House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 475: The little girl who had a false alarm (2/4)



Yang Yi walked down the village path with Xixi in her arms.


During this time, roads are being built in the village, and the roads in front of every household are ready to be paved with concrete roads. The concrete road is right in front of Yang Yi’s house—because their house was the first to be built, and it has already been repaired. But after passing through the area where the road was being built, the smoke and dust were still a bit heavy. Yang Yi picked up Xixi, covered her mouth and eyes with clothes, and passed quickly.


“Hey, Brother Tie Zi, why are you back?” Just in time, a young man with a **** came across the face, Yang Yi knew him, Mu Changan asked in surprise when he saw Yang Yi.


“Come back and discuss something with my family!” Yang Yi said with a smile.


After chatting for a while, Mu Changan knew that Yang Yi was going to find Li Shupo, and immediately said: “I just saw him in Dapo, he is not at home, he is pulling hogweed in the back mountain! It’s okay, I’ll go and call him back. !”


After he finished speaking, Mu Changan happily hugged his hoe, turned his head and ran away. Like a gust of wind, he disappeared in front of Yang Yi’s eyes. Yang Yi didn’t even have time to tell him to put the **** down first.


Really young, so energetic! Yang Yi shook his head.


Xixi couldn’t hold it in anymore. She stuck out her little head from her father’s arms, looked out curiously, and blinked her big eyes: “Baba, where’s the puppy?”


Yang Yi took Xixi to Li Shupo’s house, stood at the door, and heard a dog barking inside, the sound should be rhubarb, Yang Yi pointed to the inside with a smile, and said, “Do you hear it? The puppy is in there, with its mother.”


Xixi came down from her father’s arms. She walked over with some joy and some fear, and walked back, holding her father’s hand.


“It’s fine, Rhubarb should be pretty good.” Yang Yi patted the little girl’s head.


Li Shupo came back soon. He was carrying a bamboo basket like a schoolbag. This appearance reminded Yang Yi inexplicably of a well-known children’s song in his previous life, although it contained pig grass instead of mushrooms.


“Brother Tie Zi, you guys are here!” Li Shupo happily opened the door and said, “The other puppies in the house have been given away to others, and there is only one left…”


Li Shupo’s Mandarin had a local accent, and Xixi, who was on the side, was stunned when she heard it.


After the door opened, Yang Yi walked in first, but after taking two steps, he turned his head and saw that his daughter had not come in.


“Don’t be afraid, it won’t bite if my father is here.” Yang Yi thought Xixi was frightened by the fiercely yelled Da Huang, so she turned around and went back to pull her, while also instructing Li Shupo, “You put the big dog tethered.”


Li Shupo said with a smile: “It’s okay, Rhubarb doesn’t bite, it’s called because it’s not familiar to you.”


Speaking, he called to Da Huang: “Da Huang, don’t make trouble, this is a guest, you forgot, you came here last time when you had a baby!”


Rhubarb seemed to be very human, and immediately stopped screaming. It looked up at its owner’s expression, wagged its tail, and came closer.


Here, Yang Yi is coaxing Xixi: “Rhubarb didn’t kill you, it’s welcoming you! And there’s Dad here, what are you afraid of?”


He still thought that the reason why Xixi didn’t move was because he was afraid of rhubarb, so he smiled and hugged the little girl.


“But, he gave the puppy to someone else.” Xixi lowered her head aggrievedly, leaning against her father’s chest, and her eyes turned red as she spoke.


“What? You gave the puppy to someone else?” Yang Yi was stunned for a moment.


“Where is there? I mean the others have been taken away, and the only one left is left to you!” Li Shupo heard it, and he called Qu Road.


“No, Uncle Dapo said he didn’t give the puppy to anyone else.” Yang Yi understood, there seemed to be some misunderstanding during this period, so he walked inside with a smile while holding the little girl, softly speaking Explain to her.


Li Shupo rushed to the tool room inside. At this time, Da Huang came up with his tail wagging. He seemed to realize his mistake and put his nose on Yang Yi’s feet, pants, and Xixi’s little boy. Sniffing on the shoes.


“Really?” Xixi asked sadly at first, then she was startled by the movement from her toes, and when she looked down and saw the big **** getting so close, she hurriedly retracted her little feet, ” Baba! Baba!”


