House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 547: Angry Iron Fist



After Tang Kaitai was directly rejected by Yang Yi and angrily left that day, he didn’t give up.


He didn’t know that Yang Yi was helping Qianli Chuanshu in a lawsuit, and he didn’t know that Yang Yi was very clear about who he was and what he did in the entertainment industry — the information collected by Lawyer Huo Yang included, he just thought that Yang Yi was Yi has an opinion on him because of Du Yuanlei’s relationship.


After all, from the bright side, Tang Kaitai can only know that the one Du Yuanlei was going to shoot was later adapted, and the screenwriter was Yang Yi, so the only connection between him and Yang Yi may be that he once gave up the role!


It must be this woman who is telling right and wrong in front of Yang Yi! It can be said that Tang Kaitai gritted his teeth in hatred for Du Yuanlei.


However, if this is the case, Tang Kaitai feels that he still has a chance to correct Yang Yi’s view of himself. After all, in his opinion, the dead fat man who chased Du Yuanlei at that time still played the leading role, so Du Yuanlei and Yang Yi should have nothing to do relation.


When Mr. Tang returned to Jiangcheng after busy with other things, he restarted the plan to approach Yang Yi and let Yang Yi write songs for him.


But this time, Tang Kaitai did not go to Yang Yi directly, but found an opportunity when Yang Yi was not there, and came to the “coffee shop on the corner”.


“Welcome to the light…” Ding Xiang, who was reading a book, heard the bell and quickly raised her head to greet her warmly, but her brows furrowed as soon as she finished speaking.


“Beauty, hello!” Tang Kaitai smiled brightly, with fair skin, he was indeed a little handsome as a sunny boy.


“Why are you here again?” Ding Xiang didn’t like him very much, but there were other customers in the coffee shop. It’s not good to be too mean to him, so he could only frown and whisper, “Our boss Said he would not cooperate with you anymore.”


“I didn’t come to look for him.” Tang Kaitai sat on the high stool in front of the bar, seemingly unintentionally placing a trident car key on the table, then said to Ding Xiang with a smile, ” I’m here to find you.”


Tang Kaitai did not know Ding Xiang, and did not know that in terms of grade, Ding Xiang was still his senior sister. Tang Kaitai thought that Ding Xiang was just a very ordinary working girl, so he deliberately appeared to be rich in front of Ding Xiang.


He wanted to find an opportunity to win over Yang Yi again by contacting Ding Xiang and then letting Ding Xiang speak for him. He doesn’t believe in his father’s position, and there are stars who don’t want to come to compliment!


However, Tang Kaitai’s little tricks have little effect on Ding Xiang!


First of all, Ding Xiang has no idea what his string of things is, car keys? The car keys of luxury cars are completely different from those of Balang’s class, and Ding Xiang doesn’t recognize the car’s logo. How could she have the idea to stare at cars or car magazines on the street all day? So at a glance, Ding Xiang thought it was just a pendant.


Secondly, Ding Xiang knew that Tang Kaitai was not a good bird! Ding Xiang knew exactly what he had done to Lu Xiaoshu and the others.


Ding Xiang frowned deeper, but after all, she is now a waiter, and the visitor is a guest. I am embarrassed to use a heavy tone, but she can only say with a sense of distance in her words: “If you want coffee, please also order.”


The car key doesn’t work?


But Tang Kaitai didn’t take it too seriously, but changed his strategy. He stood on the bar, looked at Ding Xiang affectionately, and said softly, “I’m not here for coffee, I’m here to find you. Yes, I want to take a photo with you.”


I have to say, Tang Kaitai is really good-looking online, he belongs to the more popular **** in the entertainment circle, and he is very good at dressing up, he looks like a very gentleman’s stick country Oppa .


However, Ding Xiang is still not fake, she bluntly refused: “No, why?”


Why do you want to take a picture with me when I want to take a picture with you? Ding Xiang finds this kind of aggressive way of approaching girls very annoying!


But Tang Kaitai didn’t see the disgust in Ding Xiang’s eyes. He thought that Ding Xiang’s “why” was asking him why he suddenly wanted to take a picture of her.


Just wait for this sentence!


Tang Kaitai was proud in his heart, but still said to Ding Xiang affectionately on his face: “Because after taking pictures with you, I can prove to my friends that there are indeed angels in this world!”


This trick, he used to do some pretty girls in the bar before, tried many times, and it was easy to get their phone number.


However, Tang Kaitai didn’t know that Ding Xiang was not an ordinary girl. Not only was she indifferent to Tang Kaitai’s sensational statement, but she took two steps back and exposed him: “I don’t know what an angel is, but I know that It would be me, with such dark skin and so ugly!”


“No! I think your complexion is very healthy, and in my eyes, you are beautiful, no one can match your face.” Tang Kaitai also pretended to be excited, “Who said that Angels must be white people? There can also be angels among us yellow people, beautiful angels like you!”


This conversation was not only heard by Guo Ziyi, who was walking to the door, but also caught the attention of other customers in the store, but they thought it was just the pretty waiter in the store who was accosted and secretly sat in their place. smiling.


It seems that there are not many people who are as straightforward as Tang Kaitai, but who makes Tang Kaitai handsome? Dress up like a star! If he strikes up a conversation with other female customers in the store, maybe he will!


