House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 513: Shen Xinyu’s gift (3/4)



After all, the army is the army, not a friend’s home. Yang Yi came back one day and met his old comrades. The next morning, after breakfast, they were ready to go back.


When parting, Yang Yi hugged and said goodbye to his brothers one by one.


When it was Shen Xinyu’s turn, he took out a tank made of bullet casings from behind him.


Not particularly big, Yang Yi’s palm size. The bodies of the tanks are all golden. Obviously, Shen Xinyu carefully selected the well-preserved bullet casings, and then polished them to remove the black stains on the bullet casings, so that they were so beautiful. Under the shining of the rising sun, they also reflected dazzlingly. of light!


“Old Yang, give this tank to your daughter to play with!” Shen Xinyu shoved it into Yang Yi’s hand and said without explanation.


Yang Yi was stunned for a moment. Would you give Xixi such a toy to play with?


However, the important thing is not what the gift is, but Shen Xinyu’s intention. Yang Yi hugged Shen Xinyu with a smile and patted him on the shoulder: “Good brother!”


“I’m sorry last night for letting you be reprimanded by the chief.” Yang Yi said in a low voice.


However, Shen Xinyu raised her brows, raised her chin slightly, and said proudly, “I’m not as skilled as others, so I should be trained! What are you sorry for? Brother, you should let me see my own shortcomings!”


Yang Yi smiled and patted Shen Xinyu on the shoulder.


Back to Murphy and Xixi, they were already waiting in the waiting room at the entrance of the barracks, Yang Yi took out the “tank” and said with a smile: “Xixi, look, this is a gift from Uncle Shen. yours!”


“Wow!” The little girl didn’t know whether she thought the “tank” was exquisitely done, or was attracted by the brilliant golden light, she ran out of her mother in surprise, and looked at it with bright eyes, as if she saw something Like rare treasures.


Xixi’s reaction was a little unexpected to Yang Yi, who thought she would not be interested in such toys for boys. After all, when she usually takes her to buy toys, Xixi chooses dolls and plush dolls that little girls like to play with, or mini kitchens and mini nurse suits that little girls love to play with.


“Does Xixi like it?” Yang Yi handed it to Xixi and said, “You have to handle it carefully, after all, it is glued with glue, and it may be damaged if dropped on the ground.”


Xixi didn’t even pay attention. She grabbed the heavy shell tank with both hands, looked left and right with joy, and looked at it carefully, she was reluctant to let go.


Yang Yi also heard the little girl muttering while watching “Tank”: “Do you want to forgive Uncle Shen? He fought with Baba, but, however, Uncle Shen lost to Baba. Then, Uncle Shen sent Give me such a beautiful car, I won’t be angry anymore, Uncle Shen is a good person…”


This kid’s logic, Yang Yi couldn’t help but shook his head with a smile.


However, Yang Yi can probably understand that Xixi doesn’t like this gift because she is a tank, she should like the color and the delicate appearance.


“Baba, I can leave it at home, and then, let Xiner come to my house to see it?” Xixi still raised her head, holding the cartridge tank in her two little hands, and said happily to her father.


“Of course!” Yang Yi nodded.


“Did Shen Xinyu go back? He gave Xixi such a precious gift, and Xixi didn’t even say thank you to Uncle Shen.” Murphy came over and looked at the cartridge tank in Xixi’s hand, feeling very Sorry.


“Go back, they still have a mission. It’s not some expensive gift, just some bullet casings. Usually, a lot of discarded bullet casings are thrown away when shooting targets. The person in charge can get a lot of them.” Yang Yi said with a smile. , “And I also thanked Xixi.”


“It’s not a question of whether it’s expensive or not. It’s not easy for him to make this craft. And it’s different from thanking you and thanking Xixi in person,” Murphy said.


“Mama, what are you talking about?” After Xixi held the cartridge tank for a while, she felt a little sore in her hand, so she took her father’s hand and asked him to hold it for her.


Yang Yi took it with his left hand, rubbed Xixi’s little head with his right hand, and said with a smile: “Your mother said that you should say thank you to Uncle Shen, but Uncle Shen has gone back now, Let’s call him back next time and say thank you!”



Yang Yi drove the rented car and took Murphy and Xixi to the city of rejuvenation. Along the way, they sang and danced again.


Looking at the vibrant mountains and forests in spring outside the car window and the flower fields in the characteristic villages along the road, Xixi couldn’t stop her excited little mood. She sang the song “Where is Spring” dozens of times, listening to Yang Yihe Murphy was about to vomit, but she still enjoyed it and dragged Murphy to sing with her.


“Come on, let’s change it, you sing a song, then Mama sings a song, then Baba sings a song, then it’s your turn to sing, okay? Let’s see who sings the most! “Murphy finally found a way and played a game with Xixi in a compromise.


It didn’t take long for them to return to Spring City, perhaps.


However, today Yang Yi has no plans to go back to Jiangcheng. According to the plan, they will also spend a day in Spring City.


Isn’t it a pity to come to such a beautiful place and not visit the scenery of Spring City and taste the local specialties?


So, they dropped by the way in the morning and went directly to Dianchi Lake National Park. Dianchi Lake Park is a bit big. After Yang Yi bought the tickets, he could drive Murphy and Xixi along the way.


It is said that Dianchi Lake was not so beautiful before, and was even plagued by pollution, but under the vigorous management of Spring City, not only the water quality has been restored, and it has become clean and clear, but the grass along the shore has also been trimmed At a glance, I feel relaxed and happy.


After leaving many photos and memories by Dianchi Lake, at noon, Yang Yi and the others came to a rice noodle shop in Spring City for lunch.


“Come to Caiyun, cross the bridge rice noodle is a must try!” Yang Yi said to Murphy and Xixi.


Xi Xi was very curious, she ran to the old grandmother and watched the old grandmother add ingredients to the big plate.


“No, I don’t want chili, I don’t want chili!” The little girl suddenly cried out. She even ran to her father’s side and complained, “Baba, I don’t want chili! But grandma has chili in it. “


“I don’t want it spicy either,” Murphy said quickly. Xixi doesn’t like spicy food, she can’t eat it at all, just like Murphy.


This rice noodle shop is an old shop, and the service standard is not as high as that of a big hotel, so the meat, sour bamboo shoots and other materials are directly placed on the plate, and there are no small plates to separate them.


Yang Yi stood up, smiled and said to the grandmother who stopped in surprise, “I’m sorry, just give me the plate with the chili peppers, and don’t let the other troubles be spicy.”


Finally, the dishes are served. In addition to the bowls of rice noodles, there is also a large sea bowl in front of each person, which is filled with thick soup and covered with a layer of fat from chicken and duck.


Yang Yi was not that particular. He helped Xixi and Murphy pour the ingredients and rice noodles into the soup, and mixed them lightly. The oil surface was scattered, and the originally calm soup noodles actually emitted white steam.


“It’s very hot! I can’t eat it yet!” Yang Yi turned to see Xixi holding chopsticks in her mouth and said, “Before it cools down, Dad will tell you a story!”


“Okay! What’s the story?” Seeing the steam in the soup, Xixi knew it was hot, so she turned her attention from the food to her father.


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