House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 428: The Earth Shakes the Mountains (2/4)


However, Yang Yi didn’t want to get in the way of people’s money. Anyway, they have a relationship with Chen Guoqiang, so let him help pick a good coach at that time.

Today’s experience class was taught by Chen Guoqiang himself.

Lanzhou Kai still showed strong interest. He also bought a boxing suit, took the bag from the bodyguard, and went to the locker room.

“Yang Yi, don’t you change your clothes?” Chen Guoqiang asked with a smile while waiting for Lanzhou Kai.

Yang Yi shook his head, smiled and pointed to his unobtrusive sportswear, and said, “This is fine too, just experience it.”

After a while, Lanzhou Kai came out of the locker room with a strong aura, and saw him appearing like a real boxer, wearing red trousers, a red shirt, and a jumpsuit.

“Come on!” Lanzhou Kai shouted excitedly, banging his fists.

However, for the first time, Lanzhou Kai still didn’t buy all the equipment, such as gloves, hoods, etc.

Temporarily borrow the gloves from the boxing gym, but don’t need the hood, because it’s not yet the actual combat session. Chen Guoqiang taught him to wear it, and Yang Yi also put on a pair of gloves.

After getting into the boxing ring, Lanzhou Kai took off his shirt and handed it over to the bodyguards under the ring.

As a result, as soon as he turned around, Lanzhou Kai shivered a little, and he was really handsome for only three seconds!

The temperature in this spring is still a bit low, so Lanzhou Kai wore a boxing vest with his arms exposed. Bai Huahua’s fat was shaking, but such a thick fat had no ability to protect against the cold at all.

“Come on, let’s do a warm-up exercise with me first. After finishing the exercise, the physical activity starts, and the heat comes up, so you won’t feel cold.” Chen Guoqiang has rich experience and immediately took Lanzhou Kai to do the warm-up exercise.

Yang Yi was on the side, but he didn’t hold his own air. Since he was with Lanzhou Kai to experience it, he also regarded himself as a novice and followed him to warm up honestly.

Head movement, shoulder movement, elbow movement, these are quite simple, but when it comes to the front and rear leg presses and the side leg presses, Lanzhou Kai can’t do it anymore!

I saw him bend his knees reluctantly, but after his legs were split a little, he couldn’t sink anymore. The chubby elephant legs were shaking desperately. Finally, he couldn’t hold on anymore, and he sat back and punched on stage.

“No, no, this is too difficult for me.” Lanzhou Kai waved his hand, but he still glanced at Yang Yi who was relaxed next to him with envious eyes.

I can’t learn! Such good flexibility.

Chen Guoqiang still has a way. He got out of the boxing ring, took some skipping ropes, and said with a smile, “Lao Lan, you should have no problem with skipping ropes, right? Of course, I didn’t let you skip a lot. Ten, take a breath after finishing one set, and then do the next set, three sets in total, can you complete it?”

Rope skipping is still a problem for Lanzhou Kai. After all, his body and weight are placed there, so Chen Guoqiang gave him such a low requirement and helped him get the skipping rope to the maximum length.

“I’ll try!” Lanzhou Kai gritted his teeth and took over the skipping rope.

“I don’t need it.” Yang Yi waved to Chen Guoqiang, who also handed him a skipping rope.

Yang Yi knows that skipping rope is the best warm-up exercise, but he doesn’t want to give Lanzhou Kai too much stimulation. This time, he came to the fitness center to accompany Lanzhou Kai to try boxing and help him lose weight, not to compete Strong and aggressive, and attacked Lanzhou Kai’s confidence.

I saw Lanzhou Kai swinging the skipping rope with his wrist and then jumping up hard.

I can’t jump very high, but I just jumped over the jump rope that was thrown to my feet. The timing is very good!

However, the next second Lanzhou Kai’s landing, Yang Yi and Chen Guoqiang felt the whole boxing ring shake.

“Bang”, I don’t know if the boxing ring has been stepped out of a hole, anyway, it feels like the ground is shaking!

This earth shakes and shakes, and it has appeared ten times in total. Lanzhou Kai’s perseverance is good, and he actually perseveres. Although he was out of breath and sat on the ground with a soft foot, he still completed a set of skipping ropes.

“Very good, Lao Lan, come, take a break, let’s have another group!” Chen Guoqiang applauded.

“No way, no way!” Lanzhou Kai shook his head and panted, “One more group, I’m afraid I’ll go back to bed today, wait, wait for me to take a break, and go straight to boxing.” /

Looking at Lanzhou Kai’s state, Yang Yi also smiled with Chen Guoqiang: “Take your time, Brother Lan, he hasn’t exercised for too long, so he can’t exercise too hard the first time.”

