House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 496: Ding Xiang’s birthday wish (3/4)



Murphy’s announcement on Weibo was not to fool fans. It happened to coincide with the preparations for the signing ceremony, so Yang Yi took some time to record songs in the recording studio of Huayi Brothers.


Actually, there should also be a signboard of “Feiyisuosi Studio”, but Murphy’s contract is not over yet, in order to avoid trouble, the studio has not been officially registered.


However, the song has sparked some controversy since recording began on Tuesday.


“Yang Yi, isn’t the prelude of this song too simple? Not to mention the integration of human voices, will the sound of the previous tempo make people misunderstand that it is snapping fingers, too frivolous?” The person is still Jin Yingming, he said with a frown.


However, this time, Yang Yi’s arranging style has changed again, which makes Jin Yingming both happy and worried. He is delighted that Yang Yi has made bold changes. For musicians, to appreciate Yang Yi’s new arranging style , is not only a very enjoyable thing, but also can get new inspiration from it.


But playing music is one thing, selling it is another!


Jin Yingming is very worried about the market’s ability to accept, too maverick arrangement, is disliked by the market, this lesson should not be too much.


“Mr. Jin, I think it’s pretty good. I don’t need a sand hammer, I just snap my fingers. Just like Beat-Box, I use vocals to complete the transition of the prelude.” Murphy sat beside Yang Yi, holding the Different opinions, “Since this song is sung for fans, we have to do something special and boldly incorporate fresh elements.”


Murphy couldn’t stay at home, so she came to the company with Yang Yi. Murphy was not allowed to record songs by herself in the early stages of pregnancy when she needed peace of mind to support her baby, because she was too involved in recording songs, and it was easy to immerse herself in it and forget to rest. But there was no problem with recording songs with Yang Yi, Murphy just watched and occasionally gave some advice.


Yang Yi once secretly thought that his love for music was considered a fever level, but compared with Murphy, Yang Yi was really ashamed. After arriving at the recording studio, Murphy’s mental state was completely refreshed, and he volunteered to help Yang Yi make harmony.


But the opinions of Murphy and Jin Yingming did conflict. Murphy’s consideration stayed at the level of “playing music”, while Jin Yingming had experienced too many failures. find a balance in acceptance.


Yang Yi pondered the suggestions of Jin Yingming and Murphy for a while, but was still a little unsure. But seeing that they were fighting hard, he smiled slightly and said, “It’s okay, Lao Jin, you can try a new arrangement when you go back. Today we will record it again according to what Murphy said to see the effect. When yours comes out, we will Do another comparison.”


If you switch to another producer, you may quit, but Jin Yingming’s character is not strong. On the contrary, he feels that Yang Yi, as the boss, also respects his opinion, and nodded gratefully.


“Yang Yi, didn’t you tell me at home that you can also make arrangements for the electronic version?” Murphy said enthusiastically.


“That’s more frivolous, I don’t like it.” Yang Yi shook his head.


“It’s okay! You can make it, let us listen to it, and maybe give Teacher Jin some special inspiration,” Murphy said.


Yang Yi looked at Jin Yingming, Jin Yingming also showed a strong interest, he smiled and nodded.


Discussions on music can always make people forget the time. If Yang Yi hadn’t set the alarm clock to pick up Xixi home, they might have been chatting enthusiastically until midnight.


In the evening, Yang Yi and Murphy picked up Xixi, but instead of going back to the villa, they went back to the coffee shop. Today is Ding Xiang’s birthday!


To celebrate Ding Xiang’s birthday, Yang Huan and Guo Ziyi planned for a long time, but before that, they did not show any strangeness in front of Ding Xiang, including Yang Yi and the others, who also helped to keep it a secret, so as not to leak any rumors.


So, when Yang Yi’s family returned to the coffee shop in the evening, Ding Xiang was a little surprised, thinking that Yang Yi and the others had something left upstairs, and while wiping their hands, they took out the keys and asked for help.


“Ding Xiang, come here.” Murphy smiled, grabbed Ding Xiang, who was still thin, and brought her to the front of the bar, making her face the bar and her back to everyone, and then said, ” Could you please close your eyes first?”


