House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 557: The boat of friendship will be overturned (two/four)



Yang Yi didn’t stay in Xiangxi for too long, and Zhu Luyan’s relationship was still strong. In two days, Wang Desheng and other relevant personnel have been investigated and dealt with. The only pity is that the money that Ding Xiang donated before has been squandered by them. Once empty, although he can still recover some penalties, it is impossible to return it to Ding Xiang.


However, Ding Xiang was not sad, because it was a blessing in disguise. Although she lost her money, with the help of Yang Yi and Zhu Luyan, Bai Yaozhai Hope Primary School reopened.


The original primary school was used, but it was funded by the Hope Primary School Project. Teacher Li Yongheng, who was willing to teach before, and two other private teachers from Tuche Township were invited to teach the children. In addition, the Hope Primary School Project will regularly invite some college student volunteers to communicate with the children and help them broaden their horizons.


Ding Xiang doesn’t need to use her own money to subsidize the school. Yang Yi paid for it. Of course, Yang Yi also told Ding Xiang that if Ding Xiang really earns money in the future, she is welcome to donate to the Hope Primary School Project. It’s a personal act of charity!


It is worth mentioning that now the Hope Primary School Project has done a great job, not only the little money donated by Yang Yi every month, but also the donation from the society has increased a lot after his fame, Zhu Luyan and others also have more more ability to help more children.


Guo Ziyi really didn’t help much during the whole process because he was ill.


This guy is still too stubborn. With his physical fitness, he couldn’t climb the mountain at all. But he still slaps his face and pretends to be fat, no, he is fat in the first place. After struggling to climb the mountain, Guo Ziyi was exhausted. While Yang Yi and the others were busy surveying the terrain and analyzing countermeasures, Comrade Xiao Guo was lying on the bed, comfortably enjoying Ding Xiang’s care.


Of course, Guo Ziyi is not so cheeky either. He struggled to assure Ding Xiang that when he returned to Jiangcheng, someone would send a batch of books, stationery, schoolbags, etc. to the children in the stockade. He was not here to hold him back. Yes, there must be a contribution of your own!


Yang Yi left with Guo Ziyi first, because they had to go back to make a movie, which had already delayed the crew for several days, and could not continue to relax outside.


Ding Xiang waited for a few days to confirm that there would be no more problems this time, and then left with confidence. She and Yang Huan set off again. According to their original plan, they went to the capital and went to the capital to practice!


Yang Yi and the others left, and the sound of reading in Bai Yao Village was loud, and this small village nestled in the deep mountains seemed to be revived with delightful vigor.



Time flies, and this July has passed in chaos.


The filming of the film went relatively smoothly. Although there was a delay for a few days due to Yang Yi’s incident, Du Yuanlei took the opportunity to film the scenes without Rudy, so the progress was not slowed down, and the filming is expected to be completed in mid-August.


Yang Yi’s other work, the copyright transfer issue has come to the fore, and Woolf TV has shown enough sincerity. They not only showed their shooting plan to Yang Yi’s negotiating team, but also gave good profit sharing conditions.


What’s more sincere is that they also sent a team to visit China, including the director Palton Yi, who will be directed in the plan. This director is very interested, and he wants to interview Yang Yi. In order to understand the original author’s thoughts and restore the many details of the story to the greatest extent.


“Palton Yi? Yi’s surname, is he Chinese?” Yang Yi curiously asked Lu Benjie who came to tell him the news.


Yang Yi is really not familiar enough with directors in this world, but he knows a little about domestic directors, but for foreign directors, he knows the names of a few big directors who often appear in newspapers, and he doesn’t pay much attention to others. .


“Yes, Mr. Yi is of Chinese origin, but he looks more like a white man. It is said that his mother is of German descent.” Lu Benjie looked at his small notebook and reported.


“What’s his background and what works have he photographed?” Yang Yi is more concerned about this question.


Lu Benjie told Yang Yi that Palton Yi has actually produced a lot of works, including movies and TV series. His masterpiece is the famous crime drama TV series, mainly about a police force composed of behavior analysis experts Team, using their psychological knowledge, to analyze the criminal’s mind, so as to solve the story of difficult cases.


“I think I’ve heard of this TV series. It’s quite famous, and it seems to have won a lot of awards.” Yang Yi’s memory was triggered, and he seemed to have seen an introduction to this rice drama.


“Yes, this TV series has won many awards since the start of filming, including the highest award in the American TV industry, the Emmy Award.” Lu Benjie told Yang Yi.


