House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 514: A story with flaws and flowing quail eggs



Not only Xixi, but Murphy also looked at Yang Yi curiously.


“Do you know how the Cross-Bridge Rice Noodles came from?” Yang Yi asked.


“I know.” Murphy chuckled. “I know what story you’re going to tell!”


Yang Yi raised his brows and said deliberately, “Really? You already know? Then I won’t say it.”


“But, but I don’t know!” Xixi shook her head, twisted her **** on the chair, and cried anxiously, “Baba, I want to listen!”


Yang Yi said with tears in her eyes, “Okay, mom doesn’t allow spoilers, I’ll tell Xixi about it.”


Murphy waved a small fist at him in protest, but there was a smile in his eyes.


“A long time ago, there was a scholar. In order to concentrate on preparing for the exam, he studied on an island in the center of Dianchi Lake that we went to just now.” Yang Yi said, with a little modification of his own, “There is no food or restaurant on the island, he is alone, so when it’s time for lunch, his wife will come to bring him lunch. The food is cold.”


“It doesn’t taste good when it’s cold!” Xixi has been immersed in the story by her father’s vivid description, and the little girl reminded her kindly.


“Yes!” Yang Yi clapped his hands, gave Xixi a thumbs up, and said, “Xixi, you are too smart, yes, this food will not taste good if it is cold!”


Xi Xi was praised, she twisted her fingers and laughed happily.


“But there is no way. At that time, was it as convenient as it is now, and there is no insulation box, it will definitely be cold if you take it, what should I do?” Yang Yi said, he deliberately sold it.


Murphy looked at Yang Yi with bright eyes. She could hear the flaws in the story Yang Yi told, but she just didn’t say anything and sat there with a smile on her face.


“What should I do?” Xixi tilted her head and thought for a while, then she restrained her smile and asked worriedly.


“The little lady thought of a very good way, that is to make the bridge-crossing rice noodles we eat, and the other dishes are boiled and cooked, and then they are placed in a dish and placed in a basket. The main thing is this soup!” Yang Yi pointed to the sea bowl and said with a smile, “The soup is boiled and covered with a layer of oil from the fat chicken.”


The little girl opened her mouth slightly and listened fascinatedly.


“This layer of oil is the key, because the oil covers the soup noodles, which can block the heat in the soup, making it difficult for it to come into contact with the air and the heat disappears.” Yang Yi gestured with his fingers, and led Xixi away into “Science”.


How amazing! Xixi’s big eyes were full of surprise.


“So, the little lady took this bowl of hot soup to the island, and then put the vegetables and rice noodles that were cooked before putting in, just like we are now, all the vegetables and rice noodles were boiled hot The soup is hot, and the scholar can also have a hot and delicious lunch, and finally can continue to work hard to prepare for the exam!”


“This is the origin of the bridge-crossing noodle!” Yang Yi finished speaking, ready to receive her daughter’s praise.


However, at this time, Murphy couldn’t help it. She snorted and said, “Wait, the rice noodles are here, how about crossing the bridge?”


Yang Yi was stunned for a moment, but he quickly thought of the key, and explained in disbelief: “When the little lady went to the island, she walked across a bridge, so this dish is called Cross-Bridge Rice Noodles.”


While speaking, Yang Yi couldn’t help but glared at Murphy, as if complaining: “It’s actually demolished!”


Murphy succeeded in his conspiracy, smiled secretly, and glared at Yang Yi: “Hmph, why, not convinced?”


Xixi didn’t think there was anything, she thought the story was very interesting, and she also gained knowledge. She smiled happily and watched her parents frown.


Because the soup was still a little hot, Yang Yi asked for a small bowl, fished out some, and fed it to the little girl while blowing it.


Yang Yi picked up a rice noodle, watched the little girl **** it into her mouth, ate it, and asked with concern, “Is it okay? Do you think it tastes good?”


“No taste.” Xixi shook her head.


“No taste? Then you drink some soup, this should be eaten with the soup, a chopstick of rice noodles, a spoonful of soup.” Yang Yi scooped some soup into a small bowl, and then let Xixi taste it.


Finally, the little girl’s eyes lit up: “Delicious!”


Xixi follows her father, her mouth is very open, she understands what is delicious and what is ordinary. This thick soup stewed with old duck, old chicken and pig bones, can it still taste bad?


Let’s try something else, the chicken is okay, the vegetables are not good, the coriander is not good, the thin slices of meat are also good, but Xixi’s favorite is the small quail egg!


But there is only one quail egg in each person’s bowl. After Xixi has eaten her bowl, she still wants to eat it and looks at her father eagerly.


Yang Yi wanted to give her his own.


“Don’t want this, don’t want this!” Xixi grabbed her father’s hand anxiously and said, “It’s spicy.”


Xi Xi really doesn’t like spicy food, she could smell the spiciness wafting from the soup.


“It’s not very spicy!” Yang Yi has tasted it, and the fried peppers here are not spicy at all compared to those in Sichuan and southern Hunan. He said, “If you don’t believe me, try it.”


“No, I don’t!” The little girl shook her head in resistance.


“How about I brush you with water.” Yang Yi said.


Xixi’s little head shakes like a rattle.


Murphy took the quail eggs from his bowl and said with a smile, “That Xixi eats her mother.”


Xixi agreed this time. She opened her mouth happily, raised her head, pointed to herself, and said happily, “Mama, here, give me some food!”


“Little slacker!” Murphy shoved Xixi’s mouth into her mouth and looked at her with couldn’t help laughing and said, “No more!”


“I’m full, too.” Xixizhi said, patting her stomach proudly. She also drank two small bowls of thick soup just now, and ate a lot of meat, and her stomach was bulging.


After serving his daughter, Yang Yi just calmed down, waved his chopsticks, and slid a mouthful of rice noodles. He was also a little hungry.


However, while Yang Yi was eating, she gave Murphy the quail eggs in her bowl. Murphy ate slowly, she still had a big bowl.


“Hey, don’t give it to me!” Murphy saw a little chili oil floating on top of his clear soup. Although he felt warm at Yang Yi’s caring behavior, he couldn’t help but said angrily.


“You eat the portion for two people by yourself, eat more quickly.” Yang Yi said with a smile, “And it’s really not spicy, I won’t lie to you, try it, if it’s spicy, you can beat me?”


“I can’t touch you again!” Murphy patted Yang Yi’s shoulder lightly.


Yang Yi smiled and continued to give her the best duck meat in her bowl: “Be good, eat more.”


“I don’t want, I don’t want to become a fat pregnant woman when I’m pregnant!” Murphy said angrily, “Cut it back, you have nothing to eat!”


“The rest of Xixi will be returned to me, so what are you afraid of.” Yang Yi smiled, “and I don’t like duck meat.”


Of course, this is talking nonsense with eyes open. Murphy has eaten duck with Yang Yi at home.


Murphy couldn’t beat Yang Yi, so she had to think about it. From her bowl, she gave Yang Yi the pork and chicken with a bit of fat: “Then help me eat this, it’s too greasy!”


In fact, it’s not particularly greasy, such pork and chicken are delicious!


Yang Yi and Murphy are like this, you pushed me to let me, and I ate a cross-bridge rice noodle for a long time.


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