House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 510: Strange poses and cool military uniforms



“Hey, don’t move, I’ll see if you’re hurt!”


In the evening, in the guest house’s room, Murphy’s anxious voice came over.


I saw Murphy pressing Yang Yi, who was about to take off his clothes to take a shower, with a worried look on his face, and gently tugging at the sweatshirt and sweatpants with several long slits cut by the wire.


Seeing this mess as robbed, even Xixi covered her mouth and stood aside, looking surprised.


Because the bulletproof vest was still covering it, the broken place was either the arm or the thigh. After Murphy looked at his arms, he squatted down again, and carefully turned over Yang Yi’s trouser legs to see if there would be **** wounds on the inner thighs.


But this pose is a bit too much!


Yang Yi couldn’t help but have some strange thoughts in his mind. However, when he glanced at Xixi next to him, he felt embarrassed.


“Cough cough!” He pulled Murphy up and said incredulously, “There is no injury, it’s just that the clothes are torn, and the inside is fine. Look, I’m all alive and kicking, do you think it’s the injured person? “


Xixi shook her head, and she said on the side: “No, Baba, if I get hurt, it will hurt so much, and then I have to hug it.”


Yang Yi snapped his fingers, pointed at his daughter, and said with a smile, “That’s right! But my father didn’t have the pain to walk, right?”


Xixi is no longer worried, she smiled and nodded to her father.


Murphy didn’t notice anything wrong with her actions just now. She wasn’t completely relieved. She stood up, walked behind Yang Yi, stood on tiptoe, turned over Yang Yi’s collar, and said worriedly, “Then this Where’s the side? Is there any injury on the back of the hair?”


This is the first place to be hooked!


“Okay, look, you’re not injured, right?” Seeing Murphy’s worried look, Yang Yi simply took off her tracksuit and top and vest, turned it around, and showed it to Murphy. .


“Oops!” Xixi blinked her eyes, her reaction was a little slow, and it took a while for her to cry out. She covered her eyes with her two little hands and pouted, “Baba doesn’t wear clothes, I’m ashamed!”


Although Xixi covered her eyes mischievously, Yang Yi could see that the little girl’s fingers were stretched, and she could still see her smiling eyes in the gap.


Sometimes, when Yang Yi called her to sleep, she covered her eyes and said she fell asleep, but it was also a trick that Yang Yi should not be too familiar with.


Murphy believed it to be true. After she confirmed that Yang Yi was not injured, she breathed a sigh of relief, then pushed Yang Yi and drove him to the bathroom, smiling and said, “Go take a shower, and show your muscles here! You I see Xixi talking about you!”


“Hey, she pretended, I tell you, this little guy is getting more and more naughty…” Yang Yi’s resistance was suppressed, and he was locked up in the laughter of Xixi and Murphy. bathroom.


When Yang Yi came out of the shower, Murphy was happily holding a set of women’s military uniforms, playing with and trying on in front of him.


The clothes were sent by the army. In order for Yang Yi and Murphy to complete their performance tonight, they sent two sets of brand new military uniforms, selected according to Yang Yi and Murphy’s size.


Zhang Yazhong’s ultimate goal is to invite Yang Yi and Murphy to do a performance for the soldiers. Of course, because of the rush, it is impossible to hold a party. But the troops also have training programs at night. After the training, sometimes each class will sing songs to each other, which can be regarded as enriching everyone’s usual boring training life.


Yang Yi and Murphy were dispatched at this time to sing to the soldiers of the military division, but they could not be popular songs, they had to be military songs.


Because it’s not a popular song, Murphy’s own song doesn’t contain military songs, and Yang Yi can’t teach her to sing a new song temporarily.


However, Murphy can still sing some well-known military songs, so he chose a more proficient female voice song, which seems to be called “Moonlight of the Army”.


There are many men in the army, and Yang Yi also chose two military songs, ready to sing to the soldiers when the time comes.


“Here comes the clothes? Try them on.” Yang Yi encouraged Murphy cheerfully before seeing Murphy wearing a military uniform.


“I’m here, but it’s a pity that there is no Xixi.” Murphy said to Yang Yi with some regret.


There is no way to do this. After all, Xixi is too young. There are female soldiers in the army, but there are no little female soldiers over four years old!


