House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 489: Disagreements, demands and new songs



The negotiation between the global film industry and Yang Yi’s team has reached a deadlock. Yang Yi, who is busy purchasing furniture and electrical appliances for his new home, also took the time to go to Sahara Publishing House, on the one hand, to send wedding candy to his employees On the one hand, he also wanted to listen to Lu Benjie’s report.


“The most important point of disagreement between Manager Zhu and us at present lies in the adaptation of the script.” Lu Benjie said to Yang Yi, “The global film industry means to adapt the original story to suit China’s national conditions, and it also needs to Change the characters in it to Chinese.”


Yang Yi thought it was a little weird. He spread out his hands and said, “Why? Are their brains funny? Almost all of my novels can be used directly as scripts, and he still wants to adapt them?”


“And it’s also changed to China’s national conditions, which is really a joke, not to mention how strict domestic gun control is, there are so many complicated character clues, character characteristics, can you change it casually? Change it to the domestic look, just think about it Funny, ridiculous!”


“What they mean is that you can be the screenwriter and the original author will do the adaptation.” Lu Benjie scratched his head and added.


“I don’t have to talk about this, either I’ll follow my story, or they’ll get out of the way!” Yang Yi was a little impatient. If he wanted to adapt the prison break, he might as well write a new story!


Of course Lu Benjie is not the lobbyist of the other party, he nodded and said, “Boss, you have mentioned this request to us before, so our negotiating team has repeatedly emphasized to them the premise of cooperation not to change the story too much. , and explained to them why it can’t be adapted…”


“Then why are they still so persistent? Don’t they have a reasonable judgment themselves?” Yang Yi said puzzled.


Anyone with a discerning eye can see that there is no possibility of such a large adaptation of this story!


“According to the information we have obtained, this request was proposed by Xu Zhongwei, President of Global Films China.” Lu Benjie explained, “It should be that they want to make achievements in this project, if they want to use the resources of their headquarters. , to go to the United States to shoot and hire American actors, the benefits that Xu always can get may be greatly reduced.”


Ass decides the head, the president of Global Films China wants to bypass the US headquarters, and indeed can only adapt this work they are optimistic about. Yang Yi was not at the negotiating table, and he didn’t even know that the people sent by the global film industry also talked about the righteousness of the nation to his negotiating team. It’s just that everyone is smart, how could they be so easily stirred up by them?


But Yang Yi would not think about them, he waved to Lu Benjie and said, “Since they still insist on this request, just put it aside and let it hang. If you want to talk about it, don’t mention these requirements! If they want to talk, they can tell them that I must be the screenwriter, this is a necessary condition!”


After talking about this, Yang Yi took out a USB flash drive and handed it to Lu Benjie: “There are two new books I wrote, but they are both story books, suitable for children to read! One is born out of ancient myths and stories. “Journey to the West”, a collection of bedtime stories I told Xixi recently, you can organize and typeset it, the title of the book is called “Xixi’s Bedtime Stories 2″!”


These two books have been organized for a long time, and the most complicated one is the organization of “Journey to the West”. In order to tell the story of “Journey to the West” in a simple way, suitable for children to read, Yang Yi spent a few Month time to rewrite!


And “Xixi’s Bedtime Story 2” is better. Yang Yi has organized the long story of Ice Age and some short fairy tales told to Xixi these days into text and made it into a volume.


Lu Benjie hurriedly connected it and plugged it into the computer.


“Look at it when I get back. If you have any suggestions, you can tell me by phone or email.” Yang Yi was very busy, he waved his hand and said, “Except for the film and television copyright issue of “Prison Break”, Is there anything else?”


Lu Benjie flipped through his small book and said, “Yes, about your six signings next month. Didn’t you say that you want to collect readers’ requests, can you choose three to satisfy them?”


Yang Yi nodded.


When he said this, Yang Yi was in a good mood. After learning that Murphy was pregnant, he walked floating. So not only did I promise to hold a signing party, but I also made some decisions that made me feel a little troublesome after thinking about it, but as a man, the promises made must be fulfilled!


Lu Benjie said: “We posted a post on your personal website to solicit everyone’s requests, and then sorted the replies with the most likes, filtered out some nonsensical requests, and sorted out the last points for you. The ten most liked are for you to choose.”


Not every reader makes a serious request. They also make a request for Yang Yi to wear women’s clothes with some ridicule or bad taste. These are naturally filtered out!


Lu Benjie turned his computer screen around and listed ten requirements, such as requiring Yang Yi to interact with readers in the book review area every day in the future. Yang Yi read it with interest.


To choose three, Yang Yi pondered for a while, pointed to the above request and read: “The first request I can agree to: hold more reader activities, so that the Yifan family will have a more sense of belonging!”


Yang Yi raised his head and smiled with Lu Benjie: “I think this can be done. Find someone to organize a small event every two weeks and a big event every two months!”


“Well, it can be organized on your personal website, which can improve cohesion!” Lu Benjie nodded and recorded in his notebook.


“Events are not random. First of all, the small events should not be too complicated, so that more people can participate, and the prizes can be smaller, such as the vouchers of the Sahara Online Mall. More!” Yang Yi said, “I suggest that you can contact Houlang Technology Company, use their social platform to design, and do a small activity such as a forwarding lottery.”


Lu Benjie knew that these two companies were inextricably linked with Yang Yi, so he did not ask any further questions, but listened and recorded carefully.


“Large events can be organized on our website, but the awards must be attractive enough, such as rewarding them for a trip abroad, or a honeymoon for two, and the content of the event must be well-designed, whether online or offline Activities must be organized in a fun, difficult and meaningful way! For example, you organize a half marathon for the Yifan family, so that everyone can participate in the race while promoting the concept of healthy life. Of course, this is just me For example, fans are scattered all over the country, and it is not easy to gather people to participate in organizing this competition.” Yang Yi laughed.


“By the way, who came up with this Yifan family? It sounds like Italian pasta. It’s very interesting.” Yang Yi asked with a smile. It was the first time he knew this statement.


“A fan named Mu Yuchen, he is in Yangcheng.” Lu Benjie said But before he gave you a lot of money on the Qiyue website, it should be no less than 100,000! Moreover, he organized fans to correct your name before, and he also made a lot of effort. “


“Is that so?” Yang Yi was a little surprised and said, “If he comes during the signing meeting in Yangcheng, remember to tell me… Forget it, make an appointment with him and I will invite him to eat. Let’s have dinner!”


Yang Yi’s second request is to have more interaction with book fans on his personal website.


“It is impossible to interact every day!” Yang Yi said to Lu Benjie, “It is scheduled to be once a week, and I will appear from time to time.”


Lu Benjie also recorded.


“As for the last request.” Yang Yi pointed to the screen and smiled slightly, “I want to sing to the fans at the signing ceremony, this is no problem, and I also want to sing a new song for everyone, exclusive to Their new song!”


Lu Benjie wrote excitedly, then raised his head and asked, “What song? What’s the name?”


Yang Yi smiled and said, “You’ll know about it when that happens!”


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