House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 499: Can not favor one over the other (1/4)



A week later in Yangcheng, Mu Yucheng hummed a song, came out of the boss’s office, and called his deputy: “Xiao Fan, I will not be here all day tomorrow, everything else has been arranged, It is the program test of R2M2, you can help me take a good look, if there is any problem, record it first…”


Xiao Fan nodded while recording, and when Mu Yucheng finished speaking, he smiled and said, “Manager Mu, you are asking for leave, shouldn’t you be going on a blind date again?”


Most of the programmers are otaku, and Mu Yucheng is one of the representatives. He is in his thirties and has no signs of getting married. Recently, he was forced by his family to go on a blind date. Xiao Fan is still younger, and he doesn’t know the taste of sorrow when he is young. Now he is still teasing Mu Yucheng, not knowing that Mu Yucheng’s present may also be his future.


“Take a day off to go on a blind date? Am I so boring?” Mu Yucheng waved his hand and said in a good mood, “I’m going to attend Yang Yi’s book signing, this guy has been waiting for a long time. When I came out, I finally agreed to hold a signing ceremony, and the first stop was Yangcheng again, which was so rare!”


Mu Yucheng also added with some ecstasy: “And Xiaofan, let me tell you, I will be invited to have lunch with him at noon tomorrow.”


“No way? Yang Yi, a big star, would like to invite you to lunch?” Xiao Fan didn’t believe it.


“You don’t believe me? I’ll show you the photos later! If I don’t say anything, I’ll leave first, there are still more things to do!” After Mu Yucheng finished speaking, he excitedly grabbed his backpack and walked outside.


Today, many fans who are not from Yangcheng came a day earlier, and there were even some Northeast buddies who came from the far north in order to join in the excitement of the first signing ceremony. Mu Yucheng and a few brothers who could talk to each other. We have an appointment to meet up tonight.



There are many authentic old-fashioned restaurants in Yangcheng, all of which have been open for many years. There are simple roadside shops, similar to food stalls, and large hotels with luxurious decoration.


The old shop that Yang Yi took Murphy and Xixi to eat this time is a typical roadside shop.


It is so shabby that it looks like an old private building. It was renovated with a narrow and long facade on the first floor. It is filled with square tables and wooden chairs. The lights need to be turned on in the daytime, but the dim lights seem relatively Warm.


“I heard from Fu Jun that the rice rolls in this store are more authentic.” Yang Yi smiled and handed the plasticized menu to Murphy.


Murphy’s appetite is not good now, not only is some of the food he used to love, but now he hates it, but he also often has nausea, and the reaction after pregnancy is a bit big.


When she came to Yangcheng, she suddenly said she wanted to eat rice rolls, so Yang Yi took her out.


“There are so many people here!” Murphy took the menu and looked around worriedly. There were people coming and going, even though they were sitting in the back, but someone passed by the table, she couldn’t help it. tense up.


Xixi moved her buttocks. She also wanted to look at the menu, but it was full of words, and the little girl couldn’t read it, only a few words and numbers in it.


Yang Yi lowered his voice and said to Murphy: “It’s okay, these old shops are like this, and their business is booming every day! But you see, everyone is busy eating, they pay the bill and leave after eating, they won’t sit here idle. Look at us.”


What’s more, when they came out, they also made some small disguises. As long as they didn’t pay special attention, they wouldn’t recognize them, and who would pay attention to a family of three who came out to eat?


Murphy ordered a char siew rice roll. The beef and shrimp rice rolls actually sold better, but Murphy had no appetite for these two. Yang Yi ordered beef and shrimp for himself and Xixi respectively.


However, Xixi is also a little picky. After waiting for the dishes, she pouted and said, “Baba, I don’t want to eat rice rolls.”


“Then what do you want to eat?” Yang Yi asked in confusion, “Do you want to drink porridge? There is also porridge for sale here!”


“I don’t want to drink porridge…I want to drink that!” Xixi turned her head, but she saw the sugar water at the next table, a girl was drinking mango coconut milk sago with big **** in it , It was very tempting to look at, Xixi couldn’t help licking her little tongue.


There is no sugar water in this store!


Yang Yi had to ask the girl. It turned out that she bought it next door and took it away. After eating the rice rolls, she would order dessert.


“After we finish eating, why don’t we go next door to drink sugar water?” Yang Yi came back and discussed with Xixi.


“But I want to drink.” Xixi looked at her father pitifully and refused to give up.


“But we can’t drink other people’s sugar water here now!” Yang Yi explained patiently, “You can eat some rice rolls first, or Dad will buy you a bowl of lean meat porridge with preserved eggs in it.”


“I want to drink sugar water!” Xixi wasn’t so stubborn at first, but when she turned her head, she could see the way that young lady was enjoying herself when she was drinking sugar water, and she saw the brightly colored mango coconut milk Mi Lu, the greedy little girl is almost drooling!


“Xixi, you can’t be so willful!” Yang Yi became serious.


The little girl pursed her lips and lowered her head a little aggrieved.


“Go buy it for her, I’ll watch it here.” Murphy took Yang Yi’s hand and said unbearably, “I want to eat rice rolls, so you take me so far to eat, Xi Xi just wants to drink some sugar water, you can’t favor one over the other!”


Xixi couldn’t understand the latter sentence, the little girl’s eyes were a little confused.


Yang Yi looked at the poor little girl, shook her head and stood up, smiling: “Okay! Come on, Xixi, Dad will take you to buy sugar water!”


“Really?” Xixi suddenly turned from cloudy to sunny, and suddenly smiled in surprise.


“Really! Look what makes you happy, isn’t it just a bowl of sugar water?” Yang Yi couldn’t help laughing and rubbed the little head of the little girl who rushed up.


“Hee hee, Baba, let’s hurry up, Mama is waiting for us!” Xixi became sensible again at this time, and she was different from the little girl who insisted on drinking sugar water just now. His little hand was stuffed into his father’s big hand, and he let his father lead him away.


It didn’t take long for Yang Yi and Xixi to come back without any setbacks, and Murphy was not recognized or just went out because of Yang Yi’s absence.


“I bought you a taro ball syrup.” Yang Yi took out the packaged syrup and said to Murphy, “You can eat some later.”


Murphy doesn’t hate sweets because she’s pregnant, she likes sweets instead, because sweets can keep her in a good But Murphy will try her best to control her desires. Too many sweets, but you will get fat!


Xixi can’t help but look at her mother while drinking her sago with a small spoon. Murphy’s taro ball syrup is also very tempting. The taro **** in it come in three colors, yellow sweet potato taro balls, purple purple taro balls, and white tapioca taro balls.


“Do you want it too?” Murphy saw her daughter’s small eyes, smiled secretly, brought a small bowl, and said, “I’ll give you some!”


Xixi nodded happily, then said impatiently, “Mama, I want this, purple.”


Yang Yi took the opportunity and used chopsticks to pick out the shrimp in the fresh shrimp rice rolls that belonged to him, and stuffed it into the little girl’s small mouth that was opened because she was talking.


Xixi turned her head and glanced at her father, and then felt that she was eating crispy and delicious shrimp, so she didn’t say anything, and chewed it fragrantly.


In the end, Yang Yi picked out a whole plate of fresh shrimp rice rolls for Xixi to eat, including some beef dipped in soy sauce. He could only eat the rest of the rice rolls.


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