan received Yang Yi’s notice and began to arrange for the company’s people to organize Murphy’s die-hard fans to participate in the lottery of Murphy’s fan meeting on the microbroadcast.

Because there is no ticket fee and the number of people is limited, this fan meeting has caused a great sensation all of a sudden. Fans have forwarded comments, Aite friends, and are waiting for the lottery, hoping to be the lucky one, come Get up close and personal with your idols.

Some wealthy fans also participated. For them, the cost of tickets is not a problem, but Murphy is indeed a rare sight for more than half a year, and this opportunity is too rare!

Fan meetings are nothing new, but the ingenuity of using microbroadcasts to forward “lottery draws” to distribute places has caused some media reports, and Murphy has been pregnant for more than six months and reappeared. Also quite surprising.

It’s just a pity that when some reporters asked “Feiyisuosi Studio” for confirmation, Mo Xiaojuan regretfully told them that this fan meeting was private and would not invite media friends to report.

Yang Yi didn’t care about what was being discussed in the media. Seeing Murphy actively preparing for this fan meeting with a cheerful smile on his face, his worries could finally be put down.

A few days later, the corner coffee shop reopened.

It took more than a month for the coffee shop to be renovated and the smell removed. So after Yang Yi came to clean up one day in advance, he drove Murphy and Xixi over to play.

This reopening is the same as the first one a year ago. There is no grand ceremony, and there is no lantern decoration. Yang Yi just opens the door, hangs the sign, and invites three or two relatives and friends to come. Drink coffee and chat.

The new coffee shop is very atmospheric. The newly replaced wooden coffee table, solid wood frame and round-back coffee chair woven by natural seagrass rattan, including partitions and bookshelves are made of dark and elegant wood planks, and even the glazed lamps , also added a wooden bucket shell, the overall tone is very consistent, giving people a harmonious feeling!

Except for the wall where the blackboard is installed to make room for graffiti, the wallpapers pasted on the other walls and pillars are all ruins and tiles, but there are birds and birds in the middle of the ruins. “Jump” on top!

Each bird is different, some have brown-red wings like eagles, some are white… There is a little myn who is still black, only the mouth is orange-red, it is tilted In the head, those eyes that are about the size of peppercorns seem to look out through the wallpaper, looking lifelike.

These ruins and tiles, as well as these birds, paired with the ingeniously planted green dill on the partition of the booth, and the branches of the green dill hanging down from the bookshelf, the whole coffee shop reflects a sense of vitality!

This adds a magical meaning to the name of the coffee shop on the street corner: walking through the corner and suddenly found a magical coffee shop, this is an encounter, a beautiful encounter!

When you step into the coffee shop, you will have a strange imagination, as if the city is degraded, people return to the beautiful forest, and the impetuous mind suddenly calms down at this moment.

Of course, the originally impetuous mind is happy at this moment.

“Wow, Baba, I like this little bird, it’s the best looking!” Xixi is like this, she came to the coffee shop, just like Grandma Liu entered the Grand View Garden, her eyes were not enough, she jumped up and down Discover the beauty of new coffee shops everywhere. No, the little girl is like a lark, with a sweet laughter.

“Really? Dad can’t make it right now. Come over and tell Mom and Dad.” After Yang Yi finished speaking, he smiled at Murphy, who was sitting in the booth in front of the bar, and brought a glass of milk to Murphy.

They have their own booths, which are hidden behind the bar, covered by bookshelves and partitions, as well as bright green vines and leaves, and there can only be one opening for the next person to enter. And it was originally transparent, but the height of one person blocked the sight of others, and it would not make people feel airtight.

Yang Yi still prefers the coffee shop environment. In addition, next semester, he may go to Jiang Chuan to listen to the composition course. He will spend a lot of time in Jiang Chuan, and he can also bring Murphy out to relax. Sitting in their exclusive big booth, coming from the door, most people would not find there are people there, providing a private space for Yang Yi and the others.

The old man Hu Songnan (the original owner of the small building) arranged for him to go to the audition. Although the old man has retired for many years, he is an old professor of the classical music school. Illegally earning a degree is a good solution.

Of course, there are no customers in the coffee shop now, and Murphy is not sitting in it, after all, the view is not wide enough.

At this moment, the little girl ran over happily with a smile on her face, and said, “Oh, why don’t you guys watch it? It’s really beautiful!”

Xixi’s complaint didn’t wait for anyone to respond, so she couldn’t wait to continue talking: “Baba, Mama, let me tell you, at first I thought it was a real bird, and I was afraid it would fly away!”

Yang Yi saw her waving her little hand, like a bird flapping its wings, she couldn’t help laughing and said, “Then what are you going to do? Are you going up to catch it?”

“No, I don’t dare to catch it, I’m afraid it will bite me.” The little girl quickly waved her hand and pouted her mouth to explain, “But it’s not real, and I found out that it was on the wall later. , giggles!”

Xixi said it herself, and she laughed.

“Then what do you think the bird looks like? Why do you think it’s beautiful?” Murphy said.

However, Xixi shook her head and said plausibly: “No, Mama, the beautiful bird I’m talking about isn’t this one, it’s that one, it’s very small. Then it’s not scary!”

This and that, Yang Yi and Murphy were almost confused by her.

“Then tell me about the one you think is beautiful, for example, how does it look? What color are the feathers? And what are the characteristics?” Murphy guided, letting Xixi describe in her own words.

This is a challenge for Xixi. I saw the little girl drooping her eyebrows and lowered her hair for a while. She was a little embarrassed, but after a while, her eyes lit up, she raised her head, and said excitedly: “Mama, it’s really beautiful, it’s round, and it looks like a ball, and then… I don’t know what color it is, it’s like a table.”

Xi Xihui still has a little less vocabulary.

“The same table is brown.” Yang Yi reminded.

“Hee hee, well, it’s brown!” Xixi remembered that her father had seen this word with her before, and was more impressed.

“Mama, can you go and see me? You’ll know when you see it!” Xixi took Murphy’s hand and said coquettishly.

After all, it’s still too hard to describe, and seeing it is better than seeing it!

Murphy had to stand up and follow the enthusiastic Xixi to look, and Yang Yi also took a Xixi thinks that the most beautiful bird can’t be said to be the most beautiful, it is a bird The brown-headed crowbird, with its brown feathers, is not the most beautiful bird in a solid color. But it is indeed the cutest, with a small round head, no neck can be seen, the whole small body is round, rounder than a sparrow, and it feels like a small meat ball.

Such a small body, with a small mouth, and small dark brown, round eyes, is simply a cute thing, cuter than Angry Birds! No wonder Xixi likes it!

Xixi continued to visit the coffee shop with her mother, while Yang Yi welcomed her own guests.

Guo Ziyi was the first to arrive. Although he went home and stayed for a few days after filming, he also returned to the school when the school was about to start.

“It’s more beautiful than before, but compared to before, I always feel that something is missing!” Guo Ziyi walked around, greeted Murphy and Xixi, and then slipped back to the bar and said to Yang Yi.

“What’s missing?” Yang Yi poured him a cup of coffee and asked with a smile.

“People! Ding Xiang was there before.” Guo Ziyi said.


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