House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 560: Wind, Xiaoxiao, Yi Shuihan (1/4)



Murphy’s anxiety about boredom is a tricky one. Even if Yang Yi knew the reason, it was difficult to find a suitable solution.


Because Murphy is not an ordinary pregnant woman, she is not like other women. Yang Yi taught Murphy to do some home crafts, such as stringing beads, as taught in the book, but Murphy was not interested at all. , and even more irritable because of it!


“Xixi, come here. Mama told you, you can’t be so naughty and throw your toys around, what are you doing?” Murphy sometimes couldn’t control his temper, Xixi played a little If it was too much, she raised her face and blamed the little girl.


“Mama, it’s a steamed bun, it likes to play. I throw it to it, and then it can catch it.” Xixi was a little frightened by her mother’s seriousness, she timidly grabbed her two small hands and explained in a low voice .


“No matter how the bun is, you must be educated, you can’t throw things around, and if you want to play with the bun, you should hold a serious dog ball and throw it to the bun outdoors under the supervision of Dad!” Mo Fei was obviously irritable. She didn’t usually blame her daughter so seriously. Even if she did, her voice was gentle, not as angry as she is now.


The little girl lowered her head and felt a little depressed.


Yang Yi couldn’t stay out of it, he came over, hugged Murphy’s shoulders, and coaxed: “Okay, okay, what a big deal, Xixi is making a lot of trouble, but it’s every child’s nature to love to play, Didn’t you tell me not to kill their nature?”


“But it’s not right, it’s getting skinier and less ladylike…”


Coaxing Murphy, Yang Yi turned to look at Xixi, the little girl stood there with her small mouth deflated, and stood there aggrieved, almost wiping her tears, there was nothing he could do, he just turned to coax his daughter.


Murphy’s anger comes and goes quickly, and she’s not one to admit wrongdoing. When she calmed down, she went back and hugged Xixi to apologize: “Xixi, I’m sorry, it was messy and messy just now. When you lose your temper, it’s not that Mama doesn’t like you, but that she can’t control her temper sometimes.”


After listening to her father’s explanation, Xixi was no longer so wronged. At this moment, she saw the little girl leaning on her mother’s arm obediently, then raised her little hand and touched her mother’s face, hee hee He smiled and said, “Mama, I don’t care!”


“Baba said, Mama is because she wants to give birth to a baby, so…” Xixi couldn’t remember how to say the word irritability, and after holding it for a while, she skipped over and said, “Mama Ma will be angry, but Baba said that Ma Ma is not really angry, nor is she scolding me!”


“Well, yes, you can understand Mama, Mama feels so happy.” Murphy hugged her daughter and pressed her face to the little girl’s tender and cool face, so moved that she almost burst into tears.


“Be considerate of Mama!” Xixi felt that she had learned another word, and her eyes were crooked with laughter.


However, whether it is learning to do handicrafts or learning to paint, Murphy can’t relieve his irritability. Murphy just likes music and is not interested in other things. But Yang Yi took her to the studio to record a song, and Murphy felt it was boring and lost.


What the **** is going on here?


Or maybe Murphy’s boredom isn’t because of having nothing to do, but because there are too few people to communicate with?


Yang Yi felt that he should have a small party, invite Xixi’s friends to come and play together, and bring their mothers by the way, so that Murphy can chat with the mother group, maybe this way, Murphy can Eliminate the depression in my heart and become cheerful again.



But before that, Yang Yi has to continue filming. The filming of “Fugitive” is almost over, and Xixi’s part has also been filmed long ago, but he, Geng Sha, and Guo Ziyi’s parts almost run through the entire film, so During the day, Yang Yi will continue to work on the set.


It’s a little extra today. Palton Yi, the great director from the United States, arrived. Yang Yi took some time to meet with him and talk about the plot of “Prison Break”.


When Yang Yi met Palton Yi, it was difficult to recognize that the man in his fifties was of Chinese descent, because Palton Yi, like other foreigners, had sunken eye sockets and brow bones. Tall, his complexion is relatively white, but his hair is black, as pure black as the yellow race.


“Yang Yi, I think your name is very similar to my surname. It’s easy to get confused, so I prefer to be able to call you Yang.” Palton Yi was very enthusiastic, and he chatted with Yang Yi with a smile when they met. He got up, like an old friend whom he hadn’t seen for many years.


“You can call me Leon.” Yang Yi smiled slightly.


They still communicate in English because Palton Yi’s Chinese is terrible, and even simple greetings are terrible.


“My father died when I was very young, and I don’t have many opportunities to learn Chinese, which is a pity.” Palton Yi said regretfully, “However, my father gave me Choose a Chinese name.”


“What’s it called?” Yang Yi asked with interest.


“Clothing and mouth fierce!” Palton Yiyi said in his awkward Chinese pronunciation.


“What? Sorry, I didn’t hear clearly.” Yang Yi heard it inexplicably.


Palton Yi had to borrow a piece of paper, took out a pen from his pocket, wrote his name on it, and handed it to Yang Yi.


Palton Yi’s Chinese writing is not bad, at least he wrote his name very nicely, with a sense of official script.


“Yi Shuihan.” It turned out to be this name, and the **** is so arrogant.


Yang Yi looked at Palton Yi in disbelief, and Palton Yi looked at Yang Yi expectantly and said, “How is it? I have been practicing writing my name, and then giving Fan autographs will also use this, I think it looks good!”


“It’s well written! But your name should come from an ancient Chinese poem.” Yang Yi said.


“I know!” Palton Yi, no, he should be called Yi Shuihan, the great director in his fifties was as happy as a child and read, “Boom, Xiyi, mouth is fierce, duang pig. It’s a story of a killer.”


“It’s the wind, Xiaoxiao, and Yi Shuihan. The strong man will never return.” Yang Yi corrected his pronunciation, but he didn’t intend to tangle with Yi Shuihan on the Chinese pronunciation issue, “Mr. Yi, Let’s talk about your understanding of my play! How are you going to shoot it?”


When Yi Shuihan talked about his work, he was still serious, his blue eyes showed a wise look, and he just listened to him: “In “Prison Break”, every actor is very important , we will find suitable actors. Your work gave me a big surprise, because almost all the characters have distinct characteristics, and I saw that you also painted them, although we can’t follow your I can find the exact same actors in the image, but I think in order to restore the story as much as possible, at least the same type of actors should be selected…”


In addition to discussing the actors, Yi Shuihan also talked about the plot of the story. Of course, there is not much to say Because basically the book has already sorted out the plot of the original TV series, Yi Shuihan can almost directly follow it. Yang Yi’s plot was filmed.


However, Yi Shui’s chill was still not over. He also told Yang Yi about the filming techniques he wanted to use, as well as some editing techniques, all of which involved some technical aspects. , I understand some, maybe he can’t understand.


“This is a TV series that will be very exciting, but I hope you don’t sell this book to the United States before the TV series is filmed and aired, otherwise, it will spoil all the plots, which is not good for our For the audience, it’s too bad!” Yi Shuihan also told Yang Yi humorously.


“Of course, who made me write too detailed and thorough?” Yang Yi couldn’t help laughing.


The communication between Yang Yi and Yi Shuihan was relatively smooth. Yi Shuihan is indeed an excellent director. Except for his poor Chinese, he is really impeccable in other aspects. , which shows that he is very good at shooting such suspenseful crime plots, and can catch the audience’s attention through the tight and tense rhythm.


In addition, the price negotiation of the negotiating team has come to an end, and the film and television copyright of “Prison Break” is almost a certainty for Woolf TV.


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