House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 497: Xiao Guo’s gift



Everyone is drunk and I wake up alone, Xixi.


After Ding Xiang finished blowing out the candles, a group of people laughed and cheered. Only Xixi looked at the big cake, she raised her head, looked at her father, and whispered, “Can you eat the cake?”


Guo Ziyi answered her question.


I saw him excitedly took out a box with ribbons from behind him and said, “Don’t rush to eat the cake, give the gift first!”


And gifts?


Ding Xiang was very satisfied, she quickly waved her hand and said, “I don’t need gifts. I’m very happy that everyone can accompany me on my birthday. Really, I don’t want everyone to spend any more money.”


Yang Yi and Murphy also took out their gifts, Murphy took Ding Xiang’s hand and persuaded: “It doesn’t matter, we have already prepared gifts, you can accept them, like Xiao Guo, he bought It’s impossible for him to take the gift for you and continue to use it, right?”


Yang Huan said with a smile: “Sister Ding Xiang, don’t worry, everyone has not spent any money, because I know your character, so the gifts that everyone prepares for you are not too expensive, and they are handmade as much as possible. Express our hearts to you!”


Ding Xiang took it hesitantly.


“It’s time to open the presents!”


With Yang Huan’s shout, everyone gathered around, and Xixi, who was looking forward to eating the cake, curiously moved to Sister Ding Xiang’s side.


The first thing to open was Yang Huan’s gift. Yang Huan gave Ding Xiang a glass jar full of thousands of paper cranes stacked with colorful cardboard.


“This gift of mine is mainly beautiful! It’s very nice to put it on the bookshelf!” Yang Huan introduced, “Of course, I also wish Sister Ding Xiang all the best!”


Then came the gifts from Lin Mu’an and Ran Jin. Although the two’s gifts were packaged together, they were sent separately. Lin Mu’an gave a small teapot, a specialty of their hometown, while Ran Jin gave Give Ding Xiang a knitted hat that she knitted by herself.


“Mu’an is clumsy, he really doesn’t know how to do handicrafts.” Ran Jin explained with a smile, “So I asked him to buy a small teapot for you. Although we are a coffee shop here, I think Occasionally you drink some tea, it is good for your health!”


“Thank you, Senior Sister Ran Jin and Brother Lin!” Ding Xiang took it over moved.


Yang Yi and Murphy gave only one gift, but it was made by their family of three.


Ding Xiang opened the package and saw that it was a hand-carved photo frame, and instead of flowers, it contained a picture drawn by Xixi.


“I drew this!” When Xixi saw the gift, she remembered that she also participated in the production. The little girl leaned on her father and pointed at it embarrassedly, “But, but these are made by Mama. .”


Xixi’s painting is relatively rough, but it can still be seen that it is outside the coffee shop, with a two-story building in the background, and then a group of people standing in a row.


Murphy made that piece of flowerbed. She glued it with colorful petals. In order to not easily fade, Murphy also made the petals into a specimen.


“Who are these?” Ding Xiang asked, pointing to the stickman above.


“This is Baba, this is Mama, this is me, then this is my little aunt, this is Xiao Guo Shuji, this is Sister Ding Xiang…” Xixi counted them one by one.


The gifts everyone gave were not expensive, but they all seemed to be full of heart. Ding Xiang all liked it very much!


It’s finally Guo Ziyi’s turn!


Comrade Xiao Guo saw that Ding Xiang picked up the box he gave, and was inexplicably nervous, coughed twice, and said, “Cough, this, it’s getting late, Sister Ding Xiang, why don’t we eat the cake first, Go back later and open my present again!”


However, his words were met with unanimous opposition.


“How can it be possible? There is already the last one left, and it must be disassembled.” Yang Yi smiled.


Even Xixi, who was too greedy to move her eyes just now, shouted in high spirits, “I want to open the present.”


She was still impatient and wanted to pull the ribbon on the gift, but Yang Yi took the little girl’s hand and shook her head at her with a reproachful look.


Under everyone’s attention, Ding Xiang opened the gift box, and then took out a smaller gift box from the inside…


Suddenly, the atmosphere froze.


Guo Ziyi pointed embarrassedly: “We will continue to dismantle.”


Ding Xiang opened it and took out a smaller box…


Yang Huan finally couldn’t bear it anymore, she laughed, she said, “Xiao Guo, are you sending the Erros Matryoshka doll? (not a typo)”


Guo Ziyi waved his hands red-faced and said, “No, this is the last one, I won’t lie to you.”


