House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 536: The surprise of Xixi and her mother joining forces (1/4)



This drama received a lot of attention when it started filming. On the one hand, it was directed by Chen Fengchen. Almost all of the dramas directed by the old man could be said to be the big dramas of the year. On the other hand, in this drama, , Chen Fengchen has used a large number of new actors or old actors who are not well-known and have never played the leading role, which has also caused great controversy.


After the filming started, the relationship between Yang Yi and Murphy was exposed. As the original author of the show, Yang Yi, who has become famous, also brought greater popularity to the show!


Today, at the press conference, the reporters saw Yang Yi quietly following behind Chen Fengchen and others. When they were pleasantly surprised, they were even more excited to raise their hands and want to ask Yang Yi.


After all, this guy and his wife went deep into the house and basically didn’t see anyone. It has been more than a month since a reporter has been able to interview the real person Yang Yi.


However, after the press conference started, when a group of reporters excitedly asked him and Murphy some questions, Yang Yi took the initiative to say: “… Today is the press conference, please ask more questions about this film. Please understand that I can’t answer questions about the drama and other questions.”


He really did what he said, much to the frustration of some gossipy journalists.


But you have Zhang Liangji, and I have wall ladders. The reporters are also extremely smart, trying to figure out how to hit the ball.


For example, they would ask: “Yang Yi, this book has been adapted into a TV series, do you play any role in this drama?”


Or more marginally, “Is Murphy making a cameo appearance on this show? If not, does she have any plans for a comeback now?”


Hearing this series of bewildering questions, Yang Yi couldn’t help but want to complain.


Fortunately, Chen Fengchen and other old fried dough sticks have a strong ability to control the scene, and they still draw the attention of the reporters back to the TV series itself.



After attending the press conference, Yang Yi said goodbye to Chen Fengchen and declined their invitation to a dinner party, and drove to pick up Xixi home.


Today, Xixi is also a bit abnormal. The little girl usually chats with her father about a lot of things excitedly in the car coming back, but today Xixi doesn’t, it’s unusually quiet!


Yang Yi glanced at the little girl sitting in the back from the rearview mirror of the car. Her **** eyes were squinting, wondering what she was thinking.


“Xixi, you are in kindergarten today, don’t you have anything to be happy about?” Yang Yi asked tentatively.


“Yes!” Xixi nodded and couldn’t help saying, “Mr. Shen has taught us to speak English, and I can also speak potato and tomato, giggle, baba, is potato and tomato the same?”


The little girl couldn’t help but smile so much that her eyes were crooked.


“potato is a potato, tomato is a tomato, these two are different, you have to learn to distinguish.” Yang Yi said with a slight smile.


“I know, Baba, it sounds like I’m talking about it!” Xixi said brightly, “Then Zhaoyu went to bed again, he doesn’t like to speak English.”


Yang Yi smiled.


But Xixi at the back seemed to think of something, so she quickly raised her little hand, covered her mouth, and stopped talking.


“What’s the matter with you? Why didn’t you continue to tell Dad about the fun things you did in kindergarten?” Yang Yi asked suspiciously.


However, the little girl covered her mouth and shook her head.


What’s the situation?


Fortunately, Xixi has never been a child who can hold back her words. When she saw that her father had stopped asking, she couldn’t help but let go of her little hands a little. , Mama said she couldn’t tell Baba.”


“What? Why can’t you tell Dad?” Yang Yi’s ears were pointed, he asked amusingly.


The little girl seemed to be under duress, she shook her head vigorously, then put down her hands, pouted her little mouth, twisted reluctantly and said, “Aiya, Baba, don’t ask me! Okay? You can’t tell Baba. Yes!”


“…What are you doing? Mysterious and mysterious?” Yang Yi could not laugh or cry, but fortunately, he was going home soon, and Yang Yi was going to go back and ask Murphy what happened.


The tiger slowly entered through the open gate, and Baozi followed as always, jumping excitedly to welcome the return of the big master and the little master.


Yang Yi got out of the car, but didn’t see Murphy coming out. She usually greets her! And the curtains in the front living room are also drawn


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—-This is a gorgeous dividing line—


It’s up!