Ding Xiang was confused, but she did as Murphy said. She had a vague feeling that something was going to happen.


She didn’t see it. After Murphy confirmed that she had closed her eyes, she gestured OK to Yang Huan next to her.


Yang Huan ran to the door and gestured to let Guo Ziyi, who was hiding outside, come in. Guo Ziyi was carrying a large box in his hand, and Yang Yi also went over to help, hurriedly dismantling the box and taking out the cake inside.


Lin Muan and his girlfriend Ran Jin helped to unpack the candles in the bag and distributed them to Yang Yi and Guo Ziyi. The five people put the candles on the cake.


“Is it alright?” Ding Xiang asked in confusion.


“Wait a minute!” Murphy turned to look and said, “I can’t open my eyes yet!”


“Well…” Ding Xiang felt very strange in her heart, but she was still honestly motionless.


Xixi was on the side, clinging to the table, licking her lips, and looking at this big cake, but she knew what Dad and the others were doing and didn’t say a word. Moreover, when the little girl heard Ran Jin pressing the lighter, she shrank her head, raised a little finger, and shrugged at the other party.


As if she was even more nervous!


Finally, the cake arrangement was completed, and Lin Mu’an quickly walked back to the piano and sat down, ready.


Yang Huan took a finished paper card crown and put it on Ding Xiang’s head. Murphy smiled and turned Ding Xiang around. After Ran Jin turned off the light, he said: ” Alright, Ding Xiang, you can open your eyes!”


Ding Xiang opened his eyes, only to see a big cake in front, with candles flickering on it, and Yang Yi and Guo Ziyi behind them all smiling.


At the same time, the melody of the birthday song played by Lin Muan sounded, which was the one played by Yang Yi on Xixi’s birthday last year.


“One, two, three sings!” Yang Yi conducts.


Little Xixi was hidden in the shadows, but her crisp singing voice came out: “Happy birthday to you…”


The little girl sang four sentences, that is, a paragraph, and then everyone sang the birthday song to Ding Xiang in unison.


Under the candlelight, Ding Xiang still had a surprised expression, but she could see the sparkling tears in her eyes. This girl didn’t like to cry. She was so emotional only when she was deeply moved.


“Ding Xiang (sister/sister/sister)” Finally, under various titles, everyone laughed and said in unison, “Happy birthday to you!”


Ding Xiang was a little choked up: “Thank you, thank you, thank you, I don’t even remember my birthday today, thank you for remembering… This is so expensive, hey, I don’t know what to say… “


She has never had a birthday. She used to live a very difficult life. She had to travel and work hard every day. For Ding Xiang, her birthday was just a number that she needed to fill in when registering.


She didn’t expect that this year she could have a birthday, so many friends secretly prepared so many surprises for her.


Ding Xiang was so moved that he didn’t know what words to use to express his feelings.


“The credit goes to Huanhuan and Xiao Guo. They reminded us.” Murphy said with a smile.


Yang Huan is not greedy for merit, she waved her hand and said with a smile: “It wasn’t me, Xiao Guo told me, and I still don’t know how he knew it! I think it’s ulterior motive!”


Guo Ziyi called Qu Dao: “What is the ulterior motive, I have a good I saw Sister Ding Xiang’s ID card before, and I remembered it!”


“Thank you anyway.” Ding Xiang said quickly.


“Don’t talk too much! Come and make a wish and blow out the candles! You should be happy on your birthday. Come on, Sister Ding Xiang, have a laugh!” Guo Ziyi said with a smile.


Everyone burst out laughing, Ding Xiang also wiped his tears and laughed embarrassedly.


Making a wish in front of the candle, Ding Xiang didn’t know how to make a gesture, so he closed his eyes and thought sincerely: “I’m sorry, please forgive my greed, I have three wishes, the first one I wish every good friend All in good health and all the best. Second, I hope my grandma can get rid of her illness and live a long and healthy life.”


“The third…” Ding Xiang paused, “I hope that the younger brothers and sisters in the stockade can study hard and have a bright future. The teachers in the school who are paid will not leave the children again!”


After making his wish, Ding Xiang blew out twenty-one candles.


The light came on again, and Ding Xiang, who was standing in front of the cake, smiled shyly, his eyes were still red.


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