House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 506: The place where my father struggled before



Where Dad used to struggle…


On the way to Yongchang City, Xixi was very curious. Although she still can’t understand the meaning of the past to her father, this does not hinder her curiosity. The little girl likes everything about her father, and she really wants to know what her father said about the place where she lived before she was born. !


Sitting in the military vehicle, Xixi sat in the back seat with her mother, but she was not at all restless, looking at the roof without a roof for a while, then looking outside the car, looking left and right.


The military camp is like a big maze to Xixi!


The houses inside look the same, and then there are many soldiers in camouflage uniforms like Uncle Shen, either walking by in line, or driving a big truck, and the big truck will make a rumbling sound.


Did Dad work here before?


Did Dad always wear weird clothes like this before?


A lot of questions popped up in the little girl’s mind.


Soon, the jeep came to the Wolf Warrior’s place. Xixi saw that just as the car stopped, Dad jumped out of the car and hugged a few people.


Xixi found that two of them seemed to have come to their house last time, but the little girl couldn’t remember the names of the other uncles, only the villain Shen Uncle who fought with her father.


“Xixi, let’s get out of the car!” Her mother’s voice sounded in her ears, Xixi turned to look at her mother, and was watching the little girl who was distracted by her father.


But she was still carried by her mother and got out of the jeep before falling to the ground.


“Let me introduce you…” Yang Yi came over, hugged Xixi, then pulled Murphy, and introduced them to everyone again.


The presence of so many people made Xixi still nervous. The little girl put her arms around her father’s neck and looked at these uncles timidly.


During her father’s introduction, Xixi finally remembered that Uncle Rob and Uncle Yu were the ones she felt familiar.


In addition, there are several names that Xixi can’t remember. The little girl can only follow her father’s guidance and say hello in a low voice: “Hello, uncle…”


“How good, this child is very obedient.” Luo Zongsheng said to Yang Yi with a smile.


He also said to Murphy: “Brother and sister, don’t be nervous. When you come to our Wolf Warrior, it’s just like returning home. Yang Yi is our brother, not a kiss, but more than a kiss, so what’s the matter? Ask for it, and if there is anything we don’t take care of, we will also point it out, you’re welcome!”


Murphy nodded embarrassedly, and said, “Where, you are all too enthusiastic, how can you not take care of it well.”


Although I’m not quite used to this environment, I have to say that the people here are smiling sincerely, and Murphy gradually forgot his nervousness.


“It’s almost noon, Yang Yi, and Murphy, haven’t you eaten yet?” Luo Zongsheng asked.


Seeing them shaking their heads, Luo Zongsheng smiled and said, “That’s good, I’ll eat with us at noon today. I told the kitchen before that I made three more people. There is no special hospitality in the army, and I can only feel wronged. You join us for the army meal.”


“No grievance, it’s okay.” Murphy said quickly.


“It’s alright, come back to fight the wolf, I also want to come back and have a look, it’s not the idea of ​​rushing to eat fresh seafood.” Yang Yi laughed, “Don’t worry about Murphy and the others, it’s just right, you can also increase your knowledge. “


“Actually, in the army, the food has improved a lot over the years. There are meat and vegetables for three meals, and the brothers in the cooking class are very good at cooking. These young men, when it comes to dinner, rush into the dining hall with a loud roar. !” Luo Zongsheng led the way and said with a smile.


“Hey, Lao Luo, I suddenly remembered!” Shen Xinyu suddenly called out, “And there are children! You let Yang Yi’s children eat the same food as us?”




It was Shen Xinyu, the guy who was “remorseful” by Xixi, who noticed this detail, and he was still very concerned about Xixi.


Luo Zongsheng, Shen Xinyu, Yu Xiaotian, and a few others turned their heads together to look at Xixi, who was being held by Murphy. The little girl was a little scared and hid behind her father. He was still holding his mother’s hand.


Yang Yi was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter, she is almost five years old. She will eat whatever we usually eat, and there will be no problem.”


“This child’s appetite is not as good as our adults’. It’s okay to say that the food we eat is too hard for the child to digest.” Yu Xiaotian rarely opened his mouth and said.


“Then I’ll go to the kitchen to get some more porridge?” Shen Xinyu asked, “Take the current bowl of rice and boil it with some water.”


Yang Yi still knows some disciplines. He didn’t want everyone to make special things for his children, so he quickly grabbed Shen Xinyu and said, “It’s okay, I’ll let her eat some food later, if she can eat it, it’s too hard. , get some hot water and I’ll make some milk powder for her, just drink milk.”


