House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 492: Sun, grass, cat, dog and girl (three/four)



The scenery on the side of the new villa is better. The neatly manicured grass in the villa area is lush green, and the purple and reddish-brown bushes and flowers also embellish the overall color tone. Driving along the trail by the lake, Yang Yi’s car also passed several quaint pavilions and classical and interesting fountains.


The speed of the car was not fast, so Yang Yi simply opened the windows and sunroof, letting the warm spring breeze blow in, and the little girl’s happy cry fluttering out.


“It’s so beautiful!” Xixi couldn’t sit still for a long time, she leaned on the window and looked out greedily. Next to Murphy, there was nothing he could do about her, so he had to watch over her carefully, for fear that she would throw herself out.


Fortunately, soon, they arrived at their home.


“Xixi!” Before Yang Yi’s car stopped, a fat little girl jumped out of the luxury car parked next to her, happily waving her hand and running over.


“Xin Er!” Xixi heard the movement, she turned her head, and called out to her mother’s window happily, she couldn’t wait to climb from the child safety seat onto her mother’s body, Climb over again.


“No! You have to wait for Dad to park the car before you can get off.” Murphy quickly held down Xixi and said reproachfully.


“Xixi, be obedient! Didn’t you promise your father to be a good baby? And you see Uncle Lan also called Xiner back, and they have to drive in the car.” Yang Yi said aloud to help.


“I’m a good baby!” Xixi didn’t play any more mischief, and sat back to her seat honestly, but the little girl’s big eyes were rolling, and her eyes couldn’t wait to float outside.


The gate at the entrance of the villa is a smart door lock. Yang Yi pressed it with the remote control in the car, and it slowly opened. Two cars slowly drove in and parked in the open space in front of the door.


“You guys are here, Xiner has been talking about it from yesterday to today!” Lanzhou Kai got out of the passenger seat. Before anyone else appeared, a loud voice came over.


Lan Xin and her mother Wu Jingjing also got out of the car, and Xixi, who had just been picked up by her father and got out of the car, couldn’t wait to run up, giggling and hugging her friends, jumping and jumping.


“Because I still have some things to clean up today, so I took a step back.” Yang Yi smiled at Lanzhou Kai.


Wu Jingjing and Murphy also greeted each other. They are already familiar with each other and have a good relationship. After all, Wu Jingjing is a Murphy fan, and the two women occasionally have phone calls.


The adults were chatting, but the children wanted to come in. Lan Xin pulled Xixi and squeezed in front of Yang Yi, she said excitedly, “Uncle Yang, can you put Xixi’s cat and dog first? Dog down?”


Xixi also raised her head and kindly added a few words to her friends: “Giggle, Baba, Xiner wants Xiaojia, Xiaohui, Duo Duo, and Baozi to play together!”


“Xin Er, don’t make trouble, your Uncle Yang just moved in and hasn’t cleaned up yet!” Wu Jingjing said softly.


Yang Yi waved his hand and said with a smile, “It’s okay.”


He went to Balang’s rear cargo compartment and took down the cat cage with three little English shorts and the dog cage with steamed buns. Open the cage and let them out.


“Baozi!” Lan Xin shouted happily, pounced on the little milk dog.


Sure enough, small pets are still popular.


Baozi is actually very smart. It is not like the other three little British shorts who come out of the cage and look around at the surrounding environment, but wag its tail and get into Lan Xin’s arms.


Then it struggled out again, jumping to Xixi’s feet for a while, and back to Lan Xin’s side for a while, jumping up and down excitedly, as if it had been locked up for many years.


The cat is a little bit cold, only the little girl leaned over to Xixi’s side, rubbed her little master’s feet with her body, and then squinted her eyes to enjoy Xixi’s touch.


And Xiao Hui and Duo Duo just dispersed as if nothing had happened. They were not emotionally affected by being locked in the cage at all. Instead, they were more interested in the new environment around them!