Ding Xiang still took it apart, and then she was stunned.


“What kind of gift?” Yang Yi couldn’t help being curious and asked.


“Isn’t it still a nesting doll?” Yang Huan’s character was impatient, she couldn’t help but leaned over to look at it, “Hey, it’s a hairpin, it’s quite beautiful.”


Ding Xiang took out the gift inside, and everyone saw its true appearance. It was a crystal hairpin!


“Didn’t you say you can’t give too expensive gifts?” Yang Huan asked suspiciously, “Why did you buy such an expensive crystal hairpin?”


Guo Ziyi hurriedly waved his hand and said, “It’s not a crystal, it’s an imitation crystal. It’s actually a relatively transparent plastic, and it’s not expensive. I bought it from a boutique.”


He looked embarrassed, scratched his head, and smiled: “Sister Huan, you said it was best to do it by hand, so I made a few more boxes, probably a handmade gift…”


Guo Ziyi’s words made everyone laugh.


However, Ding Xiang didn’t laugh. She recognized this crystal hairpin. It was the hairpin she was reluctant to buy when she and Guo Ziyi went to buy Murphy’s birthday present last year!


“You still remember!” Ding Xiang blushed slightly, she picked up the crystal hairpin, and said a little embarrassedly.


Guo Ziyi smiled and said, “Didn’t I say it! My memory is very good!”


“Remember? Sister Ding Xiang, did you tell Xiao Guo that you like this hairpin?” Yang Huan grabbed the point of their conversation and asked both of them with gossip.


Ding Xiang shyly waved his hand and said, “No, I’m not saying I like this hairpin.”


“You don’t like it?” Guo Ziyi asked in disappointment.


“It’s not that I don’t like it…” Ding Xiang had to deal with Guo Ziyi again.


“That’s liking!” Yang Huan said with a smile, “It’s okay, Sister Ding Xiang, you don’t need to explain, I understand!”


Yang Huan took the crystal hairpin from Ding Xiang’s hand, then pulled Ding Xiang’s face over, pinned it on her, and said with a smile, “I think it’s a good match!”


Murphy also gave a thumbs up and smiled: “It’s beautiful!”


She turned her head and said to Yang Yi: “Hey, Yang Yi, have you noticed that Ding Xiang’s skin is much whiter than the first time I saw him last year. He used to be dark and thin, but now not only does his complexion look better , and the figure is much better, with this hairpin, you will also become a big beauty!”


Although Murphy’s words are exaggerated, he is right. Now Ding Xiang is not white, but he is also a healthy wheat color, and his rounded face also has a unique wild beauty.


Ding Xiang was so shy that Ding Xiang was too shy to raise her head. She picked up the plastic knife and said quickly, “Hey, let’s eat cake quickly! Xixi is hungry!”


After looking at the unwrapping of the gifts, Xixi’s attention was drawn to the cake again. When she heard the words of Sister Ding Xiang, she waved her hands joyfully, and quickly sat down with a small fork in a place, and called out crisply. Said: “Eat cake, I want it, I want it, Sister Ding Xiang, hurry up, hurry up!”


“Okay, I’ll cut the biggest piece for you!” Ding Xiang finally changed the subject, she smiled and cut a large piece of cake for the little girl.


“I like Sister Ding Xiang the most!” Xixi said happily as she looked at the cake in front of her.


“Don’t forget…” Murphy reminded her I know, thank you Sister Ding Xiang! “The little girl’s mouth is sweet.


After the excitement was over, Yang Yi took Murphy and Xixi back to the villa, Lin Muan and Ran Jin helped clean up the mess and left, and Guo Ziyi also said goodbye to leave.


Ding Xiang sent him out, and Yang Huan didn’t know where to go.


“Xiao Guo, thank you!” Ding Xiang suddenly said when Guo Ziyi was leaving.


Guo Ziyi turned her head and saw Ding Xiang, who was wearing a crystal hairpin, and her eyes that seemed clearer under the street light.


“Thank you for what?” Guo Ziyi smiled slightly, “Sister Ding Xiang, you were my manager last time and helped me a lot. I don’t even know how to thank you.”


“Come on in the future, I made a wish, I hope you can all make your dreams come true, and I hope you can become the best actor as you wish!” Ding Xiang said.


“Of course, I’m full of confidence!” Guo Ziyi clenched his fists and said energetically.


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