House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 462: You love me but don’t let me know



Chen Yijie didn’t come here to urge Yang Yi to write songs for him. Tianxiang Records invited Yang Yi to sing songs on behalf of Chen Yijie in the name of the company before. He just hasn’t seen Yang Yi for a few months. Come for a visit.


Relationship is to move more and get closer!


In this regard, Chen Yijie did better than Yang Yi!


Just in time, I didn’t eat dinner, Yang Yi informed the hotel to ask for a private box, and everyone gathered for dinner.


“The most unexpected thing to me is Xiao Guo. I met Xiao Guo at your place. I thought he was your manager, but I didn’t expect to become a singer now!” Murphy’s father, who was also introduced at the rehearsal in the afternoon, talked to Yang Yi without any hesitation.


In order to adapt to the atmosphere of this table, Chen Yijie also tried his best to express in Mandarin. Although he still has a strong Hong Kong accent, it is much better than last year.


“Eason, you can’t say that, I just sang a song, where is the singer? I’m still your fan.” Guo Ziyi stood up with a smile, raised his cup, and touched Eason with tea instead of wine Touched and said, “It’s my honor to be able to sing at the same concert as you.”


“Hey, you’re too modest, Mu Ziang, and I’ve heard Yang Yi’s songs too, you sing very well, and your voice is full of emotion. Everyone in Hong Kong likes to listen to this “Fairy Tale”! “Chen Yijie laughed.


After Guo Ziyi sat down, Ding Xiang next to him bumped his arm, Guo Ziyi leaned close to his ear knowingly, and heard Ding Xiang whisper: “Don’t drink so much alcohol.”


“It’s not wine, no one is drinking today, and tomorrow they will sing.” Guo Ziyi covered his mouth and explained to her.


Here, Murphy, who was filling Xixi with fish and carefully picking off the fishbone, raised his head and asked in surprise, “Hey, Xiao Guo was Yang Yi’s manager before?”


“No, it’s just a cameo.” Yang Yi smiled and briefly told Murphy about the historical story of Chen Yijie who came to ask for a song, but he didn’t know how to do it, thanks to Guo Ziyi’s help in gagging.


“This cameo made our company a lot less money!” Chen Yijie laughed, “Later, President Hu said that he would never bet with you again, Yang Yi, especially when I saw the songs you wrote for Murphy. So good.”


Yang Yi smiled slightly and said, “The bet is just because the price you gave in the newcomer period is too low, so you want to strive for higher benefits. Of course, the price you offer is very generous now, so there is no need for everyone to take risks.”


“Brother Yang, have you written a song for Eason again?” Guo Ziyi grasped the point and asked in surprise, “What song did you write? Can we listen to it in advance?”


When everyone was chatting with enthusiasm, Mo Henian was on the side. Although he couldn’t get in, he was not left out. Mo Fei and Yang Yi occasionally turned their heads and whispered to him, asking him what he wanted to eat. what.


But Mo Henian didn’t care at all. Instead, he listened carefully to the conversations of these people and discovered a rather strange situation.


Murphy is more famous than Yang Yi, and it stands to reason that his daughter should receive more attention.


In other words, Chen Yijie, the Hong Kong star he has heard of (from his wife), should also become the center of everyone’s support.


But that’s not the case, Murphy doesn’t speak very much, and only relies on Yang Yi faintly, as if it is a man outside.


And Chen Yijie’s attitude towards Yang Yi is beyond Mo Henian’s imagination. He respects him, not to mention other people. The overall atmosphere gives Mo Henian a feeling: he doesn’t seem to show the mountains and waters. Yang Yi is the real topic center!


Let’s not talk about Mo Henian’s feelings, after Chen Yijie heard Guo Ziyi’s words, he quickly explained: “Our company only invited Yang Yi to sing for a while, and creation is very difficult work, how can it be so fast?”


Yang Yi smiled and said, “Eason, you’re wrong, I’ve prepared two songs for you, but some things were delayed before, and I didn’t have the opportunity to go to the recording studio to reveal the accompaniment.”


“Really? Two more songs?” Chen Yijie asked in surprise.


“Yes, it’s the same as last time, one Cantonese song, one Mandarin song.” Yang Yi nodded.


“The Cantonese song was last time. We came back from the bar a few years ago. The one you sang in the car?” Guo Ziyi asked, the name of his song was now.


Yang Yi shook his head gently and said, “No, it’s another song I composed for Eason, called “Bicycle”.”


Murphy looked at Yang Yi with some admiration. She thought it was amazing. Yang Yi was always able to pull out new songs without a sound, and so far, the songs Yang Yi wrote are all very good!


If you don’t mention it, Yang Yi mentions it now, everyone’s curiosity is bursting, and they want Yang Yi to sing and listen.


“Do you want to sing without accompaniment?” Yang Yi smiled and looked at Chen Yijie. This song was written for him. Yang Yi wanted Chen Yijie to make this decision.