“Little boy, Baozi, this will be our home from now on!” Xixi struggled to pick up the fat little boy, and then led Baozi, who was following him, to the sun-bathed house. On the grass, she put down the little girl, and then stepped on the pink sneakers on the grass, spreading her hands happily and saying.


The bright sun slanted on the little girl’s lovely smile, her crescent-shaped eyes, her sweet smile, and a few neat and white teeth, as if the whole spring was bright .


“Xixi, I’ll bring my big dog over to play with you in the future!” Lan Xin was also jumping excitedly. Under the warm sunshine, her chubby little body seemed to be full of energy.


“Okay! Okay!” Xixi giggled.


Seems to be infected by them, Baozi is also running happily on the grass, or circling around the two little girls, his tail is wagging, his **** is about to come out!


Xiaojiao and they seem to be very satisfied with this environment. Xiaohui and Xiaojiao are both rolling into a ball on the grass, beating and playing. An enchanting lazy waist, his eyes narrowed.


In the new home, both the space in the yard and the spacious villa are much larger than the previous small building. This is of course a boon for playful and active kittens and dogs. .


As for Xixi, the happiest thing about moving here is that she will be able to visit each other often with Lan Xin in the future!


On the adults’ side, Murphy and Wu Jingjing are sitting on the swing outside the house chatting, and they need to take care of two little girls who are playing outside.


It’s not that there is any danger from outside, it’s just that they are worried that they will accidentally run to the back of the house. There is a swimming pool there. Although there is no water, it is still very dangerous to accidentally step into such a big hole.


Lanzhou Kai was invited by Yang Yi to see the arrangement after Yang Yi bought the furniture.


Walking to the restaurant on the first floor, Lanzhou Kai turned his head and said, “Yang Yi, I think this partition of the restaurant, you should build a wine rack, and collect some red wines to look more tasteful. Now this large rack is placed Here, it’s empty, and it doesn’t look good at all!”


Yang Yi glanced at Lanzhou Kai’s big frame, he said with a smile: “Murphy doesn’t like wine, and Xixi doesn’t let me drink, so basically there can’t be a shadow of wine in the house now, what about collections? Get up! There is a mystery to this shelf, you see, this height is not a waste of space, it will be left to Murphy to display her flower arrangements in the future.”


“Flower arrangement?” Lanzhou Kai took a closer look, nodded, and said, “This is not bad! Your wife can still do this, I’ll ask Jingjing to learn two tricks from her later.”


“Haha, that’s fine.” Yang Yi nodded with a smile.


The two were chatting when Yang Yi suddenly received a call, and Guo Ziyi and the others finally arrived.


If you move, there are actually a lot of things to move. Although many can be re-purchased, guitars, Murphy’s clothes, Yang Yi’s books, Xixi’s toys, etc. still have to be brought. , Murphy packs more and more, and the wolf can’t hold it.


So Yang Yi asked Sahara Publishing House for two commercial vehicles, plus Mo Xiaojuan’s car, making a total of three. Guo Ziyi drove Ding Xiang and Yang Huan, Lin Muan drove her girlfriend, and Mo Xiaojuan drove Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan. A group of people came to help Yang Yi move and celebrate the new house. Join.


Lu Xiaoshu and Miao Chuan know that Yang Yi has been helping them. Although they are still in a lawsuit, they cannot do anything else to repay Yang Yi due to the contract, but they can come to help Yang Yi move.


They came a little later because Yang Huan and Ding Xiang had class. Yang Yi and the others set off first because Xixi couldn’t wait. The remaining three cars were led by Mo Xiaojuan, carrying the rest of the luggage, and set off together after everyone gathered.


However, Yang Yi forgot that their car had not been registered, and was stopped at the gate of the community.


“It’s fine, I’ll contact the guard now and let you go.” Yang Yi put down his phone, used the door’s access control system, and informed the security staff at the door.


After a while, Yang Yi received a call from Yang Huan, and three cars had been let in.


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