“What happened?” Yang Yi is not actually a person who likes changes. Murphy’s abnormality made him feel that something was wrong. He quickly patted Xixi, who was giggling with Baozi, and took her with him. Push the door into the house together.


But as soon as he entered the room, he heard a loud bang, not too loud. Although Yang Yi’s muscles suddenly tightened, he also reacted the second time, and did some counterattacks without going too far.


This voice is all too familiar. He used this fireworks cannon when he gave Murphy his birthday!


Sure enough, in Xixi’s frightened and pleasantly surprised “aaaaaaaaaaa” cry, the confetti all over the sky twirled and flew down, landing on his and Xixi’s hair and shoulders.


The steamed buns that came in with him were also sprinkled on his head. He shook his head, shook his body, and shook the confetti.


Yang Yi turned his head and saw Murphy lying in ambush, smiling like a flower. Murphy dropped the cannonball, opened Bai Ruyu’s arms, and called out with a smile, “Happy birthday, husband!”


Yang Yi also saw it at this time. The whole living room was decorated like the scene of a birthday party. All kinds of balloons and ribbons were the same as what he had arranged for them before, with great care.


Yes, my birthday…


Yang Yi’s mind suddenly turned around. The predecessor didn’t pay much attention to this, and he didn’t take it to heart at all, so he forgot that today, no, it should be his lunar birthday!


Yang Yi’s birthday is on the lunar calendar, unlike Murphy.


If it is tomorrow, Yang Yi also wants to understand, no wonder Murphy will ask him what day tomorrow is at noon today!


“Thank you, thank you for remembering my birthday.” Yang Yi gently hugged Murphy’s already plump waist, and said with some moving.


Xi Xi was not willing to be lonely on the side, she jumped and said: “Baba, Baba, I also know your birthday, Mama told me! Mama said, you can’t tell Baba, because you want to surprise Baba .”


Yang Yi turned her head and looked at the little girl with a grinning brow. She pulled her father’s trouser legs and giggled, as if she also wanted to be praised by her father.


“Dad said, why did Xixi come back from kindergarten today, why don’t you talk to Dad, it turned out to be a birthday for Dad! Thank you, Xixi, Dad is also very happy.” Yang Yi picked up the little girl , kissed her tender little cheek, and said with a smile.


Xixi smiled and hid her neck in her father’s arms, as if she was shy to be kissed by her father. Of course, she was too happy and was making fun of it!


Yang Yi didn’t bother to talk to Xixi, he stretched out his right hand wrapped around Murphy’s waist, walked with her to the living room, and asked curiously, “You arrange it alone. So many tricks? Wouldn’t that be exhausting?”


Murphy cuddled in Yang Yi’s arms and smiled, “Where did I do so much? Actually, Xiaojuan, Xiaoai, Xiaoguo and Xiaoding came to help!”


“What about them?” Yang Yi’s ears moved, but he didn’t feel any other movement.


“They’ve gone back, and tomorrow they’ll give you presents at the coffee shop, because tomorrow is actually your real birthday. Today I want to spend it alone for you, to accompany you through the early morning, and we’ll be together as a family.” Murphy sat on the sofa, hugged Yang Yi’s arm, looked at Yang Yi pitifully, and said, “I’m a little selfish, will you be unhappy?”


“How is that possible? I think it’s not easy for you to think so much about my birthday!” Yang Yi smiled and rubbed Murphy’s head.


I have to say, the women are still very good at the arrangement, even better than Yang Yi, even the three kittens, Xiaoguo, Xiaohui and Duoduo, who are unhappy on the cat climbing frame , all put on small vests, on which are the three characters “I, heart, U” of I love you.


“Hee hee, you don’t have to work hard to cook today, because it’s already done! Although it was made by Xiao Ding, I have a hand in it!” Murphy said.


At this moment, Xixi, who was playing on the side, raised her head, and she shouted in high spirits: “Mama, I want to eat cake.”


“Well, and cake!” Murphy nodded with a smile.


“Okay, today I’ll be a birthday star who doesn’t have to do anything!” Yang Yi said cheerfully.


“Also, I have a surprise for you tonight!” Murphy bit his lower lip, winked like silk, and said in Yang Yi’s ear.


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