House Dad’s Literary Life Chapter 389: Rehearsal with Xixi



In the earphones, the music accompaniment made for an afternoon was played completely, and Yang Yi nodded with satisfaction. He took off his headphones, inserted the USB flash drive into the computer in the center console, and copied the accompaniment.


While unplugging the USB flash drive and turning it off, Yang Yi looked at her watch. The time was just right, and she was in time to pick up Xixi, who was already in kindergarten.


Out of the recording studio, Yang Yi ran into Xiao Ai, who now holds an important position in the studio and is also in high spirits, dressed like a white-collar elite.


“Boss, are you done?” Unlike Mo Xiaojuan, Xiao Ai didn’t dare to leave Yang Yi, so she dared not to greet him indifferently.


Yang Yi came to the studio to record this accompaniment. Although the accompaniment is only the accompaniment, the recording studio near the school can also record, but Yang Yi thought that such a big thing must be done perfectly, so he still chose This is a top-level, luxurious recording studio with its own studio.


But doing this in the studio carries the risk of exposure, so Yang Yi only informed Xiao Ai, and he warned a little worriedly: “Well, it’s done. However, you have to remember that Qian Keep it a secret, don’t tell the second person!”


Xiao Ai nodded quickly, but she looked at Yang Yi’s back and thought with some doubts: “I can’t tell the second person, but doesn’t Sister Xiaojuan know? No, I can’t tell the second person, Sister Xiaojuan It’s the first to know, and no one else can say it anymore!”


Xiao Ai suddenly realized that she finally understood what Boss Yang meant.


Regardless of Xiao Ai’s eloquence, Yang Yi picked up Xixi from the kindergarten, and after having dinner and cleaning up, Yang Yi called Xixi in front of him


“Xixi, Dad has a big plan tomorrow and needs your help!” Yang Yi squatted on the ground on one knee, put his hands on his daughter’s shoulders, and said seriously.


Xixi couldn’t understand her father’s seriousness. She blinked her eyes curiously, gestured with her two small hands, and asked, “What big pheasant? Is it that big?”


Yang Yi was at a loss for words. After a while, he said with tears in his eyes, “It’s not a chicken flower, it’s a plan. Isn’t your mother coming back tomorrow? Dad is going to propose to her!”


“What is a marriage proposal?” Xixi spelled it right this time, but she still couldn’t understand it.


“Marriage proposal is the first step before marriage. Didn’t Dad tell you a lot of stories about the marriage of princes and princesses? But before getting married and holding a wedding, there is still another step to propose. Dad wants to ask Mom if you would like to Will you marry me?” Yang Yi introduced Xixi patiently.


“Is the proposal a kiss?” Xixi’s eyes lit up, she thought of many cases, such as Snow White was kissed by the prince, and the two got married. For example, Sleeping Beauty was also kissed by the prince. Also married.


“No, you can’t kiss before getting married!” Yang Yi became serious. Although he thought it was funny, as a “strict father”, he had to correct Xixi’s wrong thinking. , so that the little girl who kisses someone will think that she will set her life on the ground…


This “Strict Father” not only kissed other people’s mothers before getting married, but also…


Cough, back to the topic, Yang Yi spent a lot of effort to explain to Xixi what he was going to do tomorrow, he finally said: “So, Dad’s marriage proposal tomorrow requires Xixi. Your cooperation, Xixi, can you do it?”


“Yes!” the little girl cried crisply, she was excited and thought it was fun.


“But if mom called you tonight, you can’t tell mom! This is a surprise for mom, so it’s not fun to say it in advance.” Yang Yi warned her daughter worriedly.


Xixi nodded, she covered her mouth, her eyes crooked with a smile, and said in a muffled voice, “I won’t tell Mama!”


“Then let’s practice today!” Yang Yi said eagerly.


Everything has to be arranged first. Xixi curiously follows behind her father’s buttocks, just like a penguin, following every step of the way, leaning her neck and watching him play with those things.


In the end, Yang Yi held a large basket of rose petals and began to sprinkle it on the stairs, living room and passages of the room, and finally sprinkled a large heart shape on the floor of the living room.


Yang Yi took two steps back, trying to see the effect, but almost stepped on Xixi, he turned his head and glanced at the little girl with big eyes and bright eyes, regardless of whether she understood it or not, he explained with a smile: “These are It’s temporarily used for practice, I’ll have to pack it up later, and we’ll buy fresh rose petals tomorrow!”


Xixi really didn’t understand, she blinked and said, “But, but I think it looks good!”


After the arrangement, Yang Yi took out the violin that Murphy had given him from the study, and walked out while playing.


Xixi sat on the sofa with her two small legs hanging down, looking at her father with a sway, watching him with a smile, accompanied by the beautiful string music, slowly walking towards her.


Yang Yila’s violin singing is melodious, not the fast rhythm of “he’s_a_pirate”, but rather slow, just like people’s love, no need to be vigorous, and express emotions in a slow melody.


The long bowstring, swayed by Yang Yi’s arm, is pulled on the exquisite classical violin, and the fingers of the left hand are pressed and kneaded on the four strings, each movement is very natural. At this moment, it seems that his burly body and tough face are also branded with a soft light at this moment, tender and exciting.


In front of her daughter, Yang Yi closed her eyes while pulling it, carefully feeling the love brought by the song, and the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but evoke a smile.


At the end of the song, he slowly put down the violin, then put away the bow and carried the violin upside down.


“How is it? Xixi, does it sound good?” Yang Yi and her daughter smiled slightly.


Xixi is now more and more like a qualified music appreciator. When her father was playing, she didn’t make a sound at all. Until her father asked, she turned from stillness and jumped happily in front of her father. He jumped up and said, “It’s super nice!”


“Baba is also super cool, Xixi really likes it!” The little girl held her hands and said sincerely.


Yang Yi smiled, reached out and gave her daughter a high five, and said with a smile, “That’s good, I’ll decide tomorrow, just use this song!”


“Right, next, Dad will do something like this, and then sing a song!” Yang Yi gestured, then took out a small box and gestured to Xixi, “How about you, tomorrow Just hide in Dad’s study, and when Dad finishes singing, wear your most beautiful dress, come out of the study, hold flowers, and give it to Dad! Okay?”


“Okay!” Xixi nodded She now has a task, instead of just sitting on the sidelines, full of energy.


In order to help her daughter strengthen her memory, Yang Yi took her through the scene without making any mistakes: “Then let’s rehearse, Dad is here now, finish playing the violin, then click like this and start singing…”


“Okay, Dad finished singing!” Yang Yi turned his head and called in the direction of the study, “You have to take the initiative to come out! Dad won’t remind you then!”


“Hee hee! I know!” The little girl tiptoed to open the door, then ran out happily with the small box.


“No, slow down, like a lady…”



At noon the next day, while Yang Yi was still making the final arrangements, Comrade Mo Xiaojuan, the spy in front, sent a text message: “Brother-in-law, we’re boarding the plane. We’ll be home in two hours at most, get ready!”


Seeing this text message, Yang Yi’s heart couldn’t help beating.


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