“Don’t shout, okay!” Ding Xiang was a little anxious, she said, “We are still open, please don’t affect others.”


“Anyway, it’s just a part-time job, and the boss isn’t here, why don’t you come with me! I’ll take you to eat western food, and I’ll take you to buy clothes. Angels also need to be well-dressed. Your uniform is too aggrieved for your figure. !” Tang Kaitai also tried to reach out to Latin Xiang’s hand and said graciously.


“Hey, why are you unreasonable and want to be a hooligan?” Ding Xiang couldn’t help it. She wanted to pick up the book from the bar and smash it on Tang Kaitai’s head, but she still had some worries. I’m worried that it’s not good to have a big trouble with Tang Kaitai. After all, she also knew the identity of Tang Kaitai’s father, so she wasn’t sure whether it would affect Brother Yang.


However, when Ding Xiang was still weighing, there was an angry shout from behind Tang Kaitai: “Let go of Sister Ding Xiang!”


Ding Xiang was stunned for a moment. She raised her head and saw Guo Zi kill him in a rage. Tang Kaitai also turned his head, but all he saw was a fist the size of a sandbag.


Fat people also have the benefits of being fat!


Guo Ziyi was incompetent, but when he threw this punch, it hit Tang Kaitai firmly in the eye socket, causing Tang Kaitai to roll directly from the high stool to the floor.


But it’s not a big problem, it’s just that the eye circles may darken tomorrow.


Tang Kaitai covered his eyes and got up in embarrassment, staring at Guo Ziyi with the other eye, and scolded angrily: “Damn fat man, you dare to beat me?”


Guo Ziyi usually doesn’t blush with others, let alone beat people. He doesn’t know why he is so angry all of a sudden. Seeing Tang Kaitai “mocking” Ding Xiang, he grabs Ding Xiang’s wrist and his head Suddenly it exploded, pushed open the door and rushed over.


Now that he has beaten Tang Kaitai, his hands are still trembling.


“What’s wrong with hitting you?” Guo Ziyi said through gritted teeth.


“You, you!”


“Who asked you to do something to Sister Ding Xiang?” Guo Ziyi exclaimed, “what are you? It’s you!”


“I, I just said a few words to this waiter.” Tang Kaitai clenched his fists, but he didn’t dare to fight with Guo Ziyi, whose body shape was there.


“Who doesn’t know your intentions? Tell you, Big Brother Yang Yi won’t write songs for you, let’s die! Stop harassing our sister Ding Xiang!” He got up, straightened his chest, and said, “Go away, you’re not welcome here!”


Guo Ziyi knew about Tang Kaitai’s visit before, Ding Xiang talked to him, but Guo Ziyi didn’t care before, thinking that Yang Yi had already done it.


Tang Kaitai took a step back, feeling that he couldn’t afford to lose this person, gritted his teeth, turned his head and left: “Remember me!”


Guo Ziyi watched Tang Kaitai leave, and he breathed a sigh of relief. The warrior with his back straight just now disappeared, but turned his head to look at Ding Xiang with embarrassment.


“Are you alright?” Ding Xiang finally came to her senses. She remembered seeing Guo Ziyi’s trembling hand just now, so she stretched out her hand and said worriedly, “Show me your hand.”


“It’s fine.” Guo Ziyi waved his hand quickly.


“Show me!” Ding Xiang grabbed Guo Ziyi’s hand and took a closer look. There were no scars, and she was relieved. Her eyes showed gratitude, but she said with some worry in her mouth, “You Why are you so impulsive? In fact, he can’t move me or anything. Besides, you don’t know that I have a lot of strength. If I wasn’t worried about the impact, I would kick him It’s okay, he That kind of person is indebted, and he beats him for nothing!” Guo Ziyi laughed, he returned to his previous appearance, and boasted, “And if you didn’t see it, he was just a piece of paper, and I would give it a punch. I got it.”


“Just swear!” Ding Xiang said angrily, “If it wasn’t for his father being the director of the Hunan TV Bureau, I’m worried that Brother Yang would be affected. I would have kicked him out long ago, and returned the round. got you?”


“Furthermore, in the future, you will also have to eat this job. If you beat him, your future will not be affected, right?” Ding Xiang looked at Guo Ziyi worriedly and asked.


“Haha, what’s so scary about being a small chief!” Guo Ziyi waved his hand and smiled disdainfully, “Well, Sister Ding Xiang, my family wants me to keep a low profile, so I don’t hold my father like him. Whoever has swaggered in the market. Hmph, I’m not afraid of him!”


“And Big Brother Yang.” Guo Ziyi, who knew something about the inside story, smiled and said, “Big Brother Yang, you don’t need to worry, he has a military background, and he will be published soon, who would dare to touch him! Anyway! , if you see him unhappy in the future, take him and throw him out, I promise he won’t dare to say a word!”


“You… don’t be so reckless all day!” Ding Xiang was speechless.


“By the way, Sister Ding Xiang, I heard it just now, it seems that he said that you are an angel, an angel?” Guo Ziyi thought of something, and smiled and shook his brows at Ding Xiang.


“What do you want to say?” Ding Xiang asked with a frown.


“How can there be such a dark angel as you! Tsk tsk, how hypocritical you say he must be!” Guo Ziyi said jokingly.






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