House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 491: Ju Jie’s cleverness (2/4)



Although there was no Murphy’s participation, the entertainment industry was still in a turbulent situation. What caused the uproar was the scolding battle between singer Ye Qing and music critic Cui Rui on Weibo!


Ye Qing is the first-line male singer who sang “Fireworks of the Heart” before. He and Murphy’s “Across the Ocean to See You” were inextricably battling for the No. 1 throne.


Recently, his new single was criticized by the well-known music critic Cui Rui. Ye Qing couldn’t swallow the breath. He yelled at Cui Rui on the micro-broadcast for the song that maliciously attacked him because he asked for the refinishing fee. Splash dirty water.


After being informed by a friend, Cui Rui also registered for the Weibo broadcast, and started fighting with Ye Qing. While he swore that he didn’t receive the money, he also scolded Ye Qing for being unprofessional and could not listen to others’ criticism.


Of course, Cui Rui is notorious for her vicious tongue. He has scolded Murphy’s albums before, but his evaluation is not objective. , say white as black. According to Mo Xiaojuan, this person does have the problem of extorting money from the singer, but he has various reasons for asking for money, and it is difficult for people to catch him.


These two people obviously underestimated the influence of Weibo. When the public relations department of Ye Qing’s agency reacted, the two people’s vulgar scolding on Weibo has already made netizens and fans Stunned to see, the mutual disclosure made the people who eat melons shouted and enjoyed it.


No matter who has the upper hand morally in the end of the scolding battle between the two of them, such a scolding battle is completely a lose-lose ending! The one who suffered the most was Ye Qing. The good image he had accumulated in the past was almost gone.


There is only one winner, and that is Weibo!


Through this scolding battle, Weibo gained another wave of new users! With hundreds of millions of registrations and maintaining such a high level of activity, the Houlang technology company behind it has also begun to enter the vision of capital predators.


Of course, this turmoil has nothing to do with Murphy and Yang Yi for the time being.


Only Mo Xiaojuan became nervous, not just her, but many agents learned from it, and they began to truly realize the power of this unobtrusive social platform. To this end, Mo Xiaojuan also specially convened a meeting of the employees of the new company to let them pay more attention to Weibo.


Just like in the past, artists could not talk to reporters with big mouths. Now every star and agent can no longer freely express their own remarks on Weibo. They must be careful and review clearly that there is nothing they should not say. can send!


However, with the exception of Ju Jie, this guy has now changed to an agent, more like a wild horse that has run away, no one can control him.


“On the 1st of next month, Brother Jie, I’m back with a new song! Reddys End Arrows, I miss you all! Do you miss me?”


“That Night” was still in the recording stage, and Ju Jie couldn’t wait to send a micro-broadcast, announcing the new song plan to his fans.


This nonsense wording and tone are exactly the same as his usual performance on variety shows. He is acting in his true colors. Obviously, he did not discuss with his agent when he posted the microbroadcast.


This micro-broadcast has still received a lot of likes and love from fans. Ju Jie’s fans basically know what kind of person Ju Jie is. In the comment area, they ridiculed that Brother Jie has gone too far this year. At the same time, they are looking forward to his new song.


However, not everyone can like Ju Jie’s funny comparison. Cui Rui, who had previously scolded Ye Qing and called herself an internet celebrity, reposted Ju Jie’s Weibo and said yin and yang: “Even Ladies_and_gentleman can’t speak. Some unqualified singers should not learn English from others. Using transliterated words will only teach children who are just starting to learn English!”


“Damn it, is this old man crazy? Don’t worry about Ye Qing, even me? I have a grudge against you?” Ju Jie cried out unhappily when he found out.


Really have a grudge! Ju Jie is very forgetful. He once ridiculed a group of music critics who looked down on him for singing “Little Three” on a variety show, but he forgot that Cui Rui was one of them!


Unfortunately, he forgot, but Cui Rui always remembered it, and this time, he continued to broadcast to disgust Ju Jie.


No matter what, Ju Jie has no one to stop him now, so he can’t bear his temper, but he is still a little smart. Instead of scolding Cui Rui regardless of his identity like Ye Qing, he silently recorded a A small video, and then broadcast it through Wechat.


“The old man Aite said that I don’t understand English and have no quality.” This sentence was left in the text of the microcast.


In the video, Ju Jie speaks fluent English throughout the whole process, first saying hello to the audience, and then telling the audience that there is a kind of old thief in this world who is old and immortal. He wants to take revenge on the society. for a while.


Ju Jie’s English is really good. Although not as good as a native speaker, he is better than most students. After all, he also studied in the UK before and was sent by his father to receive an elite education.


