House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 525: Little photographer (three/four)


A few days passed, and under the strict guard of Yang Yi, the four little goldfish were not killed. In fact, the little ones didn’t mean to touch the little goldfish. When the little goldfish got home, they came to take a look with great interest, but they didn’t get close.

Is it because the food is plentiful?

The four little goldfish, Xixi also named them respectively, but the little girl lacks vocabulary, Xiaojin, Xiaohong, Xiaobai, Dabai are simply distinguished.

However, after all, goldfish are not relatives’ pets. Although Xixi likes their small and beautiful appearance, there is no communication across the glass tank, so it is difficult to have strong feelings.

So within a few days, Xixi’s enthusiasm for the four little goldfish dropped a lot. Instead, the steamed bun, who was full of energy and jumped around every day, wanted the little master to take it out to play again. Xi’s camera saw that the photos of buns accounted for the largest share, and the rest were almost the little goldfish and the little darling, and the two parts were evenly proportioned.

There are still a few pictures of Xiaohui and Duo Duo, but those two don’t seem to be interested in the camera. In the photo, they either have a cat-faced look of disgust, or they are facing the camera sideways. Duo Duo has another one. The photo is of a group photo with Baozi, who is wagging his tail and running happily with Dodo.

It is also interesting to say that among the three kittens, Duo Duo has the best relationship with Baozi. Baozi sometimes likes the chicken bibimbap that Duo Duo eats (no salt is added, but there is some canned cat food in it). When Duo saw it approached, he also raised his head voluntarily, sitting and watching the steamed buns.

Xiaojiao and Xiaohui are now able to live in harmony with Baozi, but they just don’t fight with Baozi and are unwilling to play with Baozi. He jumped on the table or sofa twice, and then stared at the steamed buns with short legs that could only work underneath.

Even so, Baozi, a big-hearted guy, still finds the little boys to play with them every day. After all, the little master is not at home all the time.

Xixi likes to take pictures now. Yang Yi gave her a flash card camera and taught her how to press the shutter and how to view the scene through the screen. The little girl regarded this as her new toy and took pictures everywhere.

Today, Saturday, is also the big day for Yang Huan’s art test. Yang Yi took her to the coffee shop and waited for Yang Huan’s test to end.

Because Xixi likes to take pictures recently, Murphy dressed the little girl like a little photographer today, wearing a camouflage vest and a little gray felt hat.

A few female students who didn’t know Xixi and came to the coffee shop to drink coffee and chat saw Xixi passing by and praised her: “Wow, little sister, why are you dressed so cool?”

“Hee hee!” Xixi stopped and looked at a few young ladies. She didn’t know what to say, so she could only smile a little embarrassedly.

“Really, it’s very beautiful!” The girls said admiringly, “Your parents are very discerning, and the clothes match well!”

“Sister, do you want me to take a picture of you?” Xixi said shyly as she picked up the card camera hanging in front of her neck.

Returning the favor and being told by these beautiful sisters that she is beautiful, Xixi naturally returns her most sincere service.

“Are you still taking pictures of us?” Several girls laughed, “Do you really know how to take pictures? My sister thought you were just carrying a prop!”

Xixi pouted slightly, and said a little unconvinced: “I will take pictures, I have taken a lot of pictures, there are buns, little girl…”

Several girls saw Xixi unhappy and quickly coaxed: “No, my sister didn’t say that you can’t take pictures, my sister just asked, it’s really amazing that you can take pictures at such a young age!”

Xixi then smiled and said, “I taught me, I told me to take a picture of the little fish by myself, and then I have to look here, put the little fish in the middle, and click here… …”

If you continue to tell Xixi, she can finish the whole story, and then extend it to the next story for a long time.

Fortunately, there is a girl who loves beauty and said with a smile: “Little sister, can you wait for a while and wait for my sister to put on makeup.”

Xixi blinked her eyes in confusion, but she nodded anyway.

Any girl loves beauty, this one asked for makeup, and the other girls quickly took out makeup boxes from their bags, lipstick for lipstick, foundation for foundation, and thrush for themselves. Originally, it was a small-scale photo shoot, but they were taken seriously by them.

Xixi curiously watched the girls put on their makeup. For some reason, the little girl still watched with relish.

“Okay!” The young lady who was the first to say that she wanted to touch up her makeup “Let’s go” pursed her lips with light red lipstick and said to Xixi with a smile.

It didn’t take too long, a few young ladies turned sideways, snuggled together, and faced Xixi with smiling faces. Everyone’s posture is different, or hold **** up, or puff out their mouth, or press their face to another friend with a bigger face.

Xixi skillfully turned on the card camera, however, her hand was a little too fast and she pressed the shutter.

The screen has entered the photo interface, and you have to exit first, but Xixi pressed the wrong button, and I don’t know why it jumped to the settings interface. The little girl was a little confused, she blinked her eyes and pressed it back and forth, not knowing how to recover.

Fortunately, Yang Yi taught her a simple method.

I saw Xixi lowering her head, holding the camera with her left hand, pressing it on her chest, and pressing the power on/off button with her right hand.

Several girls looked at Xixi’s operation doubtfully, and asked kindly, “What’s wrong? Something went wrong? Would you like my sister to fix it for you?”

“It’s done! Thank you sister.” The little girl was still polite, smiling sweetly, holding the camera high with her two little hands, and began to look at the screen to frame the scene.

Xixi was very quick to take pictures, she pressed the shutter, then put down the camera, raised her head and said to a few young ladies, “Filming is over!”

“Finished?” A few girls’ smiles froze, and they all shouted, “So soon? I didn’t even have a good expression! You haven’t even called 321 yet…”

Xixi looked at them with some confusion, her father never taught her to call 321!

Fortunately, a few girls still patiently taught her how to do it, and Xixi said “three two one” and took another picture for them.

“Little sister, show me how you shoot!” Several girls said to Xixi with great interest.

Xixi handed over her camera. Although she had to remove the strap from her neck, the little girl still looked forward to the young ladies, hoping to receive their praise again.

However, how good can a picture of a girl under five be?

A few girls were disappointed when they saw it: “The first picture is not good, and the second picture is blurred.”

Adults tend to shake when taking pictures, let alone Xixi, who often trembles when she presses the camera shutter. Although the configuration of this card camera is not bad, with the latest optical anti-shake, it will be blurred if it shakes too much. Therefore, two or three of the ten photos taken by the little girl are blurred. Very normal.

They whispered: “Hey, forget it, after all, they are children, don’t ask too much.”

“When we were so young, we didn’t even know what a camera was!”

“At least the framing is not bad, they all took the four of us in.”

So, they raised their heads, handed the card camera back to Xixi, and said with a smile: “Little sister, you did a good job! Keep practicing, and try to make more pictures to look better, and I’ll take more pictures for my sister in the future. Be prettier!”

Xixi couldn’t hear their subtext, she grabbed the key sentence – “It’s a good shot”, and ran away in a radiant mood.

In the relatively secluded booth in the distance, Yang Yi has already noticed the movement on Xixi’s side, but he did not interfere with them, but continued to chat with Guo Ziyi about the art test, although it was rambling, But he was still very nervous and didn’t know how Yang Huan was doing.

Can I pass?


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