Eating in the army, but not as polite as outside, chewing slowly.


Soldiers lined up with their plates in their hands, threw food and vegetables, and then returned to the dining table to eat. After training all morning, they were sweaty, but they didn’t slack off when they ate, and they rustled. After eating, he kept stuffing vegetables into his mouth.


The whole scene can only be described as gobbling up and ravaging the clouds!


Within five minutes, the soldiers walked out with a plate of rice and a single dish left.


In this scene, Murphy, who just sat down with a plate, was dumbfounded.


“It doesn’t matter, our table is special today, so we can eat slower.” Luo Zongsheng found Murphy’s sight and said quickly.


“Lao Luo, indeed, this food is much better than six years ago!” Yang Yi held two plates, sat next to Murphy across Xixi, smiled and said to his brothers, “Look at you all. What we eat now, chicken legs, pork belly, cabbage and white radish, if we were able to be so good back then, Ah Xiao could at least grow ten centimeters taller!”


Yu Xiaotian is a native of Caiyun Province. He is short and thin. He is often ridiculed by Yang Yi and the others, but it is not malicious, and he does not care.


“That’s right! I just said you didn’t catch up with the good time!” Shen Xinyu said.


“Anyway, your wife and children are comfortable with eating, so don’t think it’s too simple.” Luo Zongsheng laughed, “Let’s eat, let’s eat!”


Just now Luo Zongsheng said that they could eat slower, but after they really started, Luo Zongsheng and the others were also in a storm, and one ate faster than the other.


Murphy also wanted to eat faster, but she couldn’t. After a big mouthful of food, she couldn’t chew.


“Slow down, slow down.” When Yang Yi saw it, he stopped his chopsticks, poured a glass of water for Murphy, and said with a smile.


I have to say that the sound of everyone eating in the past four weeks made him feel very cordial. Perhaps because of the infection of the environment, Yang Yi also accelerated his speed. All the food on the plate was eaten.


Then he helped Xixi tear the chicken thighs while talking to Luo Zongsheng and the others about his current situation.


“You started writing songs and became a star!” Shen Xinyu said in surprise, “We read the news at the time and thought it was fake news.”


“Well, I’ve made a lot of progress by running around outside these years, like writing songs. I didn’t realize that I had talent in this area before.” Yang Yi smiled.


Luo Zongsheng is more concerned about Xixi. He and his wife have not had children yet, but they have reached the age of being a loving father. He looked at him lovingly at the little boy who was putting chicken thighs in his mouth with chopsticks. Girl, asked softly, “Xixi, do you think it’s delicious?”


Xixi raised her head and looked at this Uncle Roy, perhaps because she became familiar with him gradually, she nodded and said, “This is delicious, this is too hard and not delicious.”


The little girl refers to the pork belly with chopsticks. Here is the pork belly made by stir-frying. Moved!


“Then eat more chicken drumsticks and green vegetables.” Luo Zongsheng stood up and said, “I’ll go over there to see if there are any drumsticks left.”


Yang Yi quickly grabbed Luo Zongsheng and said with a smile: “Lao Luo, no need, one drumstick is enough, she can’t eat too much.”


This drumstick is still very big and can tear off a lot of meat. Xixi finished eating a drumstick and some fried white radish, then drank some milk and started burping.


“Uh…” The little girl was still a little She hid in her father’s arms and secretly showed her small eyes to look at other uncles and uncles, afraid that everyone would laugh at her.


Then she twisted in her father’s arms, amused by her hiccups, and whispered to her father: “I’m full…hehe!”


In order not to waste it, Yang Yi also ate the rest of Xixi’s food. Fortunately, Yang Yi didn’t pack too much rice for Xixi. The rice here is indeed hard boiled. Xixi tasted it. Neither wanted to eat, and Murphy burped after eating.


“I have arranged the rooms in the guest house for you, go back to rest at noon, what do you want to arrange in the afternoon? Is it me who will show you around and see the dormitory where Yang Yi used to live? Or come to see our training ?” Luo Zongsheng asked.


There are no special programs that need to be kept secret in the training at the resident, so it is nothing to give Yang Yi and Murphy a tour.


Yang Yi looked at Murphy, but Murphy asked Yang Yi to make up her mind.


“Then let’s go and see the training. My former dormitory has been changed several times, and I’m not living here now, so there’s no need to disturb other people’s beds.” Yang Yi smiled, “Just in time, let me Xixi, look at what the soldiers are like!”


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