So this Palton Yi is indeed a bit of a real talent, and it’s a TV drama with a crime drama, so it will be easier to get started. Yang Yi was a little interested in him, and decided to watch his TV series before meeting the other party to study whether the other party really met his expectations.



In August, Facebook, a subsidiary of Houlang Technology, launched a web game. Although this game is added to the Facebook page, it does not exist in the form of a plug-in. There is no need to download and install it, just click inside Facebook. button to log in to the game.


In order to promote this web game, Yang Yi personally wrote a slogan for its micro-broadcast advertisement: “The boat of friendship will be overturned, please cherish your friendship and be careful about stealing food.”


The first sentence is worthy of being an internet celebrity in a previous life. With the help of Houlang Company secretly, within a few days, this sentence became popular all over the country, and was even learned and used by the vast number of netizens.


For example, one of the two good friends on the boat of friendship suddenly loses weight, and the boat of friendship is overturned; The boat overturned…


For a while, the jokes on the microbroadcast were flying, and at the same time, it also brought this game into the field of vision of many people.


Of course, it wasn’t very popular at the beginning, just a small number of netizens who wanted to try it out clicked on it.


But at this point, they are just like the evil, and they can’t get rid of it again.


Growing vegetables, weeding, the operations of these simple development games are nothing new. What makes them crazy is that they find that they can steal other people’s vegetables, and they can also release insects to play pranks!


The satisfaction of a peculiar desire makes netizens who started playing this game gradually become addicted to it.


And the few friends on Facebook who play this game can no longer meet their needs. Therefore, more and more people join in and indulge in it.


The number of Facebook registrations has increased significantly, and under the circumstance that the microbroadcast account can be used universally, more and more people register for Facebook, and then join the game of stealing vegetables, and even some people set the alarm clock to steal vegetables Get up in the middle of the night to play games.


It’s almost become a social phenomenon!


Almost in the city, among the ten people around me, five of them are stealing vegetables. They are all talking about stealing vegetables at work.


The media couldn’t help but report on this simple game that bursts with phenomenal magic.


What makes it so popular?


Some people speculate that it is simple and easy to play.


Some people think that stealing food satisfies people’s greed for stealing.


Some people also guess that because of its interactivity, you can interact with friends, friends on the Internet, and friends in life, which naturally increases the playability.


Here, the media also quoted a term “weak interaction” proposed by a professor of a university. Unlike other “strong interaction” games, this game does not require friends to be online at the same time, which reduces a lot of inconvenience and makes it convenient for people to play this game anytime, anywhere.


However, Yang Yi did not feel optimistic when it became popular, because he saw that although the number of registrations on Facebook, which is tied to it, has increased, the user stickiness is not high. People play games on Facebook and rarely play games on Facebook Post your thoughts on or write some diaries and upload some photos.


Some joys or complaints about stealing vegetables were posted on Weibo.


Yang Yi asked people to create a one-click sharing function of ranking results, which can be selected from Facebook and Weibo.


But few people share directly on Facebook, and they even take the trouble to wait for the jump to post their results on Weibo.


“It seems that we must develop Weibo instead of Facebook. We must develop mobile software for Weibo and deploy mobile terminals as soon as possible.” Yang Yi knew some development trajectories, but he did not expect that social media such as Facebook There is really no way for the website to develop in China. “When the popularity drops, I am afraid that the popularity of Facebook will also drop. It’s time to consider the offer of SNS, and take advantage of the fact that this project is still hot, and realize it as soon as possible. It should be is the best choice!”


The status of SNS is similar to that of Yang Yi’s previous life. They are all overlords in the chat software industry, and they have always been interested in Yang Yi’s Facebook and want to make it an SNS space. However, Yang Yi has set up professional barriers , so SNS can only propose acquisition intentions to Houlang.


This acquisition intention has been around for a long time. When Weibo started to become popular last year, SNS was eyeing the back wave. Of course, SNS with deep pockets wanted to win Weibo and Facebook together, but Yang Yi couldn’t sell Weibo, and now Facebook still has a certain possibility.


Just in time, with the help of the east wind, Facebook became very popular. Compared with the previous state, SNS’s desire for Facebook will be greater, and what Yang Yi can discount will also be more!


Of course, Yang Yi will also keep a hand. He registered the copyright of foreign Facebook, and only the domestic Facebook sold to SNS. Foreign Facebook, Yang Yi has no time to care, he may sell it again, and the price may not be so simple!


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