House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 445: The same as the one I didn’t ask (one/four)



In the middle class of Chuntian Kindergarten, Xixi enjoyed a star-like treatment, and the friends gathered around one after another. Even Yang Luoqi looked at Xixi with her envious eyes, followed by two towering stars. The braided Wang Xiyun and the little bell watching the fun.


“Xixi, your mother is actually a singing star!” Chen Shiyun shouted.


Lan Xin said proudly: “I have known this for a long time. Let’s have dinner together. Xixi’s mother is super good.”


“Then Xixi doesn’t talk about loyalty and doesn’t tell me!” Chen Shiyun said unhappily.


Chen Shiyun didn’t know where he learned the word “Loyalty” and began to abuse it.


Xixi was bombarded by her little friend’s gossip, and finally found a chance to speak. She said a little anxiously: “Chen Shiyun, don’t be angry, okay? Mama said, I can’t.”


“I’m not angry!” Chen Shiyun was also rough, turning his head and forgetting why he was unhappy just now, said carelessly.


“Xixi, will we still be good friends in the future?” Nan Zhaoyu asked worriedly in a low voice.


This little boy has become much more shy now, more introverted than before, and more sensitive, but he is also a little more sensible. Because his father is still in convalescence, he needs his mother’s care in his life. In this way, his mother will take less care of him. Nan Zhaoyu needs to know how to take care of himself and his father.


“Of course they are good friends!” Xixi nodded vigorously and smiled sweetly.



In the evening, Xixi was out of school and played with her friends for a day. The little girl happily ran out of the classroom and saw her father in the crowd. He raised one hand so that he could support the shoulder strap of the small schoolbag that had slipped down, and then ran over.


She couldn’t wait to put her schoolbag in her father’s arms.


Yang Yi was talking to a few parents just now. They are fans of Murphy. Of course, they are still restrained in their excitement in front of their children. They are just asking if Yang Yi can buy some Murphy’s signed albums.


“Well, tomorrow is still this time, I’ll bring it here for you.” Yang Yi smiled and nodded to the other party.


“Okay, thank you so much, Mu Ziang! Hey, the child is so cute…” Several parents of fans left contentedly, and did not forget to praise Xixi before leaving.


At this time, Yang Yi only had time to tidy up the headband and hair for his daughter in his arms. He said softly, “Why are you so happy today? Did something fun happen in kindergarten?”


Xixi shook her head vigorously, she hugged her father’s neck tightly, her little head rubbed against his father’s shoulder, and said sweetly: “No, Baba, I miss you!”


At this time, both Chen Shiyun and Nan Zhaoyu who were passing by greeted Yang Yi, and Yang Yi was busy responding.


“Baba, did you miss me?” Xixi reached out her hand to turn her father’s face over and said with a small mouth.


It’s sticky and I love it!


Yang Yi’s gloomy mood for a day seemed to be blown away by the fairy breath exhaled by the little girl. With a sunny smile on his face, he said, “Of course, Dad misses Xixi very much!”


The little girl giggled contentedly now.


However, except for the kindergarten, on the way, Xixi suddenly wrinkled her little nose and sniffed at her father, just like a dog.


Yang Yi’s heart skipped a beat, and he pretended to ask calmly, “What? Does Dad smell bad?”


It doesn’t make sense!


After dealing with the tail of the hand, Yang Yi also specially disguised, using a fake ID card at the Express Hotel, and took a thorough shower several times in order to wash off the pungent smell and bad luck from his body.


Xixi’s eyes were a little confused, she looked at her father and shook her head, but nodded again.


“What do you mean?” Yang Yi opened the car door, placed Xixi on the safety seat in the back seat, and fastened her seat belt.


“I don’t know either. Baba stinks, but it doesn’t stink. I don’t know either…” Xixi said confusedly.


“That’s not stinky!” Yang Yi rubbed Xixi’s head with a smile and said gently.


He has already cleaned it up completely. With his sense of smell, he can’t feel the odor at all, and he doesn’t know where Xixi smells the odor. Could it be that he is so flexible that he smelled it through time and space?


After Yang Yi started the car, after a while, Xixi pouted and said, “Baba, have you been drinking?”


“No! After Dad promised you, he almost never drank alcohol.” Yang Yi said with a smile.


“Alright then, Baba is also a good boy!” Xixi finally put aside the confusion just now, she didn’t think about it anymore, she showed a cute smile like a little angel behind her.


Actually, Yang Yi’s heart was very turbulent. He was not as calm as he showed. Xixi’s innocent eyes seemed to be able to see through everything, giving him strong pressure and innocent smile. It is also like a mirror, reflecting Yang Yi’s sins.


In the future, I still want to be a good person…Yang Yi doesn’t want to be “tortured” by her daughter.


“Ahem, Xixi, your grandfather is coming!” Yang Yi changed the subject, smiled and said.


“Grandpa?” Xixi exclaimed in surprise, “Grandpa is here?”


“In the future, when you are in China, try to speak Chinese and call your grandfather!” Yang Yi corrected Xixi, and then said, “Your grandfather is not here, he is coming. He should be still on the plane now, but no I know if it’s tomorrow or the day after.”


“Grandpa…” Xixi recalled her father’s words, and quickly changed her words, saying cheerfully, “Grandpa came to see Xixi, last time, last time I called my grandfather and said that Xixi really misses grandpa!”


Yang Yi smiled bitterly: If only it were that simple.


“Xixi, Dad wants to ask you, do you know what your grandfather likes?” Yang Yi asked while driving.


Xixi tilted her head and thought for a while, then said, “I know, grandpa likes to drink, but Mama and grandma don’t drink for grandpa, so drinking is disobedient!”


Yang Yi frowned and thought to himself: Do you want to buy a bottle of good wine for the old man? Whether you give it a drink or not is another matter, you have to express your own thoughts.


“Xixi, does your grandfather like red wine or white wine? Or…” Yang Yi asked carefully.


Xixi was confused by the question, where did she hear about this?


“It’s wine! Grandpa likes to drink!” The little girl said seriously, as if she was worried that her father would misunderstand.


Okay, white question!


“Does Grandpa have any other hobbies?” Yang Yi asked Grandpa likes guns, big, big, loud and scary guns! “Xixi once again put forward an unreliable answer.


“Anything else?”


“Well…Grandpa likes…what do you like?” Xixi was also tangled. She was only three years old before she returned to China, so how could she remember so much.


“Okay, it’s alright…” Before Yang Yi finished speaking, the little girl behind her cried out happily.


“I know, Baba, I know!” Xixi cried.


Yang Yi looked at her daughter in the rearview mirror who was smiling happily, raised her eyebrows, and asked, “What else?”


Xixi giggled: “I’m still here! Grandpa likes Xixi the most!”


Yang Yi laughed dumbly. Although he knew it was unreliable to ask his daughter, he still asked, and it was as if he hadn’t asked.


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