“It’s okay, just sing a cappella! I can’t wait to know what kind of song it is!” Chen Yijie leaned forward, resting his arms on the dining table, and looked at Yang Yi expectantly.


“That’s fine!” Yang Yi didn’t hesitate.


Murphy poured him a glass of water, Yang Yi drank it, cleared his throat, and began to brew his emotions.


There is no accompaniment, but the accompaniment has already echoed in his mind, Yang Yi closed his eyes, as if “seeing”, it was the gentle and soft guitar sound, softly, like the Xiangjiang flowing quietly at night.


“Don’t assume I know, everything is for me, why is it so great, so unfeeling…”


Yang Yi’s speech, this familiar Cantonese, still amazes everyone, although they all know that Yang Yi can speak Cantonese, but he really sings very proficiently!


Yang Yi sang with his eyes closed, but Chen Yijie looked at Yang Yi very seriously and listened to every lyric he sang.


“How good is the love that doesn’t say a word, I only remember one time I really touched it, the two of us riding a bicycle, hugging our backs tightly…” Yang Yi suddenly raised his voice, “It’s hard to leave and want to hug Tighten up, the vast life is like a wilderness, if a child can lie on his father’s shoulder, who wants to get out of the car!”


Murphy’s eyes flashed, and she looked at Yang Yi obsessively. She was not like Guo Ziyi, Ding Xiang, Yang Huan, who could not understand the meaning of the lyrics. Murphy not only understood it, but also liked it. the melody of the song.


If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she wouldn’t have believed that such a touching song was sung by Yang Yi.


Of course, Murphy has no doubts, because no matter how excellent Yang Yi creates works, she firmly believes that the current Murphy is just proud of Yang Yi!


The willingness of the lyrics to Chen Yijie also understood. It seems that Yang Yi is expressing his feelings for his father. That father doesn’t know how to express his feelings, and he doesn’t know how to correctly express his love to his children! (Note 1)


The following lyrics also confirmed Chen Yijie’s conjecture: “How can I believe this, pity me so much but it is inconvenient to let me know, I miss the bicycle for you and me, the only hug I have ever had…”


What surprised Chen Yijie even more was Yang Yi’s singing skills. Chen Yijie did not approve of the media’s previous bragging, because he had heard Yang Yi sing. When he sang “Long Time No See”, he had a lot of flaws, but now, listening to Yang Yi sing this “Bicycle”, it seems that he is already a singer. Like long-established singers, there is no accompaniment, but they still sing the proper melody.


Especially in the climax/tide part of singing, such as “There are always some things that are hard to leave and cannot leave, and normal feelings are so inescapable”, this melody does not seem to be difficult to sing, but Chen Yijie can still hear the truth of Yang Yi in this section. The powerful singing skills reflected by the sound switching!


Of course he didn’t know that Yang Yi actually learned from his previous life experience, but he had to say that after consulting Murphy for a lot of singing skills, Yang Yi’s level is indeed not comparable to that of ordinary studio singers!


Chen Yijie was so fascinated by it that he couldn’t help shaking, as if he was thinking about the effect of this song if he sang it by himself.


After singing a song, Yang Yi found that Murphy held her hand, and she looked at him affectionately.


Mo Henian didn’t hear the deep meaning of this song, neither did Chen Yijie, only Murphy knew Yang Yi best, she knew that Yang Yi’s song was about her true feelings.


Murphy understands what kind of father Yang Chonggui is, and she feels the same way, because Mo Henian is exactly the same as Yang Chonggui, and he doesn’t know how to correctly express his love for his children.


“It’s okay, we’ll be together!” Murphy didn’t have the nerve to say it, but she seemed to express her concern for Yang Yi with her eyes.


Yang Yi understood, he smiled slightly, squeezed Murphy’s hand gently, and gave a positive response.


Don’t look at the amount of pen and ink used here, but the emotional exchange between the two people is only a matter of a few After everyone began to applaud, Murphy embarrassedly let go of Yang Yi’s hand.


“This song!” Chen Yijie didn’t know what language to use to describe it.


“Is it suitable for you?” Yang Yi said with a slight smile.


Where does it fit in? Both Chen Yijie and Yang Yi understand, because this song is not as simple as it looks on the surface, and many parts of it are still very good for school singing! What’s more, the emotion expressed in this song is very complicated. Without Chen Yijie’s voice to interpret it with a storytelling voice, I am afraid that if other singers were changed, this song would be much inferior!


“Yes!” Chen Yijie nodded, he smiled, “I can’t help but go back to the studio to practice this song right away!”


“Don’t! You want to help my daughter-in-law sing!” Yang Yi said jokingly, “Also, you listened to the first song, but you don’t want to listen to the second one?”


“Yes, of course I do!” Chen Yijie nodded quickly, as if he was afraid that Yang Yi would put away the second song because he was too late.


This made Guo Ziyi and the others couldn’t help laughing. It’s not common for Chen Yijie to be so restless!


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