However, Xixi shook her head and said, “I don’t want it, I want to wear my clothes. My dress is the best!”


Yang Yi shook his head and smiled with Murphy: “It’s alright, I really want to wear it. I’ll have someone cut camouflage fabrics and make a few pieces, and they’ll also be tailor-made, which will definitely fit better than this.”


As he was talking, Yang Yi suddenly remembered that he could do a family photo shoot, set a time every year, the whole family would wear uniform clothes, parent-child type, and then take a group photo!


Similarly, it should be interesting!


Murphy had no ink marks. She took the military uniform to the bathroom to change it. However, it took a little time. Yang Yidu and Xixi said some thrilling parts of today’s game were finished, and the neatly dressed Murphy slowly came out.


Yang Yi couldn’t help but feel that his eyes lit up. Murphy in the camouflage uniform stood in front of him pretty, and the loose uniform was also supported by her tall figure, with a somewhat plump front. She looks a little bulging, but she can still see her slender figure.


Murphy doesn’t wear Fendai at this time, but she has a light beauty that seems to be a hibiscus emerging from clear water.


The only flaw is that Murphy’s hair is a bit trendy, the long hair that is spread out does not look like a soldier, and the slight curl at the end of the hair and the shyness on her face also make her less heroic. A little more tenderness.


“Come on, let me braid your hair.” Yang Yi asked Murphy to sit over, and then she braided her hair, like a female honor guard’s hair, into a neat and beautiful ball.


“Put on your hat and take a look!” Yang Yi handed the military hat to Murphy, then dragged her to the front of the wind discipline mirror, pointed at the heroic female soldier inside, and said with a smile, “How is it?” /


Of course, regardless of the expression, Murphy is indeed a leader among female soldiers. She wears a military uniform with a kind of handsomeness that makes women irresistible. Just by looking at her expression, Murphy became a gentle little woman like water. Even in a military uniform, she was just a rose in a gun, still fragile and delicate.


There is no way. After being with Yang Yi, Murphy lost a lot of cold and rigid temperament, not to mention that she is very embarrassed by Yang Yi, and she doesn’t seem to feel this shy expression. scary.


But Xixi on the side was stunned. The little girl kept looking at her mother in surprise when her mother came out of the bathroom. It seemed a little hard to believe that such an unpleasant color clothes, her mother actually looked so good in it.


“Xixi, what do you think?” Mo Fei was overjoyed when she received Yang Yi’s appreciation. When Yang Yi went to change her clothes, she couldn’t help but ask her daughter.


“Mama is so pretty!” Xixi said enviously. She doesn’t know what words to use to describe it, but it can also express her meaning.


“Really?” Murphy asked cheerfully, “but didn’t you just say you didn’t like this kind of clothes?”


“But, but I don’t think it looks good!” Xixi didn’t know how to answer, she pouted her mouth and said tangled, “Now it looks good…”


Murphy laughed: “Are you saying that Mama dresses nicely?”


“I like wearing Mama, it looks good in Mama!” Xixi explained vigorously.


“Thank you Xixi, it’s just a pity, there are no children’s clothes, no military uniforms similar to yours.” Murphy said regretfully again, “Mama thinks it would be nice if there are, so that Xixi can also be like Mama. Dressed nicely, huh?”


“It will be cool.” The frowning little girl was actually still pondering, and finally, she thought of a word, her eyes lit up, and she said cheerfully.


“Who do you think is cool?” Yang Yi changed clothes faster, and his movements seemed to be imprinted in his mind, and he came out after a while, just when he heard Xixi’s words, he asked with a smile.


Xixi is also the first time to see her father in a military uniform. After seeing her father in a camouflage uniform, the whole person looks capable and neat, and his mental outlook seems to be completely new. Xixi can’t help but look at it.


“Baba Cool or Mama Cool?” Murphy asked with a smile.


“Baba is cool.” Xixi said casually, turned to look at Murphy, and shook again. The little girl said hesitantly, “But Mama is even cooler!”


“Really? Your mother is cooler?” Yang Yi teased her daughter and laughed, “Where’s the cool?”


“I don’t know either…” Xixi pouted, she buried her head in her father’s arms and twisted reluctantly, “Baba, don’t ask me, okay?”


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