House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 564: What Yang Yi wants to do (1/4)


Murphy said that his daily life is meaningful, but Yang Yi doesn’t see it that way, because in his daily life, other than watching Xixi grow up and making him feel fulfilled, other things are not meaningful .

Writing books and songs, Murphy felt that he was creating in the study, but Yang Yi knew that these were not his own works. Even at times, in order to conform to the setting of this world, Yang Yi needed to correct These works are processed artistically, but according to the copyright logic of this world, these works are still plagiarized by him!

Of course, no one can legally hold Yang Yi accountable. Who knew that these works came from another plane of Earth?

But for Yang Yi himself, even if he is cheeky and doesn’t care at all, it is undeniable that his life value has not been reflected.

The sense of responsibility to take care of his wife and children conceals this inner emptiness of Yang Yi!

In the past, Yang Yi thought that if he lived a new life, he could enjoy the life of ordinary people and wake up naturally when there were no more killer organizations. Then there is a beautiful and innocent wife in her arms, and a lovely and sensible daughter crawling on her back, not envious of mandarin ducks or immortals. At most, I can write something from my previous life in exchange for living expenses. It seems that this kind of life is enough, just live a normal life!

However, this is not the case.

Yang Yi can’t sleep until he wakes up naturally. He still maintains the same early morning habit as in his previous life, insists on exercising, and keeps his body at a good level.

He was not able to be like Yang Guo, willing to retreat bravely, and could stay in the ancient tomb with his beloved little dragon girl for decades.

Murphy took him to sing, and Yang Yi went. Although he was forced by the situation and did not enjoy the stage like Murphy, he had to say that singing under the watchful eyes of tens of thousands of people, Yang Yi felt in his heart Great satisfaction, as if life has reached a milestone-level achievement.

Yang Yi felt that he didn’t like to be in the public eye, and it was better to hide behind the scenes and do whatever he could, but Murphy told him that he liked to make movies, so he tried it.

Of course, Yang Yi later found out that he did not have a particularly deep obsession with making movies like Guo Ziyi did, but he did like to play his favorite movie roles. The kind big man is restored, and even integrates his own understanding, and performs better, Yang Yi feels that his heart can also be satisfied!

It’s right to live a dull and happy life. Yang Yi didn’t dislike it, and he will never change his face from now on, and live a life of running around and working hard without caring about his family!

But Yang Yi feels that he should also find what he wants to do, so as to strive for it and create his own value.

Otherwise, the emptiness in his heart will burst out one day.

But what does Yang Yi want to do?

There is no answer to this question directly.

Yang Yi began to dig out the memories of his past life. What did he like to do in his past life?

Singing doesn’t count. After all, his voice and face were damaged in his previous life. For pop music, he can only appreciate it, not humming.

Writing? Or write your own novel? This is a bit difficult. Yang Yi likes to read, and his writing is not bad. It can be seen from the successful adaptation of those novels in this life. But really let him write novels, Yang Yi lacks creative inspiration.

Then all he really likes is pure music!

Once upon a time, he sat in the middle of the empty shelter, with super HIFI headphones, listening to Sojiro’s “The Original Landscape of Hometown”, in the wonderful sound of the ocarina, as if the soul floated out, as if he could feel it When it comes to the author’s nostalgia, the scene is that his soul rides a high-speed train, shuttles across endless fields, and passes through mountains and rivers… When he took off his headphones, he didn’t know when he had burst into tears.

Yes, although he doesn’t know where his hometown is in mainland China, musically, it doesn’t prevent him from having an emotional resonance with this piece!

Of course, not only the “Original Scenery of Hometown”, but also many music played with special instruments, such as Mr. Hisaishi’s “Accompanying You” (also known as “Castle in the Sky” by everyone), The beautiful and romantic “Canon”, the light but exciting “Mark of the Rain”, etc., of course, there are also the domestic “Piano Song of the Night”, the violin version of “Liang Zhu” and so on.

Too much pure music, played with an instrument, it’s breathtakingly beautiful!

Yang Yi also tried to play the works of these masters by himself in his previous life. Although he played a few basic instruments well, his picky ears could still hear a little difference, so he kept practicing until he knew that he had arrived. this world.

In this world, he has less practice playing pure music, maybe because of Murphy, he put more energy into pop music, of course, able to sing, but also free to navigate different The singing of the vocal range is still something that excites Yang Yi.

But now that I think about it carefully, Yang Yi still likes pure music, but he hasn’t taken this road yet, even if Murphy gave him a violin.

However, in this regard, how can Yang Yi reflect the value of his life? Or is it still the same as before, copying and writing, and bringing over the classic pure music from the previous life?

But in this way, what is the difference from what he has done before, and how does it create value and realize meaning?

Yang Yi thought about it in bed for a long time that night, and finally, he made a decision.

“I want to compose my own music!” Yang Yi told herself.

Composing music is not an easy task. It doesn’t mean that you can become Joe Hisaishi. Even students who come out of the majors may not be able to write songs that you can barely listen to!

And Yang Yi wants to compose music, it is not an ordinary tune, he wants to create classics like “Rain’s Mark” and “Liang Zhu”!

This ambition seems to be a bit too big, and it seems a bit over-the-top.

There is only a wall between a genius and a lunatic. He is not a genius. It is estimated that he can only be a lunatic or a fool.

Of course, Yang Yi wouldn’t bring those classics from his previous life over in order to create his own classics. What a pity, he still wants to play and play by himself!

But Yang Yi feels that no matter how difficult this crazy idea is to realize, he should give it a try.

Starting from learning basic composition, starting from the creation of broken from the simplest instrumental music for piano or violin, Yang Yi has already figured out the path for himself.

It may not be too difficult to create a song, but creating a classic song is definitely not a goal that can be achieved with hard work.

Yang Yi even intends to make it his life goal, so he doesn’t need to worry too much, he doesn’t need to separate his life, and he doesn’t need to toss himself into that shape like Beethoven.

It doesn’t matter, Yang Yi can use his spare time, such as when Xixi goes to school, and then Murphy goes to work, or even in ordinary life, traveling with his family, learning slowly, Accumulate slowly, listen to the music of this world more, absorb nutrients, embrace the world and life more, and get inspiration from it.

As long as you can create your own classic music in your lifetime, you will realize your dream!

Of course, even if it can’t be created in the end, Yang Yi feels that it doesn’t matter. This creative process will definitely allow him to grow and create value, which is also a manifestation of making his life meaningful.

Yang Yi felt that it was necessary for him to go to the campus for further studies!


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