House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 558: The magical fetal movement (three/four)



“Squeaky…” I heard the repeated and repeated cries, which seemed to be venting their anger at this summer night.


Too hot!


Too hot!


Jiangcheng is located in a water town in the south of the Yangtze River, and the humidity is relatively high, especially in summer. The same is true at night, even if the irritating heat has dissipated a little, the room is still stuffy and suffocating! It’s hard to stay in the house unless the air conditioner is on.


Yang Yi was just enjoying the shade outside. At this time, he was sitting comfortably on a reclining chair on the second floor balcony, peeling oranges and eating while watching videos with his eyes on the computer on the side.


He was calm and naturally cool. He blocked out the cries of the knowledge in his ears, and he could still feel the cool wind blowing from the mountains. Although it was very slight, it calmed the anxiety in his heart caused by the heat.


The only disadvantage is that there are mosquitoes harassment, Yang Yi sprinkled some toilet water on his body to avoid their harassment.


The one that was played on the computer was directed by Palton Yi. Murphy said that the plot in it was a bit intriguing and not suitable for children, so he pushed Yang Yi to the upstairs study for him to watch by himself. Yang Yi didn’t want to turn on the air conditioner in the study, so he moved to the balcony and watched with relish while the night wind was blowing.


But at this moment, Murphy downstairs suddenly exclaimed: “Husband, come down and see!”


Yang Yi, who was watching the dangerous crime story, was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly opened the screen door and entered the house, thinking that something major happened downstairs.


As soon as Yang Yi walked to the top of the stairs, she looked down and saw Xixi’s little head, this little girl, giggling and climbing up with a steamed bun.


Perhaps it’s the breed’s advantage. Steamed buns grow very fast. The little dog, who is only half a year old, is taller than the largest of the other three British shorts. His slender and powerful legs are also Make it easy to navigate tall obstacles such as stairs or sofas.


However, Baozi is not very courageous. In the face of three kittens, he unconditionally chooses to counsel. Sometimes, the naughty little girl stretched out her paws to pat the head of Baozi lying on the ground. Baozi just raised his eyes and looked at Xiaojiao aggrievedly, without any thought of fighting back.


“Baba, Baba!” Xixi saw her father and couldn’t wait to inform her father, “Mama’s stomach will move, Mama said it was the baby inside, and then…”


Looking at her cheerful appearance, Yang Yi’s heart can finally be put down.


It turned out to be fetal movement!


Yang Yi laughed cheerfully. He bent down to pick up his talking daughter and let her sit on his big arms: “Go! Let’s go and have a look!”


A five-year-old girl is actually a bit heavy, not to mention Xixi is taller, about the same as other people’s six or seven-year-old children. But in her father’s arms, the little girl still sat firmly, and her father’s strong and powerful arms gave her the most secure support.


Baozi all ran ahead happily, but looking back, the little master was carried down by the big master again!


But it hasn’t had enough fun yet, this little amount of exercise is nothing in front of the little yellow dog.


Looking suspiciously for a while, and confirming that the little master did not continue to play with him, Baozi whimpered aggrievedly and ran down with his tail wagging.


This guy has a very high IQ. When he first came to the house, he urinated everywhere. Later, Yang Yi took his feces to the bathroom on the first floor and pulled it over to smell the smell.


After only being educated twice, the steamed buns are no longer excreted everywhere, which makes the rewarding education laws prepared by Yang Yi have no chance to be implemented. Even later, it learned to flush the toilet. After going to the toilet, it stepped on the pedal of the toilet, and after watching its own stool was flushed, it ran out.


And that time Baozi killed Xixi’s little fish. Although Yang Yi later forgot to punish him, the little guy still knew that he had done something wrong. He lost his spirits for several days, and then he didn’t tear it up again. Biting things at home, just like a good baby!


Now the bun is the same, it just whimpered a little, didn’t shout, and called the little master back, because it knew the big master didn’t like it being noisy.


Compared to the other three mischievous English shorts, Baozi is really obedient and loved by the owners.



Yang Yi came down with Xixi in her arms and saw Murphy leaning on the sofa and watching TV. Murphy’s pretty face had become rounder because of her pregnancy, her brows were stretched, her eyes were smiling, and her hands were gently Touch your belly.


When Murphy saw Yang Yi, he waved quickly and said happily, “Husband, come here, Xiaobao was kicking me just now. I don’t know if he will kick me later!”


Because Xixi is already a baby, Murphy and Yang Yi haven’t decided what name to name the new baby, so they just called him/her Xiaobao.


Murphy also felt Little Treasure’s fetal movement before, but at that time it was not large, just like a butterfly flapping its wings, and it has only recently become larger.


Yang Yi hasn’t been able to see it yet! Xiaobao seemed to be very naughty and moved for a while, but whenever he ran over, he would not move, which made Yang Yi feel unbearable.


Xixi was put down by her father. She was happily on the other side of her mother, propped up on the sofa, and said to her father, “Baba, I saw it, the baby can really move! He, he also kicked. my hand!”


“Let me see.” Yang Yi’s face showed joy, and some squatted to the side nervously, reaching out to touch Murphy’s bulging belly.


He doesn’t know if he’ll be the same as the previous few times, and the bamboo basket will be empty.


Xixi is beside her, blinking her eyes, watching her father’s movements, she is also looking forward to it.


However, this wait is a bit long. A few minutes later, the little girl couldn’t hold it any longer, and she muttered: “Really, the baby was moving just now! Mama said the baby was kicking…”


At this moment, Yang Yi felt a sense of movement in his hand, but he was not under him, but beside him. He said to Xixi in surprise, “Xixi, don’t talk yet, it seems to be moving again!”


“Yes, he/she is kicking me.” Murphy grabbed Yang Yi’s hand and let him touch the place where the fetus was moving. “Here, do you feel it?”


Yang Yi’s wide-mouthed smile filled his eyes, he didn’t know what to say, only nodded.


The dynamic of this kind of life is very wonderful. There is no way to describe it in words. Yang Yi only feels that happiness is overflowing.


I was told not to speak by my father just now, but Xixi couldn’t bear it anymore. Seeing that her father didn’t speak, she turned around, squeezed into her father’s arms, pulled her father’s clothes and said, “Baba, I Tell you, the baby kicked my hand too, did he kick your hand?”


Yang Yi and Murphy looked at each other and smiled. Now that the baby’s movements have subsided, Yang Yi withdrew his hand, rubbed Xixi’s little head, and said lovingly, “Yes, he kicked me. hand, but I don’t know if he touched it with his hand or his foot.”


“It’s fun, isn’t it?” Xixi said, giggling.


“Yes, it’s amazing. Dad is a little regretful. When Mom was pregnant with you, I couldn’t be with Mom, I didn’t experience the feeling when you kicked Mom, and I didn’t feel it.” Although Yang Yi He was talking to Xixi, but he was looking at Murphy with apology in his eyes.


“Don’t talk about the past! Besides, Xixi is so active when she sleeps, and she kicks you too!” Murphy smiled cheerfully, winked mischievously with Yang Yi, and said, “This is also It’s a make up.”


Murphy no longer cares about the past, she just wants to face the future hand in hand with Yang Yi.


“No, Mama said that I fell from the sky. I’m like a fairy, but different from a baby, so Baba can’t see it.” Xixi didn’t feel the emotional communication between her parents, but instead she He was enthusiastically discussing “science” with his father, and was very serious and anxious to tell his father that it was not what he thought.


“Haha!” The laughter in the villa overwhelmed the cicadas outside the house.


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