House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 463: Stable happiness (1/4)



A “Bike” is obviously not enough. After all, not everyone can understand the beauty of Cantonese songs, and not everyone can hear what kind of clever singing Yang Yi used in this song! Although Yang Yi sang this song really well, everyone was looking forward to the next Mandarin song.


Will it be the Mandarin version of Bicycle? Thinking of the relationship between “Long time no see” and “It’s better to see you”, everyone couldn’t help but guess.


As before, Yang Yi closed his eyes, and in his mind, as if there was a piano in front of him, he sat up and started to play.


But there was no prelude, so he sang softly along with his “piano”: “One day, I found that I have no qualifications for self-pity…”


Yang Yi sang very affectionately, with a soft nasal voice, creating an artificial surround sound. The first sentence filled the sadness.


Chen Yijie smiled when he heard the first sentence. He likes this type of song.


The piano accompaniment in Yang Yi’s mind is very soft and simple, without any dazzling elements, just pure and simple to play the melody like light music that can accompany people to sleep, which can calm people’s restless souls and restless mind.


“Only the tireless shoulders are left, carrying simple satisfaction…” Yang Yi’s singing is also the same. In the simple melody, he tells the hardships he has encountered.


But this doesn’t mean that Yang Yi’s singing is also very dull. The simpler the melody, the more difficult it is to sing well. For this song in the past life, the doctor and songwriter Xiao Ke spent a long time, from the pronunciation of the song. From the control to the grasp of emotions, many details were scrutinized. In the end, more than 20 different singing styles were recorded. In the end, the people in the studio voted for the most touching singing style.


Although Yang Yi is just picking up people’s teeth, he really did not embarrass the doctor. In the same way of singing, Yang Yi also sang a strong emotion.


“I want to be stable and happy, able to withstand the cruelty of the apocalypse, and to have a home in the uneasy late night…” This passage is still bland, but it sings with trembling heartstrings.


Especially when he sang “Can have a home”, Chen Yijie shuddered and felt moved by such emotions, even when he thought of his wife, he was filled with emotion, and his eyes were filled with pandemonium. There were tears.


“I want to be stable and happy. I can touch it with both hands. Every time I reach out to my arms, I have your warmth…” The second paragraph, different lyrics, the same simple words, but a strong sense of picture , full of warm feeling is touching.


At this moment, even Yang Huan and Ding Xiang, who are not very sensitive to music, have moved expressions on their faces.


Not to mention Murphy, she listened to this song with more soulful taste than anyone else.


Because what others see is only Yang Yi’s calm, what they see is his current brilliance and success, only Murphy has seen Yang Yi’s downfall.


Murphy knows that he is singing this song about himself, that he has gone through too much hardship, so he will cherish the happiness now. But Murphy felt a little more distressed and felt distressed for Yang Yi.


“I want steady happiness, able to resist the pain of loss, and I will not be alone on my journey…”


“I want a steady happiness, can use life as a length, no matter where I am, I will not get lost…”


With the same melody, Yang Yi sang four different lyrics, one of which is more affectionate than the other. Rather than saying that his ability to write lyrics is amazing, it is better to say that his inner emotions have finally found an outlet to vent.


“I want steady happiness” repeated many times, this is probably Yang Yi’s voice, right?


Murphy felt distressed for Yang Yi, and it was also because of this. It was the first time she saw this man. The man who has always been strong and shielded her from the wind and rain actually has a vulnerable side!


He’s not as fearless as he appears to be, he’s also afraid of loss and longs for plainness and stability.


But this kind of fragility makes Murphy feel that Yang Yi’s image is fuller, and he feels that his love for Yang Yi is also a little more, because what Yang Yi wants is not what she has always longed for?


“I want steady happiness, this is the happiness I want…” After a song was sung, everyone still felt like a dream, as if Yang Yi had never sang before, and was in a trance, not knowing what to do Express.


But Murphy didn’t care about the occasion she was in. Seeing Yang Yi opened her eyes and showed a gentle smile, she couldn’t help the love in her heart. She leaned over and placed Yang Yi over her shoulder. The neck, the whole person hugged.


Yang Yi was a little surprised. He didn’t know that Murphy was so emotional. He quickly opened his hand, hugged her, and patted Murphy on the back.


As if he was aware, he hugged Murphy and turned his head. His eyes swept across the faces of Chen Yijie, who was still intoxicated, Yang Huan, Mo Xiaojuan, and others, who were ambiguous, and finally landed on On Mo Henian’s body.


Mo Henian has a black face, but he didn’t lose Yang Yi’s face, he just snorted softly, turned his head, and drank tea!


Can’t watch it anymore, can’t watch it?


“I want to give you steady happiness!” Murphy whispered softly in Yang Yi’s ear, a voice that only the two of them could hear.


“Well, I also want to give you steady happiness.” Yang Yi also said to her gently.


Murphy separated from Yang Yi contentedly, but Yang Yi could see the nostalgia and affection in his eyes.


However, the consequence of such a disregard of the occasion was that when Murphy calmed down and looked at other people’s ambiguous eyes, his face was full of embarrassment.


Fortunately, at this time, Xixi ran over, pouting, and said, “Baba, I want to hug too!”


Is she eating her mother’s vinegar?


Yang Yi smiled and picked Xixi up, hugged him in his arms, and kissed the little girl by the way, with a soft body and a sweet little face, she was just so happy!


“How is it? Eason, what do you think of these two songs?” Yang Yi asked with a smile.


“Okay, very good! I can’t help but go back and record these two songs!” Chen Yijie said eagerly, of course, this is just a joke, but the excitement in his smile is not fake of.


However, Yang Yi didn’t know that, in fact, Chen Yijie was still a little regretful.


These two songs are really good, and they are really suitable for Chen But Chen Yijie still hopes that Yang Yi can write a high-pitched song like “Listen to the Sea” for him! However, Chen Yijie did not express his regrets. People can’t be greedy and need to know how to be content!


One “Bicycle” and one “Stable Happiness” are all classics. Chen Yijie feels that the title song of his next album that has no shadow can already be settled!


As for the high-pitched songs that I can’t forget in my heart, Chen Yijie thinks it’s better to talk about it later!


“Then wait for me to go back. When I have time, I will record the accompaniment and demo for you.” Yang Yi said to Chen Yijie.


“It’s okay, Yang Yi, if you don’t have time, you can send the score and lyrics first, and I’ll show you the rest after I’ve recorded them.” Chen Yijie was already itching.


“So anxious?” Yang Yi laughed, “Then you have to sing well for tomorrow’s concert first!”


“That’s natural, by the way, Yang Yi, your singing skills are indeed very good, and the media reports are true! When we come to collaborate on a song, or I invite you to my concert, let’s sing together. How about a song?” Chen Yijie also felt a little sympathetic to Yang Yi.


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