Lanzhou Kai was out of breath for a long time. The three of them chatted for a while about Chen Guoqiang’s current work situation. For example, they learned that Chen Guoqiang is not only a boxing coach, but also the teaching director of the boxing gym.

Of course, the so-called teaching director is also a modern name, and it may be more appropriate to use the title of chief teacher.

After Lanzhou Kai recovered, Chen Guoqiang taught them boxing. Now Lanzhou Kai is a rookie, and Lanzhou Kai doesn’t understand the complicated movements. I can’t accept that much, I just teach Lanzhou Kai hand movements, footwork and so on. I don’t give instructions for the time being, let him move freely according to his own habits.

But Lanzhou Kai practiced in high spirits. Perhaps men have a warm and bellicose heart. Lanzhou Kai waved his gloved fist and hit the target held by Chen Guoqiang with a face. Excited, forget about tiredness.

“When throwing punches, don’t be too hasty, slow down and throw your punches with your eyes on the target! Remember your movements, even when punching, you still have to put one fist next to your cheek in a defensive stance. Then After throwing the punch, remember not to be greedy for merit, withdraw the punch in time, and return to the original posture…” Chen Guoqiang asked Lanzhou Kai to punch, while correcting his wrong posture.

Lanzhou Kai’s learning was pretty good, but he didn’t forget Yang Yi. After practicing for a while, he beckoned and asked Yang Yi to try it.

“Don’t keep me playing alone, you come to practice too, I tell you, you will also come to apply for a card when the time comes. Let’s work out together as brothers and fight for a healthy body!” Lanzhou Kai laughed.

Yang Yi smiled, he did not refuse, took over Lanzhou Kai’s position, and then randomly, according to Chen Guoqiang’s request, punched a set of four punches from left to right, and finally closed his fists to his cheeks and set up a ready posture.

There is nothing unusual about the movement, it is the same as what Chen Guoqiang taught, and the punching speed is not fast, and the strength is mostly reduced. Yang Yi is playing with friends, and he does not want to show off, so he behaves quite well.

But no matter how good the rules are, Chen Guoqiang can still see the difference. Yang Yi’s learning is too standard, and he asked curiously, “Yang Yi, have you learned boxing before?”

“I haven’t learned it before.” Yang Yi shook his head.

Lanzhou Kai explained it for him: “Hey, what is boxing, you forgot, Brother Yang, he was a soldier, he has practiced, and his skills are naturally extraordinary!”

Yang Yi smiled and shook his head without arguing.

This is just a small episode. Lanzhou Kai practiced for a while, and his physical strength was almost exhausted. After all, he hadn’t exercised for a long time, so he had to progress gradually.

“Do you still have classes for children here?” When going to apply for the card, Lanzhou Kai passed by and saw several little boys and girls also practicing boxing. There is a pattern.

“Yes, my family’s Shiyun will come to play on weekends too.” Chen Guoqiang laughed, “What? Lao Lan, do you want your daughter to come to study too?”

“Well, Lan Xin doesn’t like sports, her body shape is about to catch up with me! This is not good, she has to exercise too!” Lanzhou Kai was a little moved, but he turned to look at Yang Yi, hehe smiled, Said, “Brother Yang, you can bring your Xixi too. A few little girls play This will be fun!”

Yang Yi rolled his eyes and said angrily: “You dragged me into the water, don’t try to beat my daughter, I don’t want her to learn boxing, what kind of boxing does a girl learn?”

“It’s not like that. Many parents let their children learn boxing not because they want them to become violent, but to let them strengthen their physique and learn a skill to protect themselves, especially girls.” Chen Guoqiang quickly explained. .

“It’s not for Xixi to really practice boxing, just let her play, treat boxing as a game, anyway, they also like to play together, what’s the point of staying at home on weekends?” Lanzhou Kai persuaded Yang Yi.

“If it’s just for fun and a few times, it doesn’t matter.” Yang Yi said hesitantly, “But I can’t guarantee that Xixi will come every week, she sometimes has to accompany her mother at home. “

“It’s natural, it depends on the child’s wishes. Let me tell you, give Xiner a card, how many times she can come to her, and how many days she can stay warm, I have no idea!” Lanzhou Kai said with a smile.

Then give Xixi another card. Money doesn’t matter to them anymore, not to mention, Lanzhou Kai is still rushing to pay Yang Yi’s part of the money.


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