Listen to the screams and panic!


Yang Yi comforted the little girl amusingly, and said, “Don’t be afraid, Rhubarb is getting close to you. I want to smell your scent, remember you, and then I won’t call at you in the future.”


“Xixi, look!” At this time, Li Shupo got out. He was holding a puppy in his arms. It was bulging and looked like a meat ball. However, compared to when it was just born, it looked Much older, “This puppy you want has a white fur on its forehead. I remember it clearly, so I have kept it for you.”


Rhubarb also left Yang Yi and the others behind, and began to circle around Li Shupo, wagging his tail.


Xixi finally let go of her heart, she burst into laughter, clapped her little palm a little excitedly, and said, “That’s it, it’s super cute!”


Yang Yi rubbed the startled girl’s little head, smiled and said to Li Shupo, “She keeps talking about this puppy, so she’s excited.”


Li Shupo put down the little milk dog, Xixi also got down from her father’s arms, and bravely approached.


Although it is a local dog, the little milk dog still looks very cute. It is a bit chubby and aggressive. It has a pair of ignorant big eyes, but the drooping corners of the eyes make it look distressed and melancholy.


Yang Yi stood by Xixi’s side, staying close to each other, guaranteeing that Xixi and Rhubarb would appear in the field of vision, although Rhubarb lay down on the side lazily and didn’t seem to care about Xixi and its children at all It looked like he was playing, but Yang Yi was still worried that Da Huang would violently hurt others because he cared about his children.


“Is this puppy male or female?” Yang Yi chatted with Li Shupo while taking care of Xixi.


Li Shupo couldn’t sit still, so he stepped aside, spread out the hogweed, and started to chop it up with a kitchen knife. Hearing Yang Yi’s question, he raised his head and said with a smile, “Mother, Rhubarb only has such a little **** in a litter this time, so I picked it up for you.”


At this moment, Xixi, who had been staring at the puppy for a while, turned around, took her father’s hand, and said to her father with a smile: “Baba, look, the puppy’s eyes are open. I’m done.”


“Yeah, the last time you saw it, it was just born and didn’t open its eyes.” Yang Yi also squatted down, patted the puppy’s head gently, and said softly, “Come on, Xixi, you also play with it, and you are more familiar with it.”


Perhaps it was a natural attraction. The little milk dog was a little afraid of Yang Yi’s big hand, but he took the initiative to squeeze between the squatting Xixi’s legs.


When Xixi touched her little head, the little milk dog lowered her head and licked the little girl’s palm.


The little pink tongue of the puppy, licking on the palm of the hand, feels amazing. Xixi screamed nervously at first, but was reluctant to dodge, she turned her head to look at her father while screaming.


“Baba, Baba, look, it’s eating me!” Xixi giggled.


I can’t tell if she’s really scared or if she’s pretending to be scared.


“It’s okay, it likes you and wants to play with you!” Yang Yi said.


Li Shupo looked up and said, “Brother Tiezi, I think Xixi likes it very much. Don’t wait for three months, just take it back!”


“It’s so early?” Yang Yi asked in surprise, “Such a small dog, is it still eating rhubarb’s milk? Can you feed it when you bring it back?”


Li Shupo smiled and said, “Brother You said those foreign dogs couldn’t survive, right? I’ve seen them in the county town, they’re too squeamish! The local dogs in our hometown are smarter than them. , fortunately to raise, didn’t you see, is this litter of pups the only one left? The others have been taken away long ago!”


Yang Yi had heard that a local dog was easier to keep, but he had no experience, so he asked, “What should I feed it?”


“You can eat anything. It’s more than a month old, and it’s almost two months old. I’ve stopped eating dog milk for a long time. I usually break some cooked egg yolks and feed it with white porridge.” Li Shupo said, “However, it can be You can’t feed it milk, it will have diarrhea!”


“I know this.” Yang Yi nodded.


He squatted down beside Xixi and looked at the little milk dog that turned over on the ground and played with Xixi on his little feet. He also liked it a little.


Compared to cats, Yang Yi thinks dogs are more fun.


“Xixi, Uncle Dapo said, you can take the puppy home.” Yang Yi told Xixi the news.


“Really?” The little girl was pulling the little puppy’s feet. Hearing this, she turned her head in surprise and looked at her father.


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