In the end, Ju Jie also left a paragraph for Cui Rui: “***You filthy old man who worships foreigners, *** you rotten mouth, *** your so-called high-quality, labor and capital are Chinese, say It’s Chinese, I just like to speak English in Chinese, what’s wrong? By the way, you say I can’t speak English, but you don’t seem to know English either! The plural of gentleman should be gentlemen, m, e, n. , I don’t understand this grammar, but I’m embarrassed to spray me, how far is it, how far is it!”


This paragraph, Ju Jie uses Chinese, although he uses Chinese, but after listening to the previous paragraph, no one dares to think that he can’t speak English! On the contrary, Ju Jie’s scolding Chinese is not as offensive as Ye Qing, and most of the people who watched this video felt relieved.


“Well scolded! Ju Jie is good!”


“Tips from the front row, it’s Cui Rui who is scolding, the guy who made a lot of news with Ye Qing. He also called our brother Jie by name inexplicably before!”


“This old man has long been unhappy with him!”


“It’s time to scold such foreigners, ***! Go for this, Brother Jie, I’m a fan!”


“Haha, Cui Rui is embarrassed, right? I pretend to understand because I don’t understand, but I scolded someone who really understands!”


“My brother Jie in society, swearing is not dirty!”


“My brother Jie is versatile, haha!”


In the comment area, there is almost one-sided support for this Ju Jie.


At this moment, Ju Jie accidentally fired himself up, and more people knew that he was going to release a new song.



The liveliness of the entertainment industry has nothing to do with Yang Yi and the others for the time being. By the end of the week, after purchasing basic furniture, electrical appliances, etc., Yang Yi and the others can finally move!


It didn’t rain that day, the sun was shining brightly, and the Grand Canal in the distance sparkled as if it was coated with a silver film. The flowerbed in front of the building is also full of beautiful flowers, red, yellow, purple, pink… It seems that the paint pot has been knocked over here, and it is also so beautiful that people linger.


“Let’s go.” Yang Yi gently patted Murphy’s shoulder from behind and said softly.


Murphy reluctantly glanced at it again, then turned around and gently slid into Yang Yi’s arms, hugged his waist, and said sadly, “Suddenly I can’t bear to be here.”


“I know.” Yang Yi gently lifted Murphy’s wind-ruffled hair.


Murphy pulled Yang Yi over, pointed down, and said, “Husband, look, there’s a small road over the Grand Canal, I still remember, when I didn’t make a relationship with you, we were there. There, follow Xixi for a walk. It was night, there were no street lights, you protected me and told me not to be afraid…”


“Of course I remember. You even sang to me at that time, and I found that you sang better than what was played on the record.” Yang Yi stroked Murphy’s face with love in his eyes.


“Speaking of records, I’m a little embarrassed.” Murphy whispered, blushing slightly, “You were just starting to renovate this coffee shop, and I was worried that you had other beautiful stars on the shelves. Photos and records will occupy the shelf closest to you, and let you put all my records and accessories on it. Could it be that time, you started listening to my songs?”


“How come? I’ve always liked your songs.” Yang Yi told a small lie, but then said seriously, “But I think it’s very good to put your records on, there’s no one better than you. Prettier stars?”


Listening to Yang Yi’s love words, Murphy’s heart was sweet, but she said, “Why, I’m not beautiful!”


“And the flowerbed here, it wasn’t as pretty last We just sorted it out this year, and planted a lot of beautiful flowers. As a result, it just bloomed and we had to move out. “Murphy looked around and said sadly.


“We also have a large area in the new villa where we can plant flowers. When the time comes, I will accompany you to plant flowers.” Yang Yi comforted, “Besides, we are not completely moving out of this house. Although Huanhuan and Ding Xiang will be moved in in the future, the master bedroom is still reserved for us, and we can come back for a few days when we are free.”


“And there’s my coffee shop here! There are so many good friends! We can wait for the reporters to stop blocking here, and we can often come to the coffee shop to play.” Yang Yi smiled.


“Well, I see.” With Yang Yi’s comfort, Murphy finally let go, she said with a smile, “Actually, no matter where you live, as long as you and Xixi are here, it’s enough!”


At this moment, Xixi, who was neatly dressed, ran over, and the little girl had two long ponytails, looking very playful and cute. I saw her shaking Yang Yi’s phone and giggling: “Baba, Baba, Xiner called me, let’s hurry up, she’s coming to visit my new home!”


The things have been packed, Yang Yi and Murphy smiled at each other: “Okay, let’s go now!”


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